I sat in Gabriel’s house and stared at the food he’d placed before me, I wasn’t hungry. His place was a decent mini-apartment set like a typical bachelor’s place.

“Why are you so quiet?” He asked me.

“You nor understand at all. I mean…you don’t understand at all.” I said, correcting myself.
“Yes, I don’t understand why a woman who has mentored you all these while would turn her back on you. I mean…if I didn’t see you on your way out of her place, you’d have been stranded with no place to go.
“I will have go back home.” I said.
“Abosede…I know you didn’t steal that money.”
“Why do you believe that?” I asked.
“I guess it’s because when I saw you that day at the mini supermarket, I couldn’t recognize the woman I knew at the compound…you’ve changed and not only because of Sister Lucky but because you were willing to change.” He said.
“I don tire from all the insults. Every time people insult me, even small children dem. I just tired and decide to change for better.”
“And I can see that, that’s why I know you didn’t take the money.” He said to me.
“The money…” I started.
I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Gabriel walked over to open the door.
“What do you want?” I heard him ask. “Are you here to accuse her further?”
“I came to see her.” A voice sounding very much like Sister Lucky’s said.
I stood up in surprise, was it Sister Lucky? I wondered. Gabriel opened the door and indeed, Sister Lucky walked into the house.
“I searched for you…” She said to me. “Luckily, someone who knows your friend here told me that you went with him and I was given this address.”
I didn’t respond, I just stood there and stared at her.
“You can come home, we have found the money.” She said to me.
My eyes widened in surprise.
“You’ve found the money? Does that mean you believe her now?” Gabriel asked.
“Yes, and I am sorry that I ever doubted her.” She said to Gabriel and turning to me, she added. “I know I shouldn’t have judged you with your past and I did. You see, sometimes, people find it hard to trust people who had given them a reason to doubt.”
I nodded slowly.
“Where you find it?” I asked.
“Under the bed, I…was angry over everything and I got into my room, pondering over it all. I had just begun to remove my earrings when one of them fell and when I bent to pick it up, I saw some notes under the bed and there it was. The money must have found its way under the bed when the lights were restored and my standing fan which I didn’t turn off, began to rotate.”
Gabriel folded his arms and stared at me.
“You can stay here…at least, you know I trust you and you’ve always known me.” He said.
“Abosede, please come back…I beg of you. I am wrong and I take the blame.” Sister Lucky said.
I stared at the both of them, wondering what offer to accept and which to refuse.


To be continued next week….



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