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The door opened wide and Ego stared at the scariest woman
alive, her hair was scattered all over her face, she sweated badly and smelt of
disinfectants. The door was made of iron and it creaked loudly when the woman
inched it wider.
“Come in girls.” The woman said smiling.
“Thank you ma.” Said Ann, who had brought Ego to the
Ego stepped into the house that smelt of disinfectant
mingled with dust, the chairs lay scattered across the narrow room and beside
the window was a small bed.
“Who’s my patient going to be this time?” The woman asked.
“ friend.” Said Ann
“What is your name?” The woman asked Ego.
“Ego…Ego ma.”
“Hmmm… It means money right?”
Ego nodded and gulped.
“Na money put you in this condition so…abi na lie I talk?”
The woman asked.
“Yes ma…” Ego sniffed.
“Men are good but some are devious and devilish.” The woman
Ego sat down on one of the chairs, her hands shook badly and
she kept looking at Ann for reassurance.
“It will be quick, don’t worry. You won’t even feel it, it
would feel the same way as your period does.” Ann said.
“Are you sure? I am really scared, what if something goes
wrong? I had a nightmare yesterday….” Ego murmured.
“Shh… It would be fine.” Ann reassured again.
“Is this your first time?” The woman asked, loading a huge
syringe with some kind of medicine.
“Yes ma…I am afraid…” Queen burst out in tears.
Ann held her close and kept talking to her in a hushed tone.
“Where is my money, I hope you brought it?” Asked the woman.
“Yes… we did.” Answered Ann.
“How much did you bring?” The woman asked again.
“Five thousand…naira.” Queen answered amid sniffs.
“That’s too small, its ten thousand naira but you are still a
learner in the game… if you were more experienced, I wouldn’t have taken less than ten thousand naira.” Scoffed the woman.
“But madam, she is still a student and the pregnancy is
still at its early stage… please accept what she has to offer.” Begged Ann.
“It’s okay, but next time, I won’t collect such chicken
Ann nodded in response. The woman beckoned to Ego, Ann
helped her up from the chair, together they walked towards the small bed where
Ego was to lie down. Ego stared at the syringe and instruments in the woman’s
hand and cried, she shed tears for being deceived by Mr. Nwabunor, she cried
for her lust for money, she wept because she knew she was paying a price for
her recklessness.
The woman re-positioned Ego’s legs and got down to business,
Ann discreetly left the house.
Chioma Agballa sat beside her father in the psychiatric ward
of the hospital and waited. It had taken a long talk between her father and
herself for them to realize that it was time to move on.  Uncle Bobby had not helped them but destroyed
the close knit family. The ward opened and a sober looking Ekene stepped
out with a nurse, he smiled when he saw them and they rushed up to hug him.
“You look good.” Chioma said, tears of joy hung on her lids.
Ekene nodded and hugged them close to himself.
“He is yet to get to back his usual self but I promise you, he
will be fine. Just make sure he takes the medication we prescribed.” Said the
“Thank you nurse for everything. We would have had him stay in the hospital to complete his medication but he since we are leaving Lagos, it would be best
to have him by our side.” Said their father.
The nurse nodded in understanding and bade them goodbye.
They all left the hospital, hand in hand.

Bukky knew the moment his hand touched her body and she
recoiled in repulsion. His breath fanned her cheeks as he whispered intelligible
words into her ears. As soon as she heard the zip of his trousers, the room
The door to her wardrobe flung open to reveal her mother
drenched in sweat and screaming like an enraged animal. Her father followed
suit seconds later as he emerged from under her bed. Her uncle froze and Bukky

Caleb’s mother walked into her son’s room and stared around
the small compartment. ‘Had she been a good mother? Did he hate her for
breaking up with his father? Why wasn’t Caleb ready to accept her husband as
his father?’ The cacophony of questions swirled round her head as she walked to
the bed and sat down. A folded paper caught her eyes. On it was written “To
whoever cares to listen.”
She recognized the writing as Caleb’s and quietly unfolded
it and read.
crave for a home brought me here, a house where the woman who bore me never
showed me love or attention. I made all attempts to make her love me as much as
she loved her new family. Instead what did I get? Insults, anger and vice from
every side. That didn’t break me as much as I thought it would till my step
–father turned me into his object of pleasure. He abused and molested me till
no shred of dignity was left. The last day he dared touch me again, I almost
killed him, he unleashed a part of me I never knew existed. In all, I am glad
because like most boys my age, I am finally free….
Caleb’s mother screamed in screamed in shock and disbelief.
The car stopped in front of their former house and Chioma
hastily opened the car door.
“Where are you off to?” Asked her father.
“I want to ask the neighbours about Thomas, I am sure
someone will know about his whereabouts.” Said Chioma.
“I don’t know why I let you talk me into coming here, you
know how I feel whenever I come to this place.”
“We are here to look for Thomas… why are you complaining dad?”
“It’s just that the pain of not knowing where he is has eaten so deep
into me… I….”
“Wait in the car, I’ll go ask the neighbours.”
“Are you giving me orders?” Asked her father with a hint of
a smile on his lips.
“You know I’m not dad.” Chioma smiled back and ran off into
the compound.
She started first by knocking at the neighbours doors, but no
one was at home. She was about to go back downstairs when she walked up towards
the door of the house her family once occupied. It was still vacant. The
burglary proof was open, the door was open too and she entered the dust covered
room. Coughing hard at the dust which had attacked her nostrils, her attention
was drawn to a scribble on the wall.
Chioma’s eyes widened in recognition of the handwriting, she
smiled and at that moment she knew, that she had found her brother!

They had searched everywhere to no avail, still, Queen and
sister Gee refused to give up the search. The roads were combed over and over
again and when they thought all hope was lost, Queen saw Ann alighting from a
bike and walking towards the tutorial school. She decided to follow Ann into
the tutorial school curious to know what she was doing at school when they had been told that there would be no lectures for the day. Sister Gee was busy
making frantic phone calls to the police at the nearby business center and only
nodded in response when Queen begged to be excused.
Queen walked into the tutorial school, conscious of the fact
that she was still on her night wear and it was almost eleven am.
She had just stepped into the school when she heard voices.
“How far? How did it go?” A man asked.
“Very well sir, she is presently under the knife as we
“I know I could count on you.”
“My money has increased ooo, last time I charged two
thousand to cajole your female friends to Madam Bebe’s clinic, now my money is
three thousand.”
“That’s too much… the only job you did was convincing her to
go for the abortion.”
“Do you think that was easy? She is in love with you… she
wanted that baby.”
“Nonsense girl, that’s why I love your style, you do your
thing with me and there are no consequences.” Said the man.
“Is that what you think? I lost my womb last year to
abortion, that’s why there are no consequences on my part but it hurts to think
that I can never have children.” Said Ann sadly.
“Don’t forget to seal her lips shut after the abortion. I
don’t want people knowing that I had a hand in it. The tutorial school
mentioned that they have done me a huge favour in letting me back into the
school system.” Said the man.
Queen couldn’t hold herself any longer, she screamed and ran
towards Ann and the man.
“Mr. Nwabunor! Ann! O my God!” Queen shouted.
Mr. Nwabunor grew pale in shock, Ann’s eyes opened wide.
Sister Gee rushed into the tutorial school with tear rimmed eyes.
“Sister Gee, they are in this together. Mr. Nwabunor paid
Ann to convince Ego to have an abortion, they know where she is.” Cried Queen.
Sister Gee lurched at them in anger, as though on cue, two
policemen entered the tutorial school.
The deed was done and Ego struggled to get to her feet, the
pain was immense. The woman had done her best, it was evident from the pool of
blood on the old sheet. Pain racked her body as she retrieved the money from
her purse and gave it to the woman who smiled, licked her patched lips and
collected the money.
Ego staggered towards the door of the house and cried in
pain when she fell on the ground. The woman ignored her and kept counting the
money in her hands over and over again.
“Stand up and go home, you are such a baby…younger girls
come here and jog out of the door as though nothing happened.” Snorted the
Ego’s eyes closed in pain. Suddenly the door was pushed down, the
woman screamed in alarm as police officers alongside Queen, Sister Gee and Ann
rushed into the house.
“Ego! Ego!….” Cried sister Gee as she rushed to cradle Ego
in her arms.
“Sis…Gee…forgive…me…” Cried Ego.
“Shh…don’t speak..” Turning to the police men, sister Gee
screamed, “Arrest that woman now.”
“Siste….Queen…I…” Ego struggled to speak.
“I can’t lose you Ego… not this way…. I have something to
tell you. I have kept it secret for a long while. You are not my sister, but my
daughter… I had you when I was your age and I kept you… through the help of my
parents… you were raised and … Ego.. I am sorry for not being a good mother to
you…” Cried Sister Gee.
Ego stared at sister Gee and managed a weak smile, then her
eyes closed in the sleep of eternity.


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