The cries of the mosquitoes whizzed in my ear and my eyes
opened. The sides of my mouth were covered in dried saliva and I could taste some kind of sourness in my mouth. I tried to adjust my eyes to the darkness of the sitting room, the whole place was
pitch black as the lights were off and everyone had obviously gone to bed. I
recalled that after I’d tried to drag the teenagers into a conversation with
me, I had gone into the house to sit on the sofa once again and after staring
at the walls for what seemed like an eternity, I’d dozed off.

“Which kain wahala be dis one? How pesin go wicked sotte,
she nor go give her visitor food ehn? Dis sister Lucky na wah for am oo…” I
hissed as I stood up from the sofa and checked my bag for my phone. I brought out the
phone and turned on the flashlight.
I saw the switch and turned it on but no light came forth,
indicating that there was no power supply.
“Dis nepa people sef…mtcheww…” I hissed again as I made
my way out of the sitting room. “Wia pesin fit to piss?” I mumbled as I walked
down the narrow corridor within the house and searched for the toilet.
The toilet wasn’t hard to find as the door was slightly
open. When I was done with the toilet, I stepped out and headed back to the
sitting room but just before I got there, I stopped.
“Wait ooo…I nor chop morning food ooo…I nor even chop
for afternoon and now, dis night I nor chop.” I hissed, touching my stomach to
feel its flatness. “Pesin fit die for dis kain place ooo…”
I began to search for the kitchen and it wasn’t difficult to
locate. With my flashlight in my hand, I began to search the pots quietly. I
was a professional when it came to searching pots and taking food from them.
Surprisingly, all the pots in sister Lucky’s house were washed clean. I tried
opening the freezer but it was locked. I walked towards a small door in the
kitchen and pushed it open, it was the store room. There were tubers of yams
inside and a bag of rice.
“Garri nor dey for dis store?” I whispered to myself as I
checked the store desperately for garri. “Na wah ooo…wetin I go chop na?”
I suddenly figured that I could cook something for myself
so, I walked back into the kitchen to search for a knife to cut the yam. I saw
a knife and walked back into the store room to bring out a tuber of yam and cut it in
half. I was so hungry that I knew that I’d finish the whole half of the yam. I
peeled the yam quickly and soon, had it washed and ready too cook. That was
when the trouble began because I couldn’t find the matches box.
“Which kain wahala be dis one now? Wia de matches dey?” I
hissed as I scattered the kitchen in search of the matches box. “I nor fit to
sleep with stomach wey empty ooo…I go wake pesin ooo…” I said.
I kept on searching for the matches box to no avail, it wasn’t
available anywhere in the kitchen and I wanted to scream in anger and
frustration. After searching for so long, I stormed out of the
kitchen and walked into the corridor leading to the rooms.
“Everybody wey dey dis house! Wake up!” I screamed while
rapping at all the doors. “Wake up now ooo! Fire dey mountain and e dey burn
nor be small!”
The doors began to open and sleepy eyes stared at me, sister
Lucky walked out of her room and glared at me.
“Ehen, dis one wey una don assemble. Abeg wia matches dey?”
I asked with arms akimbo.


To be continued on Wednesday….
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  1. Bwahahaha, this is the first time I laughed while reading Adventures of Abosede. 'make una come out, fire de mountain and e de burn no be small', 'abeg wia the matches de' Can't wait for the continuation. This week one small o. Bia, Ada do something ooo.


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