I was asleep when I heard the loud pound at the door, I
yawned and stretched as I glanced at the clock on the wall, it was seven am in
the morning. I looked at the bed I had shared with Bidemi but she wasn’t there,
‘wia Bidemi go na?’ I asked myself as I yawned again. The pound at the door
came louder and harder, I hissed and stood up from the bed and walked over to
answer the door. I opened the door and a man rushed into the house, almost
knocking me off my feet.
“Who you be?” I demand.

“Who are you? Where is Bidemi?” The man asked sounding
“You never answer my question, na who you be?” I ask.
“Thunder fire your mouth, you pig!” He hurled at me.
I was mad, the fact that he had called me a pig enraged me
so much that I wanted to sink my fists into his teeth.
“Wetin you call me?” I asked in anger.
“A dirty pig!” He stressed. ‘Where is Bidemi?”
“Oya dey go…comot from dis house kia kia…” I warn.
“You are so stupid. Where did Bidemi bring you from? Are you
some kind of a watch dog or something?”
“You call me dog?” I breathe furiously.
He doesn’t reply but stands there and stares at me, I had
had enough, I shove him to the ground. He falls and yelps in pain.
“My back!” He shouts.
“Na who be dog?” I ask again.
He jumps to his feet and attacks me and we fight; right from
childhood I have possessed some form of rare strength and back in the days of
my primary and secondary school, I staged fights like no one ever did. I
punched him on his stomach, I slapped his face, I pushed him to the ground
again and kicked him.
“Ahhhh…e don do….e don do…” He cried.
“Wetin you dey find here?” I ask. 
As I was shouting and kicking him, the door was pushed open
and Bidemi walked into the house. She saw me kicking the man on the ground and
her eyes were filled with horror.
“Abosede! Stop! Stop it!” She cried out to me.
“Dis man insult me ooo…he insult me…” I said in fury.
The man struggle to his feet and Bidemi rushes up to him.
“I am sorry my darling, I am so sorry…” She says.
“I pay the rent for this place, how dare you bring someone
who’s threatened kill me!”
My eyes widen in surprise, was this Bidemi’s boyfriend? I
“I am so sorry…I’ll speak to her.” Bidemi said.
“Speak to her about what? I want her out of here…” He
“Ahhh…you nor tell Bidemi say you insult me ooo…you call me
pig, you call me dog.” I say.
“Abosede please can you wait for me outside?” Bidemi said
with a pleading look in her eyes.
I nod and leave the house, I slam the door behind me and sit
on a small stool at the front of her house. Some children walk pass me dressed
for school and I sigh as I recall my real reason for being here and shudder
to think of returning home. My mother would definitely skin me alive but my dad
might not, he’ll be angry but he’ll let me be. I was so upset. I was still
thinking about my next option if Bidemi heeded her boyfriend’s
warning and sent me out of the house when I heard a loud bang from inside the
house. I strain my ear and hear another loud bang.
“Wetin dey happen for inside?” I ask myself aloud.
As though in reply to my question, the door was pulled open
and the man I had fought hurried out of the house without turning back. I stand
up testily from the stool I sat and walk to the house, I step in, shutting
the door behind me.
Bidemi was kneeling by the sofa, her face was buried in the
cushions, I approach her.
“Bidemi…wetin happen?” I ask in worry.
“Nothing…” She said.
“Which kain lie be dat?” I say as I gently pry her away
from the sofa.
Bidemi turned to face me and I gasped in shock, her face was
bruised and swollen.
“Wetin do you na?”
“You shouldn’t have fought him…” She said.
“Which one be I for no fight am? The man dey craze, he wan
push door down haba!” I say to her. “But wetin happen na? Una fight?”
She shook her head.
“He says I should send you away.”
“He dey craze, which kain talk be dat?”
“Abosede, he’s my fiance and he’s quite the possessive sort
and I’ve learnt that I can’t fight him.” She said to me.
“Which kain talk you dey talk?” I ask angrily as I stare at
her face and wish I had rearranged the man’s teeth.
“My sister, there are some thing that a woman has to bear
all in the name of love…”
“Which kain stupid love wey wan kee you so.”
“Jeff is hot tempered and…”
“Oh, so na Jeff be him name…he nor even be like Jeff, de
Jeff wey I know na calm guy. If you see de way ya Jeff take charge come hia dis
morning ehn? Wia you go for morning sef?”
“I went for a morning devotion in the church opposite this
house.” She sniffs.
“Una fight before today? De man get craze ooo…if you see
as he dey bang door like madman.”
“We didn’t fight but I guess he’s in a sore mood this morning.”
She said.
“Ha! So if ya boyfriend dey for bad mood, na so e go carry him wahala come hia. You surprise me ooo…you surprise me…” I say. “How
you go let man beat you like this ehn. I like myself ooo…I nor fit allow dis kain panel beating.” I said, touching her face gently with my palms.
“Abeg Abosede…nor dey talk too much, you nor go
understand.” She said pushing my hands away.
“Wetin I nor fit understand? How you go let dat man beat you
like dis?”
“You nor go understand.” She said again. “You can’t understand because you are not in a relationship,
Jeff and I are getting married.” She said.
“You wan sign ya death warrant? Ha! Dat man go kee you o…e
better say you jejely pack ya self comot from im life. Life nor get duplicate.”
“Leave dat thing jare…you too talk.” Bidemi said, standing
from the ground and walking over to the mirror to look at her face. “This is
not even so bad, other times are worse but I love him and we’re getting
married.” She said to me.
I gawk at her and conclude that she has finally lost her

To be continued on Wednesday….



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