I was reading my book when he came calling, for the very
first time. How did he know my house? I wondered.

“Auntie Abosede, you have a visitor.” Sister Lucky’s nephew
said to me.
We were all seated in the sitting room, reading our books
while Sister Lucky marked the scripts from the students at the school. I had
been staring at my book for the past one hour but little had been recorded in
my brain.

“Who is it?” Sister Lucky asked her nephew.
“It’s a man.” He answered.
“Her father?” Sister Lucky asked.
“No…this is a younger man.”
“Are you sure he wants to see Bose or he might have come to
the wrong house.” Sister Lucky said.
“He said he wants to see Auntie Abosede.”
Sister Lucky looked at me for a while, dropped her scripts
by her side and walked up to the door of the house. I sat there as I heard
muffled voices from the door. I couldn’t make out what was being said but I was
afraid that someone had come to look for me and I had no idea who that was.
Sister Lucky walked back into the sitting room and said to
“Go and see your visitor.”
“Ma!” I said.
“Don’t play dumb, you gave him your house address so, this
shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.”
I could see that Sister Lucky was getting upset.
“Ma, I never give…I mean, I never gave any person this
house address, I swear ma.” I said desperately.
“Go and see who it is and stop telling me lies.”
I was crushed, does it mean that Sister Lucky didn’t believe
me? What have I done to deserve such punishment for something I didn’t do? I
I stood up from the ground and walked towards the door, I
opened it and was surprised. Gabriel stood at there.
“Abosede…” He said with a smile. “I was in the area
“Do not come back here again! Did I give you my house
address? Why are you lying against me?” I spat at him.
Gabriel was taken aback.
“I don’t understand you…I came to pay you a visit for old times’
sake.” He said.
“Do not come here again! Good bye!” I said and slammed the
door at him.
I marched back into the sitting room and sat on the ground, I
picked up my books again to read. I could feel all eyes on me.
“That is not how to treat a guest.” Sister Lucky’s voice
sliced the air.
I suddenly was enraged.
“Wetin you want me to do?” I spat at her. “I stay on my own,
problem, I invite guest, problem, I nor invite guest, problem. Everything I do
is to please you but every time you find how to condemn me. I am tired!” I
screamed as I stood up on my feet and stormed out of the room in anger.
To be continued next week…..
an excerpt of the exciting thriller story on Okadabooks ‘Deception’
“Clement wants to be given the power of attorney.”
Nikky gasped and stared at her sister.
 “For real?”
Vivian shrugged.
“I want to be the dutiful and submissive wife as well as the
hard rock career woman but it’s kinda difficult because I don’t know how to say
no to my husband. Clement has really
been there for me, he’s so loving, kind and selfless. When mommy died, I relied
heavily on him and he was really my rock.”
“I know sis…”
“I just can’t give him power of attorney…”
“Does it mean you don’t trust him?” Nikky asked.
“No…not at all but it won’t be wise to give him power of
attorney just like that.”
“Are there things he needs to do to make you consider giving
him the power of attorney?” Nikky pressed.
Vivian looked at her half-sister.
“I don’t need him to do anything extra ordinary to gain my
trust or have me give him the power of attorney. I just feel that it’s not up
for discussion. The hotels are mine and I don’t need to give him a written
authorization to represent or act on my behalf in business matters.”
“Well…I understand you but you know men and their egos.
I’m sure he wants to make big decisions for the company and go ahead with
whatever he wants to do without asking for permission from you or for your
signature to withdraw certain sums of money.”
Vivian looked at her sister in worry.
“That’s not a problem…I can always endorse his decisions
and give him whatever sum he needs to work.” She said.
“Let’s forget the discussion about the power of attorney
dear …even though I feel Clement poses no harm but let’s leave that topic and
talk about things like…are you pregnant?” Nikky asked with smile.
“Oh c’mon…I’ve just been married for two weeks. Lemme
enjoy my husband first before the babies start coming.” Vivian laughed.
Review From DamDam01
‘Wow! I
finished it in one night. Wanted to read to the end. Good Job Adaeze. Please
keep it up!’
Thank you for the review DamDam.


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  1. Ada u r truly gifted. I read Deception & Kith & Kin nonstop. I think instead running series, u should write complete books cos sometimes I run out of patience waiting 4d next episode


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