Happy Holy Week Everyone,

We are counting down to the commemoration of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and I am so happy to be celebrating it this year.
The RunAway Bride series has ended and I’m thinking up a plan for another daily series although I haven’t made up my mind yet. I am going to infuse more content into the blog so that it’s not just stories as I find that most people do not like long reads, ‘I am still researching though’. I also intend to change the theme of my site- something that should have been concluded long ago- but the issue is that everyone I have contracted seems to have one issue or the other. A new site theme should have gone up on Monday but till date it’s still the same. Maybe that’s one reason I’m going to say this prayer, 
“Whatever devil tying down the theme of this blog, die by fire!”
I am hoping that I get my theme changed before Easter as it will even spur me to write more- this theme is not exciting me as much as before.
You might be asking the point of this post, but hey, I haven’t written anything spontaneous in a while, it’s been all stories, stories and more stories, so I’m giving myself a break and taking a deep breath too. So expect something more but definitely not stories.
Here’s me wishing everyone…a happy celebration!!!
God bless youuuu….


  1. I'm not complaining, I love the lond reads, infact I live for them. Please don't stop them, keep them coming. God Bless. More power to your pen(or is it keyboard)


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