Everyone in my area had heard about what I had done and I
locked myself in my room for the remaining of the day. Early the next day,
Jimoh went off to school, he didn’t even ask me why I wasn’t going to work and
I guessed he knew. I was still lying on the bed when I heard a knock at the
door, thinking that it was my father, I said aloud.

“Come inside…”
The door opened and Gabriel walked in. My mouth was wide
open, I couldn’t believe it. I looked at myself and almost screamed in horror,
I was clad in an old torn singlet and had my wrapper around my chest.
“Good morning Abosede.” He greeted.
“Good morning….errrmm…wetin carry you come for dis kain
early mo mo?” I asked.
“I came to see you…” He said.
“You for wait till when I don baff finish na.”
He sighed and looked for a spot to sit, he found a small
chair and sat on it.
“I am leaving this morning…”
“Leave ke? Wia you dey go?”
“I’m going back to where I live. I only came to spend a few
days with my relatives but I have to go back today. I have a lot of work to
“Errrm…Gabriel, dis one wey you dey go so…you don forget
de talk wey we talk?”
“What talk is that?” He asked.
“Dis one wey you dey behave like pesin wey nor talk some
kain serious things with me.” I said.
“Please remind me…” He said.
“Our marriage na.”
“Marriage?” He asked in surprise.
“Haba! Dis one wey you dey talk like say na abomination I
speak so.” I said, sounding upset.
“Abosede, I recall that you spoke about marriage but I don’t
recall fuelling the conversation.”
“Abeg break de English down.”
He sighed and looked at me as he would a child.
“You are a very pretty woman but your husband is out
there…and he’s definitely not me.”
“So wetin dat one come mean na?” I ask angrily.
“I mean that I have no feelings towards you…and by
feelings I mean, love.”
“Abegi hold am! Which one be love? We be Naija ooo and we
nor dey carry all dat kain love tory for head.” I said.
“Well, I believe that I have to love the woman that I have
to get married to.” He said.
I looked away, it was so annoying that I had been so close
to start payment to my father for the love potion only to have been discovered
by Mama Nkechi and that her daughter. If I had been able to pay the first instalment,
my father would have started work on the potion.
“I didn’t come to speak to you about marriage but to speak
to you about something else.” He said.
I looked at him wondering what he wanted to talk about.
“Why did you resort to stealing? You can be erratic,
stubborn and very troublesome but you’re no thief.” He said to me.
“Wetin you call me?” I asked standing up from the bed and
retying my wrapper firmly against my chest.
“I said that…” He started.
“You open mouth insult me like say I nor be better pesin.
You nor even understand wetin carry me go dat level. You nor even ask me wetin
carry me reach dat side…”
“Please don’t pick a fight with me…” He started.
“So wetin you take me for? Fighter? Look here mister man, I
know say I like you well well but nor feel say you fit open mouth tell me
rubbish. You don ask me why I thief? You don ask me why I go sell for mama
Nkechi shade?”
Gabriel stood up and stared at me, he obviously was trying
to leave.
“I’m sorry if what I said offended you but I had to tell you
the truth. Everyone now knows you as a thief. Add that to loud mouthed, trouble
making and all the other attributes associated with you and see the image
you’ve created for yourself. Think of yourself as a brand and think of how well
you’re promoting your brand.” He said.
I was hot with anger, I took a step towards him and held his
“Abosede…unhand me at once!” He demanded.
“Na who you dey insult? Who you be sef?” I shouted.
“Let go of me…” Gabriel said struggling to set himself
“All de love wey I feel for you don disappear…and na good
thing because I nor fit understand how better pesin like me go fall for pesin
like you.”
“Are you trying to compare yourself to me?” He asked, sounding
“You reach me?” I sneer.
He shook his head and I let him go, I watched him smooth his tie and shirt and without speaking to me, he turned around and left the
“Arrggghhhh…I for punch im face ooo…I for give am better
blow! See de pesin wey dey advice me ehn? E never even advise himself.
Chai…Abosede, you don suffer ooo…and na all because of say you dey love
like craze pesin. How you go fall for dat kain man sef. You fall my hand.” I
said to myself as I walk up to sit on my bed to sulk.
To be continued on Wednesday….

A new Series titled, SMOKESCREEN comes up today at
two pm.



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