I was hungry, very hungry! There was no food in the house
and there was no one home either. I had spent all night reading for my exams
that I hadn’t even bothered looking for food and the rules in Sister Lucky’s
house states that everyone must be involved in the cooking or not eat at all. I
hadn’t been involved in the cooking last night so it was logical that food wasn’t
reserved for me.

I checked the carton of noodles on the kitchen shelf and
sighed, it was empty and the storeroom was locked so I didn’t know if there
was food in there or not. I had no money on me as the little I had was spent on
small soft drinks and biscuits.
The hunger was frustrating!
I had woken up that morning to find no one in the house, it
was already past ten am and I hadn’t eaten since six pm the day before.
“Wetin…I mean, what will I chop?” I asked myself as I
corrected my pidgin consciously, even though I knew that I was home alone.
I rummaged through the shelves and saw nothing. I opened the
fridge and saw only pepper. At that moment, pepper looked so tantalizing and
tasty but I knew the hell I’d go through if I ate it. I scratched my head in
fury and stamped my foot. I hated being hungry.
I left the kitchen and made my way to the room I shared with
two of the teens. On my way there, I passed by Sister Lucky’s bedroom.
“Make I check…I mean, lemme check if she has some biscuits
that I can eat.” I said as I made my way to her bedroom.
Sister Lucky never locked the door of her bedroom as she
felt that she could trust all those living with her. I walked into the bedroom
and looked around, there were really no biscuits in sight. Suddenly my eyes
caught something and I stared. It was a small cluttering of naira notes.
I stood there and stared; my past began to haunt me like
never before.
de money jare…who go know?’
My conscience cried. ‘Abi you wan die of hunger for dis house?’
‘Do you
want to destroy all that has been offered to you? Do you want to destroy the
trust that Sister Lucky has in you?’
My other conscience cried.
you! Dey dia na…dey dia dey dull ooo….if you like nor take dat money fast.
You don forget ya past moves? Na you sharp pass ooo…’
I took one step forward.
Abosede no!’
My voice of reasoning screamed at me.
I took another step and soon, I stood before the notes,
staring at them as though there had fangs.


To be continued next week….



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