Sister Lucky charged into the sitting room with fire in her

“Where is the money?” She asked in anger.
We all looked at her, each of us staring in silence and
afraid to speak.
“Am I talking to deaf people? Where is the money I left on
the stool in my bedroom?”
“I don’t know where it is ooo…I’ve been at school all day
today.”  Kemi said.
“Yes ooo…I’ve been at school too.” Yusuf added.

“Omorege and I are just coming back home, you remember you
sent us to the tailor for our measurements.” Mine said quickly.
Everyone had exonerated themselves, except me.
“I…..I…did not take any money ooo.” I said with a small
Sister Lucky looked at me in anger.
“You were the only one at home today, yes or no?” She fired.
“Yes ma…I dey read…I mean, I have been reading.” I said.
“Are you trying to tell me that my money developed legs and
ran away?” She asked me.
“I don’t know ma…honestly…I don’t know.” I said.
“Did you go into my room today?” Sister Lucky asked.
I looked at her and at the teens in silence.
“Abosede!” Sister Lucky shouted my name.
I startled in fright and stared at her in silence.
“Did you or didn’t you go to my room today?” She asked.
“Yes…I enter…I mean, I went there but I didn’t touch any
money…I swear…” I said.
There was a knock at the door and Yusuf went to answer it.
Sister Lucky stared at me in fury.
“What did you go to my room to do?” She asked.
Before I could answer, Morenike, the lady who sold Zobo drinks
walked into the house.
“Ehen, Abosede, take ya change.” She said to me. “Shebi I
tell you say I nor like to carry pesin change go house?” She said as she handed
a crumpled fifty naira note to me.
Everyone stared at me with mouth wide open.
“Ole ooo…” Kemi exclaimed in a whisper.
I stared at Morenike and the money she held out to me, I
didn’t know whether to take it or not.


To be continued next week….


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