It was the day of Rose’s
party and Clara was so excited to attend, she could hear the loud boom of music
from the other compound and was already humming the songs that were being played, as she swayed to the
music while searching her wardrobe for something to wear.
Kendra walked into the room
and looked at her sister and said.
“It seems like there’s a
party in your friend’s compound…” Kendra said.
“Yep…she turns eighteen
today so, the party is for her…” Clara said.
“That’s big! Eighteen!”
Kendra said. “Are you going for the party?”

“Am I invited?”
“You know that you were so
disrespectful to her last time, I don’t think she’d want you to come.”
“Forget I asked…I don’t
want to go anyway…I have lots of things to do.” Kendra said offhandedly.
“Did you tell mum that
you’re going to a party? It’s three pm and from all indication, the party is
going to be a late one…”
Clara shrugged.
“It’s just next doors, what
would it hurt? There’s no reason telling her about it….besides I’m not going
all the way to some far place.”
“Oh kay…” Kendra said and
slipped out of the room.
Clara quickly went to the
bathroom, showered and changed her clothes. She wanted to be at Rose’s place on
time in order to help her organize things before her guests arrive.
She stepped out of her room
dressed in a denim head to toe look and wore her multicoloured sneaks. As soon
as she stepped into the sitting room, Mommy called out to her.
“Where do you think you’re
Kendra was seated beside
her mother, she stifled a laugh and pressed her tablet as though she had no
idea of where her sister was headed. Clara flashed her a killer glare, she knew
that Kendra had run off to tell her mom that she was going out.
“I’m going to my friend’s
place.” Clara said.
“And when did you start
leaving the house without permission?” Her mother asked.
“It’s just next doors
“Clara! You are not
supposed to leave the house without permission!” Her mother stressed.
“I’m sorry ma…can I go
for my friend’s party?” Clara asked through grit teeth.
“No! You have chores to do
besides, you have to help the housekeeper prepare the stew for tomorrow.” Her mother said.
“That’s unfair!”
“What’s unfair!”
“You let Kendra do
everything she wants to, but you never give me the same privilege. Anyway, it not your fault, you are not my birth mother…so you don’t owe me anything.” Clara spat and stormed
off into her father’s room.
“Clara! Come back here!”
Mommy said following her behind.
Clara knocked at her father’s
room and not waiting to be ushered in, she walked inside. Her father was lying
on the bed, reading a book, he had taken a day off from the clinic.
“Daddy…I have to go to Rose’s party….” Clara started.
Her father removed his
reading glasses and stared at her. Mommy walked into the room with her hands on
her hips.
“Honey…do you know what
rubbish left this buffoon’s mouth right now?” Mommy said to her husband.
Kendra stood behind her
mother, waiting for action.
“Clara….what is it?” Her
father asked.
“Rose’s party is
today…she turns eighteen and I’ve been helping her out with planning and
stuff. I am dressed to go and I am through with my chores but mommy refuses to let
me go.” Clara says.
“Will you wipe off that mommy
title from your mouth? I can’t have a daughter like you! You are a disgrace and
a big one at that.” Mommy shouted.
“Will you stop it? What has
she said to have you deny her the right of addressing you as mother?” Clara’s father shouted
at his wife.
“Honey…you don’t know
what she said…she…” Mommy started.
“Clara…go to the party
and get out of my hair…I need to read…” Her father said.
Clara almost laughed in triumph,
she raced out of her father’s room while she heard her mother’s screams as it
reverberated the house.
“I almost didn’t come…”
Clara was saying to Rose as she quickly ate up the small chops.
“Whaaaat? That witch wanted
you to stay at home on my birthday? I would have personally walked up to your
house and dragged you out by myself.” Rose said.
“I don’t know what has come
over my dad….he never used to take my side, but today…he did.” Clara said
Rose looked at her and
smiled, she wanted to say something but didn’t say it.
“You look like you want to
say something…” Clara said.
“Me? Nothing…..” Rose
said looking out through her window at Clara’s compound. “Oh look! I monitor
you guys through this window. See, the witch is on her way out with her
daughter and she looks very angry.” Rose laughed.
Clara walked up to Rose’s
window and watched as Kendra got into her mother’s car and soon, Zika and
Emerald joined them.
“She seems to love her
children a whole lot…but has no love for you. Not even a tiny weeny bit.” Rose said turning to Clara.
“Yea…she does love them a lot…back
then, I used to want her to love me too. She hardly ever acknowledges me as her daughter and whenever she gives my siblings hugs she has never as much as patted my back. I’ve gotten used to it so, I don’t let it bother me.”
“You poor thing….” Rose
said in pity.
“Sometimes I wish my mom
never dropped me off at my dad’s doorstep and other times I wish I was never
even born.”
“Why? Because of the witch?
You don’t need to worry yourself about her…soon, she’ll pack up and leave
that house…” Rose said.
Clara looked at Rose.
“Pack and leave? To where?”
“Oh…it’s nothing, I am just very upset…you know…I don’t like the way she treats you. At all…” Rose shrugged, then quickly changed the topic. “Is
this what you want to wear for the party?”
“You look like you’re just
about to hang out at the beach….this is no party wear.” Rose said.
“What kind of outfit does one wear for a party?”
Clara started.
“I have something you could
wear….it’s a dress my aunt got for me but it’s not my size….and you’re
smaller than I am.” Rose said as she walked up to her closet and brought out a pink shimmering lycra mini dress.
“Is it a top?” Clara asked.
“Top? It’s a dress dummy!”
“It’s too clingy and all
grown up…”
“That’s why this is a grown
up party. It’s not for secondary school students.”
“I really don’t know about
this dress…” Clara said, holding up the dress and staring at it.
“You are expected to wear make-up too… but don’t worry about that. Shade is coming to take care of that.”
Clara looked at Rose, she wondered why Rose always wanted to do grown-up things.
“You can’t stay for the
party if you’re going to wear the all denim look.” Rose warned.
Clara’s face fell, she didn’t
want to wear the Lycra dress, it reminded her of the grown up movies she used to watch at night from her dad’s movie collection when everyone was asleep.
“Okay…I’m doing this
because it’s your birthday…”
“Good girl!” Rose said.

To be continued….
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