Judith opened her eyes, it was very dark and there was no
light save for the flicker of light that the half moon provided as its rays
streamed through the small window. She still hadn’t eaten, she even hadn’t
drunk any water and she was so restless. The room was damp and very
uncomfortable. She was trying to sleep when she heard the door open. She looked
up with a start, trying to figure out who was at the door.

“Princess…it’s me…” The voice called out.
She suddenly realised who it was. It was the man who had sat
down beside her in the wagon.
“Princess…can you hear me…all I need you to do is
cooperate and I won’t hurt you.”
The fighting instinct in Judith kicked in immediately, she
knew he wanted to have his way with her and she’d be damned if he dare lay his
hands on her.
She heard the ruffle of clothing, as he pulled his clothes
away from his body. Judith’s hand circled around the small piece of broken
glass that she had seen in the room. She didn’t care, if he as much as laid a
finger on her, she’ll stab him. She thought.
She stayed still, immobile and breathing hard and fast.
“Princess! Come to me darling…it’s such a cold night.” He
said as his hands touched her.
Judith felt his hand caress her naked body and touch her
breasts, she heard him moan in pleasure as he readied himself to have his way
with her, then she lifted her hand and struck.
“Aaaargh!” He grunted and fell away from her.

Judith didn’t know where she’d struck him but her instincts
told her to run and that’s what she did. She made her way out of the door and
didn’t stop running.


  1. Interesting episode but what I fail to understand is why Ese thinks it is her business to mention what she heard to Madam Zeena.

    I hope Judith escapes successfully though.


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