It was Saturday already and Yemisi
couldn’t wait for her mother to leave the house. Her father had left the house
earlier as he had to go to church for morning fellowship.
“Hope you’re going to listen to
your lesson teacher today. I don’t want to hear complaints.” Her mother
“I get extremely sleepy mom and the teacher isn’t helping matters, she talks incredibly fast.”
“Oh! She does? Why don’t you
tell her?”
“She doesn’t listen to me.”
“Stay at home till she comes, I
don’t want you wandering the streets. You have to take good care of yourself
because your pregnancy is advancing.”
Yemisi stared at her mom silently and after a while, she asked.
“Mom, is there any way someone can
become un-pregnant?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I mean, can I just close my
eyes and wish this pregnancy away?” Yemisi asked.
‘Don’t be stupid, the baby is here to stay.
It’s an innocent life and no one can become un-pregnant suddenly or wish it
away unless you think of removing it… wait a minute! Are you saying you want an
“Errr…no mom… I was just thinking aloud.”
Her mother stared at her deeply
and Yemisi chided herself for talking.
“Are you sure you don’t want to
stay at Tara’s till your teacher comes?”
Yemisi shook her head and
“I’m fine mom…really.”
Her mother hugged her and left
the house. As soon as her mother left, Yemisi rushed into the bathroom and
hurriedly poured water on her body and ran back into her room. There, she wore
her clothes and ran out of the house. 
They had agreed to meet at the junction
and Yemisi got there exactly on time but Bella was nowhere to be found. She waited
for five minutes and was about to give up hope when a car swerved into view and
in broad daylight she was whisked into the vehicle.
“I am so glad that you decided
to see us doctor. We have been informed that you are highly knowledgeable of
this case, perhaps the only one here in Nigeria. We need your help.”
“You are welcome. Your father
called me personally to see to your ward’s case and I am at your service.” Said
the doctor.
Bee and Temi sat in the
doctor’s office. Temi looked around the sterilized office in a daze while Bee
looked like one who hadn’t slept in days. The doctor, a well advanced man
walked over to Temi and led her to a small bed beside the closed window. Temi
climbed on the bed and lay on it. The doctor spoke to her.
“How are you?”
“I am fine sir.”
“What’s your name?”
“Te… temi” She choked.
“Take it easy, breathe in and
out gently, you will be fine.”
“Okay” Temi nodded, tears slid
down her cheeks.
“This is a simple procedure and
it’s not going to hurt, I promise you. I am going to hypnotize you for some
Temi nodded, Bee stood up and
walked towards them.
“Please take your seat, I
wouldn’t want her to be disturbed.” The doctor said to Bee.
Bee nodded quickly and hastily
hurried back to her seat. The doctor started the hypnosis and soon enough Temi
was under.
“When I flick my fingers, you
will wake up. Can you hear me?” The doctor asked.
“Hmmm” Temi mummured drowsily.
“So tell me, what’s your name?”
The doctor asked.
Temi’s eyes opened and she
stared at the ceiling with glassy eyes.
“Temi Dolapo”
“That’s a nice name, could you
tell me about yourself? Do you have any favourite foods?”
“I like dodo and beans a lot.”
Temi answered.
“Who cooks the food for you?”
“My mom sometimes, other times
my sister and I.”
“Who’s your sister? Where is
she? What’s her name?”
“I can’t remember her name… I
know it starts with a T.”
“Where is she?”
“I can’t remember… it’s like
she’s far away…somewhere far far away…”
“Your parents? Who are they?”
“I can’t remember, they are
really far away?”
Bee released a deeply drawn
breath and the doctor looked at her in warning. Suddenly, Temi’s countenance
changed, she started taking deep and heavy breaths at a time.
“Who are you?” Asked the
Bee stared at him in confusion.
“Judith.” Temi replied.
“How old are you Judith?”
“Twenty years old.” Temi
“You are enjoying your game
aren’t you? You are enjoying your stay in her body right?”
“I don’t understand you, she’s
me and I’m her.”
“When did you start existing?”
“For a very long time… I was here
when Temi celebrated her sixth year birthday, I was with her on her seventh
year birthday and so on…then, she forgot me and left me alone. Now I’m back and
I’m not leaving her alone. The goody-two shoes thinks she can have it all. She
ran away with a young man to Akure and what did she expect? A bed of roses?
She’s lucky Bee took her in because honestly, she deserves to be thrown to the
streets.” She spat in hate.
“Do you hate her?”
“Yes I do, sometimes and most
times, I don’t.”
The doctor nodded and said.
“On the count of three I’ll
snap my fingers…. One, two, three…” The doctor snapped his fingers.
Temi sat up on the examination
table and stared around.
“What happened? My head hurts…”
Temi said.
“Don’t tell us you knew nothing
about what happened.” Bee responded.
“She suffers from a multiple
personality disorder. Believe me when I say that she doesn’t recount whatever
happened just now. Our main challenge is knowing when and how Judith comes to
life. Judith is a very disturbed personality probably borne by violence, assault
and many other things. She would harm Temi’s body terribly if given a chance.”
Temi stared at Bee then at the
“Who is Judith?” Temi asked.
Shade crossed the road and
walked over to the small salon in the campus, she couldn’t believe that her
mother had dumped her in a ‘glorified secondary school’ all in a bid to estrange
her from her Italian boyfriend and foreign life. As soon as she entered the
salon, pairs of eyes stared at her in assessment. Ignoring everyone, she walked
to an empty seat and sat down.
“Who’s making my hair?” She
asked rudely.
“You’ll have to wait…a lot of
people were here before you.” Said one woman who was relaxing a young girl’s
“What crap are you talking
about? Are you making my hair or not?” Screamed Shade.
“Hehhh…don’t scream this place
down, you aren’t the only one with a foreign accent here ooo.” Shouted another
Shade gave them the bad eye and
walking over to the table infront of the mirror, she picked up a scissors and
started cutting her hair.
“Since y’all can’t lend me a
hand, I’d help myself.” She muttered.
Everyone turned to stare at her
shocked at what she was doing. Shade ignored them and snipped through the sides
of her hair till she made the perfect mohawk hair. As soon as she was done, she
dropped the scissors carelessly and stormed out of the salon. She had just
crossed the road when a girl walked up to meet her.
“Hey!” The girl greeted.
“Who are you and what do you
want?” Shade asked, turning to look at the girl.
“I love the way you cut your hair
and you strike me as a girl with steel and strength. My name is Ada by the
way.” Said the girl.
“Oh…So?” Shade said rudely.
“I’m having my birthday party
tonight and trust me, it’s going to be a blast. I want you there.”
“What makes you think I’d love to
come?” Shade rudely asked.
“When you get there, you’ll
see. Can I have your phone number so that I could text you the details?”
Shade corked her head to one
side and stared at the bold girl, she finally told herself that she liked her.
“Okay, it’s 081775….” Shade
“You’re a new student right?”
“What’s that got to do with
“I’m a final year student and
I’m graduating before the year ends. Just thought you should know.” Ada said
and walked away.
“Where am I? What am I doing
here?” Screamed Yemisi in fear.
She stared around the small
room and began to cry, suddenly the door opened and a familiar face walked in.
“Hi babe…long time right?”
“You! How dare you? Aren’t you
satisfied after all you’ve done to me?” Screamed Yemisi.
“No dear…not yet. You see, that
child you’re carrying, is very important to me.”
“How so? After all, you plan to
kill it.” Yemisi said.
“Oh…is that what Bella told
you? No! I’m no murderer.”
“Then what’s all this about?
Why am I here? What do you want from me?” Yemisi screamed.
Her voice bounced off the walls
and echoed around the small room, there was one little window above near the
ceiling and Yemisi felt claustrophobic.
“I don’t trust my child’s
well-being while you’re in your parent’s house. I want you close where I can
see you.”
‘Are you mad? You must be
“You see my dear, I have just
started a new business called ‘the baby factory’ where lots and lots of
pregnant teens have babies which I sell for money. It’s really lucrative and if
you co-operate with me, I might even give you some money from the venture.”
Yemisi angrily attacked him in
“How dare you? Who do you think
you are?”
Melvin laughed and pushed her
hands away.
“Listen to me, you are mine now
at least for the next seven months and after that, you can go home or maybe
stay and have some more babies for the factory.”
“I want to go home, my parents
will search for me. They’ll be worried, they begged me not to leave the house.
Oh my God!”
“This will teach you a lesson
dear, always heed your parent’s advice, they know the best for you. Well, can I
complain? If all the teenagers were good, dutiful and listened to their
parents, how would my business thrive?” Melvin laughed.
“Please Melvin… you have taken
everything I have, my dignity, my pride, my body, everything! Don’t hold me
hostage. I promise to bring you the baby once it’s born…just don’t hold me
“I can’t take your word dear…I’m sorry but you’re stuck with me.’” Melvin said and walked away, locking the door firmly behind him.

Yemisi fell to the
ground in tears.


  1. This story is getting scarier by the minute. ..I didn't expect this to happen to Yemisi but she is so gullible and needs to learn a tale or two about whom to trust. My goodness!

  2. Is Yemisi out of her mind? How could she fall into this kind of trap again? After the first one with Bella. I really hope she learns her lesson.
    Keep up the good work Ada. Can't wait for next week's episode.


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