Hey Lovelies,
I am sorry I couldn’t get back to the comments on the PAYR
post because I had to speak with the management at the Okada books site who had
answers for all the questions. These answers will be placed here on this post.
First of all, I really like to thank everyone for the
support, I am just trying my hand at this to see how it works and hopefully it
will. Bilingual Moi asked that I place the finished work as an E-book on the
Okada books site. Well, I’ve found out something quite interesting about myself when writing ‘series’. Aside from novels, which require that I steadily write and finish
before it’s shipped off for publishing, I have never completed any of the series on this site first before posting on the blog except one which was ‘Single & Desperately
Searching’ and while I was copying and pasting the SDS, I wished I hadn’t
finished it before posting as I had a lot to add but I really couldn’t as I
found myself a bit restricted.
Writing a new post every day, comes with its fresh inspiration and
somehow I’ve found that it works for the series and helps my creative side. I
mostly write and schedule when I have a ‘to be continued tomorrow series’ as I may have written two episodes at once and decide to break it in two.
I’ll try my hand at this option first and if it has K-leg, I might go the ebook route instead. But for those who
want an e-book for this series, there’s really no problem because once I am
done with ‘The Escape’ I’ll do a full version on Ebook and put it up for sale.
So this kinda answers your questions right?
Now to the ‘How can I purchase these episodes on Okada
The first thing you need to do is to download the app here http://okadabooks.com/app and once you have successfully done that, you will be able to download and read the episodes without hassle.
Now to the questions.
How do
we pay if we aren’t in Nigeria?
The app can be used from anywhere in the world and books can
be bought from anywhere around the world too.
How secure
is the customer’s card while purchasing the episodes?
The card is very secure. We at Okada books don’t even have
the details.
there measures put in place to protect people from fraudsters?
We use DRM protection so fraudsters can’t ever have access.
happens to those who don’t have a smart phone? How do they access the episodes?
We have versions for the windows phone and blackberry OS 10
from the Okadabooks:
If you’re on the web app (Okadabooks.com), buy the book and
click on the READ button on the sidebar. The best reader is still on the
Okadabooks app on your Smartphone. Readers can highlight, bookmark and search
the story they’re reading within the app. Note: you can’t copy the book and
upload to other sites as the app won’t let you.
I hope I’ve answered your questions, feel free to ask more
questions and I’ll do well to answer. God bless you guys immensely.
Read the First Episode below!
It was not as though she had a back-up plan but she knew she
had a lot to sort out, she was getting married in two weeks to a man she didn’t
know! How could he have kept that part of his life a secret from her? She
thought as she sat down at the window side of the wagon en route to Ibadan. She
was taking the trip to clear her head, she needed to make decisions, she needed
to stay away from the wedding plans and preparations or she’ll lose her mind.
She had gotten into a brawl with Richard and he hadn’t been able to truly
convince her of the genuineness of his claims. She was getting married to him
in two weeks and she had found shocking revelations that she wished she had
never found. After their argument, he had hurried off to Dubai for conference and
she had taken a three day leave from her office to go the University of Ibadan,
a school she’d spent the best four years of her life, besides, she needed to
get her original certificate.
Now, as she recalled the fight she had with Richard at his
place, she shuddered and thought to herself. ‘Was she rushing into this
 The driver of the
vehicle tuned the station to an indigenous one and she strained her ears to
understand all that was said through the airwaves. The two passengers seated
beside her in the vehicle were dozing, and the who sat closest to her had his
head on her shoulder for support. She inched herself closer to the door but his
head kept aiming for her shoulders.  The
wagon she had boarded to Ibadan had seven passengers in total; three passengers
were at the last seat, three at the seat just behind the driver’s seat, which
was where Judith was seated and one passenger at the front with the driver.
There were two females and five male passengers in total, the only female aside
from Judith was an elderly woman and she sat at the back seat with a small boy
of about eight years old.
Judith sighed, she wished she could get to Ibadan in the
next one minute, the heat in the vehicle was overbearing and the car was quite
small and she could hardly move her legs. She would have taken a flight but her
brother’s eyes haunted her whenever the thought crossed her mind, he had been
so cheerful, jovial and the best brother ever but he was gone, just like that.
Her phone beeped to signal low battery and she hissed, she had been scrolling
through messages since data was next to non-functional. She wished she could
lose herself stalking people’s Instagram pages and enjoying their pictures but
data network had another plan in mind.
The driver focused on the road and Judith who was seated just
behind him could see his head bob to the music from Sunny Ade playing on the
radio. The driver was an elderly man in probably in his late sixties and she
was happy to have chosen his vehicle as he seemed to be a careful driver, not
like the young boys who thought the roads were race-tracks. She picked up a book
from her bag and flipped it open, she wasn’t really a reader but she needed to
pass time as she was tired of staring at the long stretch of road and she was
tired of looking at the green life which decorated the sides of the road like
ornaments. She had just started reading chapter one of the book when the
passenger at the front seat said to the driver.
“Abeg I wan piss.”
The driver hissed and spoke his native tongue, he was
obviously angry that he was asked to stop as he had already calculated the time
required to take him to Ibadan and back to Lagos.
“Abeg wait…I dey come.” The driver said.
“Stop the car, I wan piss and e be like say I dey purge…”
The man persisted.
The driver hissed again and stopped the wagon. The young man
hurried out of the car and entered a nearby bush. Judith wanted to stretch her
legs but thought better of it, she’d rather stay in the car and wait, she
thought. The driver stepped out of the car and walked towards the bushes to pee
and she continued reading her book but was interrupted by the man who had been
using her shoulder as a pillow all the while he slept.
“Good book?” He asked.
“Hmmm…” She replied, not looking away from the book. She
wanted to tell him at that moment to place his head on his knees when next he
wanted to sleep but she bit her tongue.
“Can I see the author?” He asked.
Judith turned to the back page and waited for him to read
the author’s biography.
“Nice…I’d like to read her books.” He said.
Judith went back to reading the book but her ears caught a slight
whistle, no sooner had she heard the whistle than the driver stepped into the
vehicle, grumbling as he wore his seat belt.
“Which kain shit dis passenger dey shit sef?” He hissed.
“Shut the fuck up mister!” The man who sat next to her and
who had asked about her book said.
Judith turned to look at him and let out a piercing scream
when the man brought out a gun and aimed it at the driver’s head. The three
passengers who were seated at the last seat shouted in surprise, they had not
stepped out of the wagon like the rest and were scared to see that a passenger
had a gun on board. The passenger who shared the seat with Judith and the man
with the gun was standing outside.
“Ahhh…I nor get any money oo…I give everything to
council…” The driver started, sweating as he spoke.
At that instant, the man who had asked to ease himself
emerged from the bushes, he too was holding a gun in his hand, he walked up to
the passenger who stood outside the vehicle and said,
“Coast is clear!”
Judith had never been so scared in her entire life, at that
instant, she knew that they were being attacked by robbers- men who had boarded
the vehicle with them in disguise of journeying to Ibadan.
“Take all I have…but please don’t hurt anyone…please…”
Judith cried.
The passengers in the vehicle made pleading sounds with
their mouths and suddenly, the man who had asked to pee gave a sharp command to
his accomplice who was seated at Judith’s side.
“Take her! Now!” He said.
Judith wondered who the man was referring to and screamed in
shock when the man by her side, dragged her out with him.
“No! Please…this must be a mistake…who are you?
Please…who are you? Please! Please!” Judith cried.
The man pressed the gun to her side and said in a steel-like
“One more word from you and you’re dead!”
He dragged Judith out of the vehicle and threw her over his
shoulders, disappearing into the bushes. His accomplices who held the
passengers and driver at ransom waited till their companion had carried Judith
away before the one who was previously seated at the front seat said.
“Oga driver, once I turn my back, you go drive away from
this location like say nothing happen. If I hear this on the news ehn, your own
don finish be dat. I know your plate number, I know your face and soon I go
locate you and your family. If I hear pim, if I see say you call police, you
don die be dat.” The man said. Turning to the passengers, he shouted.
“Hand over your identity cards now!”
They all shakily brought out their I.D’s from their bags and
handed them over to his accomplice whose hands were outstretched to take them.
The elderly woman kept crying and saying in Yoruba that she had no Identity
card on her and that she was only taking her grandson to Ibadan to live with
her. One of the men at the back of the vehicle hid his phone under his buttocks
as he slyly dialled a number. The man with the gun saw him and shot him dead.
“Ahhhhhh…” The passengers screamed in terror.
“He was playing smart.” The man breathed. “If I hear
anything about this incident, I promise to hunt all of you down.”
 The driver nodded, he
was terrified. He gripped the steering shakily and closed his eyes.
“Now go and don’t look back!” He said and motioning to his
companion, they slipped through the bushes.

To be continued tomorrow….



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