Winnie sat cross-legged, she was having a girl-talk with her
sister and she trusted her judgements alot.

“My dad called and it’s hard for me to lie to him that
you’re not here. They are worried about you Winnie.” Theodora said.

“I am sorry that I’m putting you through this sis, but I
really don’t want to go back home…at least not yet.”

Her sister nodded in understanding.

“Your mother can be overbearing…right?” Theodora asked
with a smile.

Winnie rolled her eyes.

“She can be a pain…I’ve done all she’s ever told me to do.
I’ve stayed away from boys, I’ve worn the clothes she thinks appropriate and I
don’t wear makeup like some of my peers. What else does she want from me?”

“If you want to know what I think, I’ll tell you what I
think.” Theodora said.

Winnie looked up at Theodora and asked.

“What do you think? Please tell me before I lose my mind.”

“I think you shouldn’t stick to her rules all the time. I
mean, you’ve stuck to her rules so far and nothing has come off it. She still
makes your life miserable and you guys still don’t see eye to eye. Why don’t
you throw caution in the wind, live your life and see what happens.”

“Are you suggesting that I disrespect my mother?” Winnie

“I’m not telling you anything that you’re not already doing.
For instance, the Winnie I once knew would rather get into her mother’s car
even after being embarrassed before her friends in school than be in my house.
Have you forgotten that you went into her car the first time she embarrassed
you in front of the school, even though you were spending the holiday with me?
Winnie, you are already rebellious…”

Winnie pondered on her sister’s words and realised that she
was very right.

“I’d never have come here on a normal day, I’d have gone
home with my mom but here I am.”

“That’s my point.” Theodora said.

“I know my mom can be overbearing
but she’s still my mother and I owe it to her to respect her.”

“Ofcourse you’d still be respectful but you’re living life on
your own terms.” Theodora said.

Winnie nodded and picked up the cup of tea beside her and

“I was errm…meaning to ask you something.” Winnie said.

“What is it?”

“There’s this guy…his name is Steve and he’s really
“Wow! A boyfriend?” Theodora grinned.

“He’s still asking me to be his girlfriend but I’ve been
posting him…I feel I’m too young to date and I’m not really into him.”

“You? Too young to date? You’ll be sixteen soon! You’re shy
of eighteen and you’re saying that you’re too young?” Theodora said.

“I don’t know what my mom would think.” Winnie said.

Theodora rolled her eyes, she was getting tired with the

“Your mom and my elder sister were bosom friends while
growing up so I know what they did back then. Your mom was so popular with the
boys and she didn’t have just one boyfriend but numerous.”

Winnie’s eyes widened.

“No way! I can’t believe that. My mom is so prim and

“Says who? Kate is far from prim and proper! I shouldn’t be
telling you this but she was the wildest girl in her class. She’s just holding
you back from experiencing what she experienced.”

“Are you serious? I feel betrayed! How come she lived a
carefree life during her teenage years and refuse that I do the same?” Winnie
asked in surprise.

“Well…I dunno…I just know that she lived her life to the
full during her teens.” Theodora said.

“So you think that I should say yes to Steve?”

“Ofcourse…you should. You’re not a baby and you need a guy
who really likes you by your side.”
Winnie nodded and stood up from the floor.

“I have to go to bed now…thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome dear…tomorrow is Saturday so you don’t
need to go for summer school.”

“Yea…” Winnie said and headed to the guest room.

As Winnie pushed open the door to the guest room, she
pondered on what Theodora had said to her. She felt a little uneasy over Theodora’s
advice to her and she also felt that her father’s daughter had sounded a bit
too carefree with her advice. She got into her room and picked up her phone
from the bed, it was switched off so she turned it back on. A text message came
in, it was from her mother.

‘Winnie! It’s almost eleven pm and I’m worried silly. Where
are you?  Please tell me where you are so
I know you’re safe.’

Winnie read the text over and over again, it didn’t sound
like her mother’s words. Had she given someone to help her type such emotional
words? She wondered. She pressed the delete button and watched as the message
was wiped off from her phone.

“It’s too late mom to pretend that you care…..don’t you think?” She said as she lay
on the bed and covered herself with the covers.

Rachel shook in fear as they did the practical test. Some
men were brought into the place of the meeting and they were asked to re-enact what they’ve been thought. Rachel prayed that
she won’t be picked, she was a nervous wreck. She was watching one of the girls
skilfully flirt with the guy who’d picked her when a voice sounded in her ears.

“I expect return on my investment.” Black said into her

She turned to regard him.
“Please…I beg of you…you know you can help me.
Just…just tear the form I signed and I’ll give you the money you gave to
me…I still have it and I was able to complete the sum.” She cried.

Black’s face was like stone, he stared ahead as though she’d
not spoken.

“Black please…” She whispered.

Black grabbed her roughly by the arm and said aloud.

“Here, come and pick this one…let her show us if she’s
learnt what we’ve been teaching all these while.” He called out to one of the

Rachel felt her heart beat harder against her chest, she
didn’t want to live this sort of life but she had no idea of what to do to get
out of it.

Mira was about to retire for the night, she had gone home
instead after school as Winnie’s mother had caused a scene and Winnie had run
off. She had tried calling Winnie to no avail as her phone had been switched
off. Mira looked at her door again and reassured herself that her door was
latched. She didn’t want any surprises. She walked over to her bed and was
about lying on it when she realized that something was wrong. She touched the mattress
and felt something grainy underneath. She pulled away her bedsheet to see that
sand was poured all over her bed.

“What? Who could have done this?” She said aloud.

She had only come into her room once this afternoon to change from her school
wear and to drop her bag. Her father was home early so she spent the rest of
the day with him watching movies. He had hired a new cook so she had eaten lunch.  She
touched the sand and groaned. She saw a piece of paper with the illustration of
a skull and bones and read the words inscribed.

‘Don’t mess with the Tiger!’

She wanted to be afraid but she wasn’t. This was going to
stop, she told herself. She couldn’t continue to be scared of her own shadow in
her home. She took the paper and stormed out of her room and headed to her
father’s room. She banged loudly at the door and soon, it opened to reveal her

“What is wrong Mira? Why are you banging at my door?”

Mira handed over the piece of paper and her father stared at
it. Soon, Monica walked up to the door and yawned.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Mira just handed this over to me.” Mira’s father said.

“I saw it on my bed as well as grains of sand. I am being
threatened in my home and I won’t take it.” Mira said.

“Threatened? How? By who?” Her father asked still staring at
the note in confusion.

“I wonder…” Monica said.

“Don’t you dare start with me Monica! This is the height of
it! You can’t threaten me in my own house! I won’t take it.” Mira said.

“What are you saying?” Her father asked. “Why are you
speaking to Monica in such way?”

“I know that this was done by her son. The two of
them are threatening my life.”

Monica let out a loud shout of laughter.

“Mira, you’re so funny…how can you say I’m threatening
your life? Do I look like a dangerous person?”

“Daniel left this note on my bed…I’m sure of it.” Mira

“Daniel wouldn’t do such a thing besides, he’s really ill
and retired for the night quite early so, he couldn’t have done it. Are you
sure you’re not imagining things?” Monica asked.

“Have you asked the new maid?” Her father asked, speaking of
the new household staff that Monica had hired.

“No I haven’t.” Mira said.

“I think that you should ask her.” Her father said.

“I don’t believe you daddy! I am your daughter, and I just
handed you a threat note. You’re supposed to be so fiercely protective of me at
this point but you’re leaving me to sort myself out.”
“Since the robbery happened, I have doubled security. I don’t
believe that anyone would threaten you in this house. I’m sure you accidentally
brought that note from school.”

Mira couldn’t believe her ears.

“Okay then, can you follow me to my room to see my bed
filled with sand?” She asked.

“I am really sleepy dear…let’s talk tomorrow. Goodnight.”
Her father said as he headed back into the room.

Monica looked at her and winked then shut the door at her
face. Mira stared at her father’s bedroom door in shock. What in the world was
going on?

Kate stepped into her house at some minutes past twelve
midnight. She was exhausted. She had searched everywhere for her daughter to no
avail and she was really worried. She sat on the sofa in the sitting room and
stared at the ground, she waited to hear her phone ring but heard nothing. Her
husband walked down the stairs and spoke to her.
“Where is Winnie?”

“I have no idea…” She said sadly.

“You’ll have to go out to continue your search.”

“It’s past midnight…already and…” She started.

“I doubt that you’d be able to sleep while your daughter is out on the streets at this time of the night?” He asked.

“Do I look happy? I am not happy that I can’t find her but I’ve
been searching for hours to no avail. The streets are deserted and there’s no
sign of her.” She yelled. “You could help me search for her instead of yelling at me.”

“I have searched for her too and I’ve called everyone I know. I warned you that you’ll lose Winnie with the way you’re
bringing her up and that’s what’s going to happen. Infact, what am I saying? It’s
already happening! For the fact that she can run away from you and not answer
her calls or even show up at the house, that should tell you something. She’s turned
away from you!”

“Don’t say that.” Kate said in a fearful voice.

“What do you want me to say? You kept pushing her away…and
now, look at what’s happening. Your daughter would rather be out on the streets
than be with you.” He thundered and hurried back upstairs.

Kate buried her face in her palms and cried.

“Where are you Winnie? I promise to change my ways for the
better if you come back home…please…”
To be continued next week…..

A new series starts this week, I really can’t tell
the direction because I just want to go with the flow. It won’t be daily though
because I’m quite tied with a lot of other things but it’ll be consistent. It
begins on Wednesday…God willing.

Thank you for reading dears.


  1. Theodora is a very bad influence to Winnie and the poor girl trust her so much haba how wicked some people can be.
    Monica you and your son's cup will soon full greedy mother of a stupid & hopeless son.
    Kate what you sow is what you reap, pretender like you hissing.


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