You should have seen the look on my face as soon as I
arrived my brother’s place to find the house empty and the doors, locked. 

“Na me dem wan lock for outside house?” I raved.
In less than two minutes, a taxi cab pulled up at the front
of the house and my brother and his wife alighted with the baby. ‘Can you
imagine that? They took taxi cabs while I jumped buses and even got insulted in
the process!’ I thought to myself.
“Sister Abosede! Welcome…” My brother’s wife smiled at me
in greeting.

“Hmm….” I replied, not too happy to see them alight from the taxi.
“Have you been waiting for long?” My brother asked.
“Good evening bro…” I greeted. “I don dey here for de past
three hours.” I say.
“Ha! Three hours ke? We just left here about forty minutes
ago…” My brother’s wife said to me.
“No let me vex for you abeg! I don stand here since….” I
“It’s okay….we are sorry for keeping you waiting. We
noticed something with the baby and had to go to the clinic.” My brother
said to me as he opened the door of the house.
We all stepped into the house and I immediately located a
chair and sat down, I was so tired.
“Abosede, can you kindly help us boil water? For baby’s
bath?” My brother said to me.
The weather was cold as it threatened to rain, hissing under
my breath I stood up and walked over to the kitchen and lit the gas. I heard my
brother’s wife say to her husband.
“My exams are tomorrow and I haven’t studied at all, I
wonder what I’m going to write…” She said in worry.
“Nor be you go carry belle when you know say you get exams?
Na too much jolly dey worry you…” I say under my breath.
“Don’t worry dear, that’s why my sister is here, you can read all night while she’ll help you look after the baby.” He said. 
I open the fridge and see some crackers biscuits which I
quickly grab and eat. I stepped out of the kitchen to see my brother heading
out of the house.
“You dey comot?” I ask.
“No, I am heading over to turn on the generator…” He said.
“You’ll be staying at the room at your right.” He pointed to the room by the
I nodded and went to the sitting room to grab my bags which
I took to the room and dumped on the bed.
“See as everywhere dey smell like dust…she nor even fit
sweep room…mtcheww…” I hiss.
The door opened and my brother’s wife smiled at me.
“I hope you feel comfortable here…” She said.
“Iyawo, you nor even sweep room sef…” I say.
“I gave birth two days ago, and I was advised to stop bending to sweep while I was very heavy but my friend swept the whole house about a week ago.”
“A week loun loun? Ha! I nor dey sleep for dorty place
ooo…” I said to her.
“There’s a broom in the kitchen, you can take the broom and
sweep the room…” She said to me.
“I don hear…” I say dismissively.
The cold breeze filtered through the windows and I suddenly
felt chilly, I went to the kitchen and turned off the heat on the water that
was boiling and walked to the bathroom where I brought out a large bucket. I
took the bucket to the kitchen, and emptied the contents of the kettle into the
bucket and headed to the bathroom where I turned on the tap and let the water
cool the heat a bit till it was a bit warm. Shutting the bathroom door, I
proceeded to take off my clothes and have my bath. No sooner had I poured
soothing water on my body than I hear a knock at the bathroom door.
“Sister Abose, where’s the water you boiled?” Iyawo’s voice
filtered to me.
“Which water?” I hiss from the bathroom.
“The water I asked you to boil for the baby’s bath?” My
brother said.
“Abeg, which one be water for baby? Una know wetin I see for
road? Baby nor need hot water reach me ooo…” I say as I splash another cup of
water on my body.
“Ah ah….” My brother said in frustration.
“Matches dey for kitchen, make una go boil dey water wey una
pikin go use baff. Me sef wey dey hia, na pesin born me and she nor want make
stress kee me…” I said as I lathered my body with soap.
I hear the disapproving tone of my brother’s voice and hiss,
‘who did they want to turn to a slave? Me? Dem don jam rock!’ I thought to
myself as I enjoyed my warm bath.
That night I slept like a baby, and dreamt of Agege bread. It was at about two am that I heard the baby’s cry, it stopped but after sometime, the piercing cry filled the air again. I heard a loud knock on my door and didn’t move.
“Abosede!” My brother’s voice called out.
I feigned sleep.
The door knob turned and my brother stepped in with the baby in his arms.
“Abosede, the baby has been crying at intervals and I’m trying to sleep while my wife is reading for her exams. Could you kindly stay with the baby all night? She’s expressed some breast milk for the baby so you can use that to feed the baby.” He said.
I lay still as though dead to the world.
He nudged me.
“Abosede! Wake up!” He called out, tapping my ankle.
I let out a loud fart and when he didn’t move, I let out another one and holding his baby in his arms, he bolted out through the door.

To be continued next week….


  1. hahahah, I'm going to love this series. I had a baby not long ago and cant imagine having this kind of inlaw around, she will leave the next day walai.

  2. laughing abosede na double wahala o make she just go back home for your peace o you guys can manage without her.


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