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I woke up to the loud banging at my door.
“Abosede!” My mother’s voice jolted me awake.
Jimoh was lying on the ground beside my bed fast asleep when
my mother almost pushed down my door as she banged hard on it.
“Abosede!” She called again.

My heart pumped in my chest as I knew I was done for, I
couldn’t avoid opening the door as I knew that my refusal to open it would mean
disrespect. I rushed over to open the door, praying silently in my heart.
“Mommy, good morning ma…” I greeted.
Four heavy slaps almost pushed me to the ground, my mother
was angry, terribly angry and I could see it in her eyes.
“You be woman at all?” My mother screamed at me.
“Ma…” I cried.
“Wetin happen for ya broada house?” She asked.
“Nothing ma…I swear…nothing ma…” I cried.
We had drawn the neighbours attention as they were slowly gathering
towards my door. I didn’t want that, I was greatly feared in my compound and
wanted it to remain that way, I couldn’t let the neighbours watch my mother
beat me up.
“Mummy, abeg come inside…” I started.
She gave me another slap.
“Come inside come do wetin? Abi explanation dey inside de
“Yes…yes ma…” I stammered.
Suddenly as though a miracle, my mother’s sales girl walked
up to us.
“Mummy…” She said to my mother after greeting her.
“Wetin? You nor see say I dey busy?” My mother asked.
“I want to ask if you took some money from the
drawer.” She said.
My mother froze. My mother has a weakness and it’s money,
she works hard for it and when she makes it, she doesn’t let anyone touch it.
“Me ke? Take which kain money?” She asked, turning around to
face the girl.
“When I left yesterday, I counted the money and it totalled
eight thousand five hundred naira ma.” The girl said.
“What? Wetin do my money?” My mother shouted.
“I don’t know ma. I remember I counted the money before
leaving the shop and giving you the key.” She said.
“Ahhhh…” My mother screamed as she raced out of my room
door and headed out of the compound.
I was thankful that I had been saved from beatings but then
again, I was worried, it was my father and I that had helped ourselves to my
mother’s money at the shop.
I quickly enter the room and wear a huge shirt over my small
singlet and shorts and step outside. I head towards my father’s spot and there
he was polishing off a bottle or beer and playing draft with his friends who
were also drinking bottles of beer. I greeted him and his friends and called
out to him.
“Daddy…” I called out.
“Ahh…Abosede…” He said not looking away from his game.
“There is fire on the mountain ooo…” I said codedly.
“Hmmm…” My father murmured and continued playing.
“Wetin? Abeg dis pikin leave me naw.”
“Fire is on the mountain.” I say again.
“We nor get mountain for dis side.” My father said as he
“The money…” I said.
My father looked up at me in confusion and I mouthed ‘mommy’.
His eyes widened as he quickly finished his beer and urged his friends to do
the same. He left the table quickly to the dismay of his friends who were
already into the game and walked up to me.
“Wetin happen? She don find out?” He asked.
“Yes ooo…her sales girl Chioma…” I said.
“Ha! How much dem talk say we take?”
“Which kain we? I nor dey ooo…” I said.
“Well, we go pretend like say we nor do anything na…” He
“Okay, abeg nor talk de one wey go implicate you ooo…”
He nodded and hurried back to his game and his friends.
I turned to go but stopped short, my mother was storming
towards us and following her closely behind was a man with a large bell,
dressed in a multi-coloured flowing outfit.
The man rang the bell repeatedly.
“Hmmmm….I have catch the thief!” The man said and he rang
his bell three more times.
My father peeked at the man and turned back to his game,
while I stood by the side with my heart thumping in my chest.
“We must swear!” The man started. “Who is dat who stole de money? Dey people must be revealed!”

To be continued on Wednesday……


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