I was still too angry after my conversation with Gabriel
that I didn’t look up when my father walked into the room and sat down on the
bed beside me.

“Abosede.” He said gently.

“Nor call my name…” I sulk.

“Wetin do you and Gabriel? I think say una be strong padi?”
He asked me.

“Nor mind dat coat and tie bobo…he think say I nor get
sense. If you see de kain yarn he dey give me for hia ehn.” I said to him.

“Abosede, relax…nor be only you don love man wey nor love you.”

I looked at my father in fury.

“Daddy, you don dey yarn dust abi?”

“Shebi I tell you make you bring
money make I helep you work small juju…” He said nudging me.

“I get any money? Shebi you see say I work sotte…dem
pursue me comot from Mama Nkechi stall.”
“Nor be you go thief rice?” He fired. “I too dey disappointed with you.”

I shrug and look away.

“Anyway, ya mama dey vex for you ooo…she talk say she go
see you after.” He said.

I was scared of my mother and I looked at my father in fear.

“Daddy…wetin she go do me?”

“I know? I resemble ya mama brain?”

“Fear don dey catch me ooo…”

“Why fear nor go catch you? Nor be you carry her name thruway
for inside dorty? De talk wey dey reign for street be say you
thief for school.” My father said.

“Abeg go jor…if you nor get wetin to tell me, just dey go.”
I said to him.

He looked at me and seeing that I wasn’t ready to continue the conversation, he asked.

“Ehen, I be wan ask you one question…” He said looking at
me. “How far with de thing wey we talk?”

“Which tin?” I ask puzzled.

“De money wey you promise give me for the juju…”

My eyes widen as I stare at my father in disbelief.
“You don deaf?”

“Which kain insult be dat one? E be like say you don forget
say I be ya papa.”

“Why I nor go forget? Nor be you dey ask me question wey nor
dey relevant? How I go give you money for the juju? I get work? I get bobo?
Shebi you see as Gabriel take waka comot from my room.”

“Nor be you pursue am comot?”

“I don pursue am comot na…I nor fit drag am back.”

“Nor worry my pikin, I go helep you drag am back…with de
juju I wan help you prepare.”

“I nor want again.”

“De juju or Gabriel.”

“Two of them.” I said.

“Ah ah…why na?”

“Oya daddy, begin dey go…I wan sleep.” I said to him.

“Oya na…dey sleep dey go. Nor go find work or husband wey
go marry you, na de time ya mama go use broom pursue you from house, na dat
time ya eyes go clear.”

“Ya plan nor go work ooo…” I said to him as tears stung my eyelids.

My father walked out of my room, angry that I didn’t give
him the money I had promised. I locked my door and lay on my bed, wondering how
to face my mother.

To be continued on Wednesday….


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