I sat in the examination hall, my eyes stared at the papers before me and the questions which would have seemed like Greek to me a year ago, was as easy as ABC. I wrote down the answers that I felt were correct and soon, I was done with the exam. I stood up from my chair, took my paper to the front of the hall and submitted.

“Write your address in the register and write your full name, this will enable us to post you to a place close to your home, that is, if you pass the exams.” The invigilator said to me.
I nodded and wrote down my house address, I had made my decision and it was final.
I left the exam hall and made my way out through the gate. As soon as I stepped out, I saw Sister Lucky, standing there and smiling at me.
“Sister Lucky…” I said.
“I came to offer you support…” She said to me.
“Thank you, ma.” I replied.
“I am through with my classes at school so I decided to come and meet you here so that we can go home together.” She said to me.
“I wrote…my house…address on the register.” I said to her.
Sister Lucky looked at me with a sad expression on her face.
“This is all my fault.” She said. “I judged you with your past and didn’t believe that you’d fully changed for the better…I am sorry.”
“Don’t worry sister Lucky, I do not hold it against you.”
“Have you spoken to your friend Gabriel, since you left his place?”
“No…I think he was disappointed that I did not want to stay with him.” I said.
“He likes you…” She said to me.
I shrugged. I really didn’t know what to say, I had had a crush on Gabriel for as long as I can remember but after staying with Sister Lucky and deciding to change for good, he didn’t really seem appealing to me anymore.
“I have to go back to the house…I have already packed my bags.” I said. “I want to catch the BRT before people start to queue…”
Sister Lucky placed her hand on my shoulders.
“I wish you could stay with me…”
“Me too but I have to go back home and I think that this is the right time to do so.”
“Promise me that you will never change to your old ways…”
I smiled and nodded. It was sealed, I was going home.


To be continued next week…..


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