I finally caught up with my father, he was enjoying my food
at my mother’s shop and guess who was eating the food with him? My mother! I
stood at the entrance of the shop and stared at my parents who were busy eating
my food and cracking jokes with each other.
“Dis thing wey una dey do nor good ooo…” I said with tears
in my eyes.
“Wetin she dey talk?” My mother asked looking up from the
food to regard me. “You don finish work today?”
“Dat na de food I bring from work….”  I said sadly.
“Ah! Baba Fola, na de food wey ya pikin bring from work you
bring here so?” She asked my father in shock.
“Na my pikin get am so automatically, na me get am.”  My father said taking a spoonful of the food
and putting it into his mouth.
“Daddy, dis thing you just do nor fair ooo…I no fit
remember de last time wey I chop better food.” I say in tears.

“Oya come carry ya food.” My father said to me, dropping his
spoon beside the food.
My parents had almost finished the meal as all that was left
wasn’t up to five spoons.
“Dis thing nor fair at all….mummy talk say everybody must
to make money but na she come chop de food wey I work hard for.” I said.
“Abeg free me ooo…I nor know say na you get food. I dey
shop jeje na so I see ya papa enter shop with rice….” My mother said in her
“Shebi I go work tomorrow? Una nor go use eyes see my food.”
I say as I pick up the spoon and the food and eat.
“You nor go siddon?” My father asked.
“Why? So dat before I don siddon finish, anoda pesin go come
carry my food abi?” I said as I ate the food as though I was being chased by
My mother’s phone rang and she answered.
“Sister Bolanle….how far?” My mother greeted. “Wetin
happen? You nor mean am? Ehn? I dey come…just wait me for dia…I dey come.”
My mother said and hung up.
“Wetin happen?” My father asked.
“Na sister Bolanle ooo….she talk say de money wey …..in
fact, nor worry…make I dey go.” My mother said getting up from her chair.
“Which one be nor worry? I wan know wetin happen na? Which money she dey talk about?” My
father pressed.
“Shebi I don tell you say make you nor worry.” My mother
said and turning to me, she said. 
“Abosede, my salesgirl nor dey so you go help
me stay for shop.”
“Abeg ooo…I nor fit…before you go talk say na me thief
ya money…” I said.
“Which kain yeye talk be dat?” My mother fired at me.
“Infact, as you dey see me hia so, I don reach house…” I
said as I walk towards the door.
“Abosede! So you want make I nor sell market today?”
“I nor know for you….” I said to her.
“See ya pikin ooo…” My mother said to my father.
“Wetin do am?” My father asked.
“She nor wan stay for shop!” My mother said sounding
My father opened his mouth to speak and at that moment, a
young man walked into the shop. My heart did a backflip.
“Good afternoon.” He greeted.
“Ahhhh Gabriel, my son….how are you? Ha! Dis is a pleasant
surprise ooo….” My mother greeted as she walked over to hug the young man.
“How are you ma?” Gabriel said.
“Gabe Gabe…big boy! Dis one wey you branch our side
today….welcome ooo…” My father said.
Gabriel was my crush, he was the man who I could journey to
the end of the world with, I have fantasied about him for as long as I can
remember and I wanted desperately for us to be a couple.
“How are you Abosede?” He asked me.
The words hung in my throat as I couldn’t say anything, I
just kept staring at him.
“I came to visit my uncle’s family…” He said.
“Dem…dem talk say you travel go…abroad.” I managed to
“Oh…that! Yes, I travelled but I’ve been back since…” He
“Wia de thing you bring come for us…” My mother asked with
a smile.
“I went for training, I didn’t have time to shop.” He said.
“Okay…no problem my dear.” My mother said. “I dey comot
but I dey come back now now…”
“Okay, but who’s staying in the shop while you go?” He
“My dear ooo…na to lock shop I dey soo ooo…Abosede nor
want help me stay for shop…”
“Don’t worry, I can stay in the shop, I don’t want to enter
the house yet as my uncle and his wife aren’t home now…” He said.
“You mean am? Na better pikin you be…thank you, God bless
you. You go see de price for de goods for sales book, you hear?” My mother
“I go stay shop.” I said in a whisper.
“Wetin dis one dey talk? Nor be you talk say you nor wan stay
shop?” My mother fired at me.
“I don change mind.” I said.
“You don change mind abi? Abeg dey go house!” My mother
screamed at me.
I sat down on the bench in the store stubbornly while my
mother dragged me as she tried to pull me out of the shop.
“What’s happening?” Gabriel asked. ‘Why are you insisting
that she won’t stay in the shop?”
“Mama Fola, leave am…you hia?” My father pleaded on my
behalf. Turning to Gabriel, he said. “Nor worry, na mama and daughter
palava….but we don dey go.” He said as he took my mother’s hand and led her
out of the shop.
I smiled happily, what a beautiful coincidence? I thought.
Gabriel was here at the shop with me, finally I could do what’s been on my mind all this while.

To be continued on Wednesday……


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