“Get out of my house!” Sister Lucky spat at me with rage in
her eyes.

I fell on my knees before her.
“Sister, I beg of you…I did not take anything. I entered
your room but I did not touch anything…I swear.” I cried.
“Don’t swear to me! Just get out of this house! I can’t live
with a thief! Go!” She spat, pushing me towards the door.

Morenike stood there with the change in her hands, she
stared at me in compassion.
“Abosede, take your change…” She said holding out the
money to me.
Yusuf took the change from her and said.
“It’s Sister Lucky’s change and not Abosede’s…” He spat.
I knelt on the ground and pleaded.
“I take God beg you sister, you don do too much for me to
pay you back like dis…abeg…” I pleaded.
“Go out of my house! Get out!” She screamed at me and
turning to Yusuf, she said. “Go and bring her things.”
“Ha! Sister e never reach dat abeg…e never reach like
dat…” I cried.
“After all I’ve done for you…this is how you pay me back?”
Sister Lucky said with hurt in her eyes. “The money doesn’t mean anything but
it’s the fact that you can take what doesn’t belong to you and lie to my face!”
I cried as my bag was thrown out of the house and I was
pushed outside. I knelt by the door and sobbed. ‘Who hated me to have caused
this to happen to me?’ I wondered.
After sitting at the door for over an hour begging and
pleading, I picked up my bag and made my way out of the compound. I had no
money as the change Morenike had brought for me had been taken by Yusuf. I was
emotionally drained and exhausted.
I walked down the road, thinking of where I was going to and
what I was going to do. I didn’t want to go home but that was my only option. I
needed to call my mother via a pay phone and tell her what had happened.
As I made my way towards the open road, I heard someone call
my name. I turned back, it was Gabriel. I had never felt such joy over seeing
someone in my entire life. I hurried towards him and hugged him.
“What is wrong? Why are you walking about with your bag and
crying?” He asked.
“It is long story.” I said. “My Sister Lucky chase me from
the house.”
“Why?” He asked.
“She say I steal from her and I swear…I swear…” I said
dipping my finger into my mouth. “I did not thief anything.”
“I believe you.” He said.
I was surprised, I stared at him.
“You believe me?”
“Yes I do. Abosede, you have changed and what I see in you
is a young woman with the zeal to turn her life around, I know you can’t go back
to the life you used to live.”
I nodded in gratitude.
“Where are you headed now?” He asked.
“I want to call my mother and tell her that I am coming home
but I don’t have transport fare.”I said.
“If you leave, what happens to your internship examinations?
The exam is happening soon right?”
“Yes, I am supposed to write it in two days.”
“Then, why go home? Why don’t you write the exams first?”
“But…where will I stay? Sister Lucky has chase me out.” I
“You can stay in my place.”
I looked at him, puzzled at his offer.
“No, I can’t stay there.”
“Why? I am hardly ever around and besides, I don’t live
alone. My niece stays with me because she attends the same secondary school
that those teens in Sister Lucky’s house attend.”
I looked at him not knowing whether to accept his offer or


To be continued next week….


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