I was half-asleep when I heard the voices behind the window;
it was that of a woman and another which sounded like my sister in-law.
“I really think you shouldn’t leave her with your baby
again. Haba! That baby won’t survive in her care. He cried for more than thirty
minutes this morning!” A female voice said.
“Are you serious? Oh my God! I went for exams…and…heh my
God!” My sister in-law’s voice reached out to me.

“It’s not fair on the baby at all. I know you’re writing
exams but come to think of it, life is more important. Can’t your husband stay
home for the days you have the exams? You can’t leave a little baby with
such…person.” The neighbour said.
“I’m so angry, I’m going inside to give her a piece of my
mind and my husband must hear this.” My sister in-law said.
I heard her footsteps approach the house and soon, a loud
rap as she knocked at the door. I quietly stood from the bed and walked over to
open the door.
“Where’s my baby?” She asked me as she pushed her way into
the house to go to the room where her baby was.
I hiss and shut the door while I wait in the sitting room.
“Abosede! Why would you allow the baby to cry all through
the morning?” She asked me as soon as she walked out of the room.
“Abeg hold am dia! I be ya mate? Which one be Abosede! Nor
be ya husband senior me direct?”
“I am very angry right now! How dare you leave my baby to
cry all morning?” She shouted.
“I no hear when he dey cry, I dey wash cloth for back.” I
“You dey wash cloth for back? I heard that you said you were
giving him Agbo.”
“Me? You dey craze! You nor know wetin you hear.” I spit at
“I can’t take this any longer! I am calling mommy now…”
She said referring to my mother.
“Call ma na…wetin she go do me? Abi she go take cane flog
me? Mtcheww…” I said, acting as though I was tough. To be honest, I’d rather
she called her husband than my mother, that woman dey craze! I thought.
My sister in-law brought out her phone and made a call to my
mother, immediately my mother answered, she started crying and telling her all
that I had done. After talking for a while, she handed the phone to me.
“Mummy wants to talk to you…” She said.
I eyed her and took the phone from her, angry to have been
reported but scared that my mother was going to kill me.
“Maami…” I started.
“You dey craze! Na thunder go fire you for dia! Dem send you
come?” My mother raved at me.
I swallowed my saliva in fear, from the way my mother spoke
to me, I knew she might be sharpening a knife which she intended to use to
butcher me.
“I dey come dat house now and if I see say something do dat
pikin ehn, I go finish you!” She shouted at me.
“Maami…you nor even hia my own side…” I say, bursting in
“Wetin you wan talk?” She spat at me.
“Dem nor drop…food…for me for house.” I cry. “Na only
breast milk dem pack full fridge…”
“You dey craze! Hehhh….which kain pikin you be sef? You
senior ya brother wife ooo…you senior am but you see say she get sense pass
you. Na ya papa brain you carry….dullard!” She spat.
“Infact, I no stay again…I dey run comot and una nor go
ever see me again. Since na insult una get to dash me dis afternoon.”
“You dey run go wia? Glue ya yash for dia ooo because if I
nor see you when I come ehn, e go worse for you.”
I hang up, toss the phone to my sister in-law and rush to my
room, pack my bags and head out to the sitting room where my sister in-law was
seated on the sofa crying and holding her baby in her arms.
“I dey go…and I nor go even reach house. Dis kain insult
don pass me.” I say.
“Don’t you get it? You did something wrong! Not just to me
but to the baby and you need to apologize…” She said to me.
“I dey go ooo…and una nor go ever see me again for lai
lai….so, give me transport make I comot for hia.” I say.
She stares at me in surprise.
“You can’t leave like that, mommy is coming and your brother
“Give me transport abeg…I dey go…” I say.
She brings out her purse and hands me five hundred naira.
“Good bye….to you and to all of una wey dey for inside my
family. The next time una go see me ehn, na me and dat rich man…wetin be him
name sef? Ehen, Dangote…go dey share de same private jet! Mtcheww!” I say to
her and leave the house.
As I left the house, I have no idea of where I’m headed but
the fear of my mother is enough to make me run for my dear life. I need
someplace to chill till her anger dies down at least if they felt that I had
disappeared, they might be worried about me and forget all I had done.
I walk out to the road and see a Keke and quickly board.

To be continued on Wednesday….



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