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I thought of what to write about on Frank Tuesday, all through last week and nothing came to mind till today. The Ebola virus scare got to me and that’s when I realized that it’s the trending topic, not just in my head but all over Africa and the world too.
At the beginning, when the news carried the nitty gritty on the virus, I was like; ‘it’s just the stories that we hear everyday and yet don’t come close to us’ but now, that the Liberian man who contracted the virus died in Nigeria and even the Nigerian doctor who treated the Liberian guy has contracted the disease, I’m so scared.

Have we ever thought of why this is happening? What’s the cause of this disease? And how come it has affected quite a number of people already?
I’m not going to write on the history of Ebola virus, Google and Wikipedia has that already. This post is on how to avoid contracting the virus (I’m hoping it’s contained soon because if it’s not, then we are in serious trouble. Look at Boko Haram for example, we haven’t even tackled that yet…).
Here’s how to avoid the deadly Ebola Virus:

1. Please avoid areas of known outbreaks: In Nigeria, we can’t really say where the virus is resident but since the first detection was in Lagos, then, Lagosians need to be very careful…(myself included). Infact, Nigerians as a whole need to be cautious because there are still flights, buses and even ferrys, going in and out of Lagos.

2. Wash your hands frequently: Don’t underestimate the power of water. Wash, wash and wash again. Buy hand-wash, soaps and even hand sanitizers (when soap and water is not available). I heard that the price of sanitizers have gone up, if this is true…then it’s really shameful to think that people are using this as a way of enriching themselves.

3. Avoid Bush meat: I heard that suya’s included…(a word is enough for the wise)

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4. Avoid contact with infected people: Now that’s the biggest issue. How do we know the infected people? Everyone coughs and sneezes in Nigeria especially due to the cold weather. Fluids like, semen, vaginal secretions, blood, and saliva are the easiest ways to contract this virus.

5. For health care workers, wear protective clothing such as masks, gowns, eye shields and gloves when taking care of Ebola patients (If you come across any) also dispose of needles and sterilize properly.

6. Finally, don’t handle remains of people who have died from the Ebola virus because they are still contagious. Special organized and trained teams should bury the bodies, using appropriate safety equipment.

Please guys, be safe and take all necessary precautions, be it in buses, taxis, private vehicles, shopping malls, places of worship, markets and many more!
I pray with all my heart that August 2014 will be the last time, we will ever hear of the Ebola virus, in Jesus name. Amen.

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