I was up early the next morning as I had work at the school.
Jimoh had a special greeting for me especially after I’d served him rice at
school the day before without taking a dime from him. He was excited with my
work at the school because it meant more free meals for him.
“Auntie…you dey come school today?” He asked excitedly.
“Na dia I dey work na…” I said with a smile.
“I happy say you dey work for my school….” He said with a
wider smile.
“Na me happy pass…” I said with a larger smile.

Soon, I was off with my bucket  of water to the bathroom, surprisingly, there
was no tenants rush as the bathroom was empty.
“Wetin happen? Abi here don turn danger zone?” I asked aloud
as I carried my bucket of water into the bathroom.
I was soon out of the bathroom and I got dressed and ready
for school. My father knocked at my room door and I opened it.
“Good morning sir…” I greeted.
“My darling…how body?”
“Fine sir…” I responded.
“I hope say you never forget dat small talk wey we discuss
yesterday.” He said.
“No sir…I remember am.” I said to him.
“Okay…I happy say you remember.” He said to me.
“Na hundred naira I go give you today, tomorrow…I go give
you another hundred naira till de money complete.”
“This one wey you dey call complete money like say I don
tell you how much I charge….”
“Na true ooo…how much I suppose pay you sef?”
“You know say my baba na big juju man, infact, for our
village, e nor get juju wey pass my baba own. After him die, na me be second in
I roll my eyes, my father said this statement to anyone who
cared to listen, including dogs.
“Okay…how much we talk?”
“Na because you be my daughter ooo…” He said. “I go
collect two thousand but for anoda person na fifteen thousand gasikia.”
“Eh! Two wetin? For common jazz?”
“Wetin you call am? Common jazz? See dis pikin ooo….na
jazz I take born you so nor dey talk rubbish.”
“Na jazz you take born who?” I asked stupefied.
“How you go take jazz born me?”
“You never ask ya mama about ya story…go ask am, make she
give you full gist.”
“Haaaaaa….no wonder say I never use my hand get any kain
better thin for dis my life so…” I lament.
“Calm down…nor be dat one we dey talk….” He said to me. “You
don dey comot from our topic of discussion.”
“Daddy, I nor get two thousand.”
“Oya one five…”
“No! I nor get one thousand five hundred.”
“Oya one thousand, last price….abi you nor wan marry
Gabriel again?”
“I wan marry am but I nor get de kain money you dey ask for.
If wetin I dey get after I don sell food finish na two hundred naira and I give
you one hundred naira everyday, how many days I go pay you de money.”
“Test and see na…haba.”
“I nor get dat kain money. Abi I nor go get savings?”
“Oya…gimme five hundred naira and dat na last price….”
He said.
“Okay but daddy if dis jazz nor work, you go hia my voice
“You nor trust me again? Nor worry…e go work.” He assured.
“Make I dey go work…when I come back, I go give you
hundred naira make e remain four hundred.”
“You nor get savings? What of all dat ya money wey you get
dat year?”
“Thank God say you remember say na dat year.” I said as I
picked up my bag to leave.
I left my room and headed over to Gabriel’s uncle’s house to
knock at the door.
“Good morning ooo…” I greeted.
“Good morning” Gabriel’s auntie’s voice came from within.
“Na Gabriel I dey greet ooo…” I said.
“Gabriel don comot, e go return for evening..”
“Okay…tell am say I go see am when he return.” I said,
then realising that I’ve not greeted Gabriel’s aunt, I said, “Good morning
auntie Shade, na you I dey greet now…” I said as I left.
Gabriel’s auntie didn’t respond, I strode out of the compound
with my head held high

To be continued on Wednesday……



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