My friend Bidemi didn’t look to happy to see me but she let
me in all the same. Her house wasn’t so far from my brother’s and I had decided
to crash there for sometime pending till my family decides to look for me and
perhaps beg me to come home.
“Bidus de Dems!” I hail her with a nickname we had given her
as classmates in our secondary school.
Bidemi and I attended the same government secondary school
and after our secondary school education, she had bagged a diploma and also
learnt the trade of sewing and making clothes. She was quite successful because
her mini apartment was well furnished and from the look of things she wasn’t

“Abosede, you didn’t even call to say you were coming.” She
said to me.
“Ehen, so na big grammar you wan use welcome me shebi…oya
na carry go…” I say.
“It’s not like that, I’m just trying to stop pidgin for some
reasons best known to me.”
“Abegi…which one be stop pidgin again, abi Naija get anoda
language? I just dey laugh for all of una wey dey blow grammar, na de day
gofament go dash people wey fit speak pidgin money…na dat time una go hia
“What kind of stupid ideology is that? Please grow up abeg.”
Bidemi said as she walked over to turn on her television.
I look for a place to drop my bag.
“Wia I go drop bag abeg?” I asked.
“In the wardrobe, besides, how long will you be staying?”
“I never know…abi you dey pursue me?”
“No…I’m not, I’d just like to know the duration of your
“So dis one wey na only you dey for inside dis house so, dey
sweet you abi.”
“I just asked a simple question, how long will you be
staying here?”
I shrug and look at her.
“Maybe till next week.”
“Next week? We just started the week and you’re saying next
week.” She said to me in alarm.
“Why you dey shout? Abi ya house go burn next week?”
“Do you know how tough the economy is? I can’t feed you till
next week ooo.” She said to me.
“That one nor be problem, I dey fast.”
She burst into laughter, she laughed at me till I felt like
a fool.
“You! Abosede! Wey dey chop anyhow. Hahahahaha…”
“See as you don switch to pidgin…fake woman.”
“Abeg ooo…” She laughed hard. “I don’t have food in this
house, so cut your belly according to my size.” She said.
I felt insulted but ‘nor be me find trouble?’ I said to
myself, if I hadn’t come to her house, would she speak to me like this?’
“I am not feeling so well, that’s why you met me at home, if
not for malaria I would have been at the shop.”
“So, now you nor dey shop, how customers dem go find you?”
“You need to see my shop Abosede! I have two seamstresses and
five apprentices, it’s a full house and I thank God for that. Many of my
classmates haven’t achieved all I have achieved, even some who went to the
so-called University and got a degree. With the rate of unemployment in our
nation, I am lucky to have learnt a trade.” She boasted.
I eye her angrily.
“Even me sef, I don achieve plenty things…” I say.
“Really, tell me…” She said with a mock smile.
“Na me dey help my mama for shop, infact ehn, if not for me
ehn, dat shop for don fall reach ground.”
“Hmmm…isn’t it the same shop you used to steal biscuits
and sweets back then as a child? And if you are key to the success of the shop,
why are you here for one week? You should be there managing the shop.”
“Nor insult me ooo…Bidemi, nor insult me ooo…you don
talk ya own, na my turn to talk and you dey insult me.”
“Don’t take everything too seriously, c’mon! I was just
joking.” She said nudging me playfully. “I’ll get dinner ready, I’ll make
jollof rice.”
“Abeg make am plenty oo…” I say to her and when she turned
to look at me I say quickly, “Na now I just dey break my fast na…since

To be continued….


  1. I haven't really gotten the hang of Abosede yet, guess cos I don't know where the story will lead to. Can't wait for teenage series next Monday.


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