Happy New month dears, I can’t believe we’re already in the sixth month of the year. May this new month bring to us, all the happiness and blessings that we truly deserve. Amen.
“Morning don reach?” I hissed as I heard the light tap at my
door. I rub my eyes and open them, angry that I had been woken up from my

“Abosede…” My brother called out to me as he stepped into
the room dressed and ready for work.
“You don dey comot?” I asked.
“Yes I am leaving and I’m going with my wife too…you know
her exams start today…” He said to me.
“Ehen….I be wan ask una. When una go do naming?”

“Oh…soon, we are extending it a bit so that she can finish
her exams…when she’s through with the exams, we’ll have the naming.” He said.
“Okay ooo….”
“So, we’ll be leaving now…we kept breakfast for you
in the kitchen.” He said.
The door opened and my sister in-law walked in and greeted me.
“Did you sleep well?” She asked.
I bit my tongue from retorting that they had wanted to
disturb me with the baby but I said instead.
“Na so so dream I just dey dream…”
“Okay then…I’ll see you later.” He said.
“I’ve expressed some milk for the baby, it’s in the fridge.
Once he’s hungry, please boil some water and put the bottle of milk in the warm
water and when it’s a bit warm, give him to drink. I think there’s enough for him
till I return.” She said.
“Nor tey ooo…” I said hastily.
“No problem, she’ll be back as soon as the exams are over.
You have her number right? You can call her or me if you have any questions as
regards the baby.” My brother said.
“Oya…bye…” I said.
“Please come and latch the door as we leave.” My brother
I sigh and reluctantly get up from the bed. Soon I had
locked the door behind them.
I was still sleepy as it was about five thirty am in the
morning. I walk into my brother’s room and see the baby sleeping on a small
“See ya mouth…see as you dey sleep like pesin wey nor dey
find trouble. I suppose flog you small for last night ehn….” I say as I stare
at the baby. “Make I lie down for ya mama and papa bed so dat when you wake, I
go know.” I said as I lay down on the bed beside the cot and was out like a
Some minutes later, I heard something like the sound of an alarm, it rang
and rang for minutes and I groped about blindly, looking to turn it off but I
felt nothing. I continued my sleep, the alarm shouted louder and I placed the pillows
over my head and continued snoring.
I soon heard a loud bang at the door, it was as though
someone wanted to break the door down, the bang grew louder and louder and the
alarm shouted louder. I finally opened my eyes.
The baby was screaming at the top of his lungs, the door was
being banged so hard and I shot off the bed. The baby was red as his legs and
arms were kicking about while he was screaming. The alarm I had thought I heard
was actually the baby’s cries. I carried him and walked out of the room to the
entrance door of the house.
“Hello! Neighbour!” A female voice shouted in panic.
I opened the door with the baby in my arms and stared at the
woman at the door.
“Good morning…I heard the baby screaming for the past half
hour….” She said.
“I dey force am Agbo!” I lie.
“What?” The neighbour ask in confusion.
“Na wetin we dey use for pikins for my family….and nor
be all pikins dey like am.” I said.
“Well, the cries gave me the impression that the baby was
all alone or that the person inside the house was sleeping through his cries. I had to come and find out for myself.”
“Na big grammar you dey talk. I don tell you say na
agbo….I dey force am.” I said and slammed the door at her face.
“Mtchewww…busy body wey nor get work.” I said aloud. Then
addressing the baby who had quietened down a bit, I said. “You sef nor even dey
code…na so pesin dey cry? Haba! You be man at all? Weeen weeen weeennn….ya
voice be like siren abi na alarm sef….mtchewww…”
I walk to the fridge and open it to see where my sister
in-law had written ‘Milk’ on two medium sized bottles.
“Dis woman sef…na laziness go kill am. Instead of make she
back her pikin go exam at least she go fit give am breast for dia, she come go
buy milk pack am for bottle.” I say in disappointment.
I took the bottle and prepared the milk for the baby, not
even bothering to warm it up. As soon as he was done with feeding, he closed
his eyes to sleep so I went to lie him back in his cot.
“Yeeehhhh…which kain hunger be dis ooo…” I say patting
my stomach.
I venture to the kitchen and begin my search for breakfast.
There was rice in the pot and un-made pap in a small bowl which had a cover. Then,
there was bread on the kitchen table top.
“Dis kain bread wey get kwashiorkor so….” I complain as I
stare at the medium sized bread in worry. 
“Dem even keep Ogi like say I be
I began warming the rice and also boiled a kettle of water
for pap. By the time my meal was set, I was satisfied. I was having, rice and
stew with Ogi and bread; such perfect combination.
I went to the sitting room, sat down on the ground and got
ready to eat.
“Milk dey sef?” I asked myself. “Sugar nko?”
I stand up again and head to the fridge where I bring out
some sugar, I also search for milk but don’t see any. I sigh in disappointment
but my eyes revert to the baby milk in the fridge.
“Dis people get sense ooo…dem keep milk for dia pikin,
dem nor come know say na pesin born me…” I say as I take one of the medium sized
bottles and hurry over to my food.
I pour some of the milk in the pap and add sugar to it. I
eat my food hurriedly. I eat a spoon of rice,
then a spoon of pap and a chunk of bread, I keep rotating it till I’m done eating.
“This Ogi sef dey taste one kain….e nor be like wetin get milk for inside.” I complain as I polish
off the bowl of pap.
I hear my phone ring in the room and rush off to answer
it. It’s my brother.
“Hello…” I greet.
“Abosede, how are you coping? Has the baby woken up?”
“Yes…e don wake…but e don sleep.” I said.
“Mommy was asking if we let you bathe the baby but I told
her that my wife can bathe a new born, you know she had a little brother when
she was about seventeen so, she learnt.”
“Okay ooo…” I rolled my eyes. “I nor fit baff pikin…”
“Did you feed him the milk?”
“Oh…de one wey dey inside fridge? Yes, I give am…but
wait ooo…why ya wife nor fit back baby go exam make she fit give am proper
milk from bress?”
“That’s breast milk in the fridge….my wife expressed them
early this morning into the bottles.” He said.
My eyes widen as my facial expression is like one who’s about to suffer a stroke.
“Ehn?” I say in shock. “Express wetin?’

“We purchased a breast milk pump which helped her express her breast milk into the bottles.” He said.

“You mean say na bress milk be dat?”

“Yes, that’s breast milk. I’ll talk to you later, I have to
get to work now…” He said and hung up.
My phone fell from my hand to the ground as I rushed out to
the bathroom in order to throw up. 
“Breast wetin? Ha! Mogbe ooo! Abosede! You nor see milk wey you go drink na de one wey comot from pesin bress…ahhhhh” I cry as I try to force out
all the food I’d just eaten out of my system.

To be continued next week….


  1. I've been a huge fan of yours over & over BUT this story kinda puts me off..am i been sentimental or over reacting when i say Abosede's treatment of that infant is way out of line, i think no matter how cruel or unreasonable one is, nieces & nephews or children generally should be treated better.

    • Hi Anon,
      Abosede is someone whose attitude to people in general-even babies-is quite off. Ofcourse babies should be treated better and perhaps with time the baby's parents would learn that his aunt has been negligent of him and send her home. Who knows? It's just a work of fiction and it's meant to humour and not to make up feel bad.
      Thank you for reading.

  2. Dis girl is cray! I mean…she should have told her brother that she didn't want to take care of the baby instead of come to their home and act like a BIG baby. But I like her sha. As for the first anon's comment…I really don't think you should take it too personal. I guess we are just getting to see a bad side of this Abosede's character.
    Thanks Ada for this.

  3. Serves her right…
    I wish her neighbour reports her to her brother and sister in-law. Abosede needs to go back home.


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