“Abosede, ya mama nor go ever change her mind ooo…” Her
father said walking up to meet me as I crawled on the ground with my knees.
“Wetin I do na…wetin I do my mama wey she wan pursue me
from house?” I wailed.
“Nor be you go tief? You don destroy her name for
street…naim make she nor want make you stay here with us again. She don
discuss am with ya brothers and sisters and all of dem dey talk de same thing.”
Her father said. “Dem talk say, if you nor leave dis house, you nor go learn.”
“Daddy abeg…help me beg mummy abeg.” I cried.

My mother had walked away from me and was headed out of the compound,
I couldn’t tell where she was headed but I knew that she wasn’t going very far.
“I nor fit beg am ooo…” My father said to me. “Dat ya mama
get as she dey do.”
“Wia she wan carry me go?” I wailed.
My neighbours had began to gather and some of the ladies
whom I detested were already laughing at me.
“She nor tell me anything…” He said.
“Abi she wan thruway me?” I pressed.
My mother walked back to me and said.
“Get up, kia kia…taxi dey wait for front.” She said.
“Taxi ke?” I shouted with my mouth open as I stared at her.
“Abosede nor waste my time because I promise say if you
waste anoda minute of my time ehn, I go drag you go outside and dump you for
dia. If you nor get up from ground now and come with me, you go regret am.” She
Her threat worked and I slowly got up from the ground and
wiped the tears from my eyes.
“Since you wan thruway ya pikin…na God go use hand judge
you.” I said to her. “As for me, I don rest my case. Today na first and last
day I go call you my mama.”
“Better for me. Atleast I get pikin dem up to six so, if you
nor want make I be ya mama again, dat na your cup of beans.” She said to me.
I pick up my bags on the ground and gingerly follow her out
to the taxi which was waiting for us outside. I could hear the sneers from
neighbours as I made my way out of the compound.
“At last! Peace go reign for dis our compound.” One of my
neighbours said.
“Abi ooo…Abosede nor go destroy pesin reputation for dis
compound. See as she wan finish her mama reputation ehn.” Sisi Eko said.
“Na today she start all dis rubbish? Abosede wahala don tey
and today be de first and last she go ever disturb us for dis we compound. We
suppose throw party ooo…” Another neighbour said.
“Dat na better idea, I go bring crate of minerals for the
party.” Sisi Eko said.
“My own na fried meat I go bring.” Another neighbour said.
I sighed and shook my head as I listened to them talk about
me and plan to celebrate my departure from the compound. I placed my bags at
the back of the taxi cab and got into the back seat while my mother took a seat
beside me.
“Make we dey go?” The driver asked my mother.
“Yes…” My mother replied.
As the taxi pulled out of the front of my house I stared out
the window at the place I called home. I felt so nostalgic that I burst into
To be continued next week Wednesday….


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