Kendra was pissed, she
stared at her phone and quickly began typing a text to her boyfriend. 

she loved the sound of that and she was already googling tips to being the best
girlfriend ever.

Her mother drove the car
with such intensity she never knew existed, it was glaring that she was angry
and with no one but her dad. Daddy had surprised her today, he never took Clara’s
side in an argument but today was different, he had defended Clara and made
mommy look like the fool and she wasn’t happy about it. She was still pondering
on what had happened at home when her mother made a sharp
turn at a junction, her tires screeched loudly and Kendra’s heart pounded in

“Take it easy mom…”
Kendra said.

“Mtchewww…I am just freaking
pissed! How does your father expect me to get the respect I deserve in that
house when all he does is disrespect me before his daughter?” Her mother

“I am sorry about that mom,
I too was surprised. Clara is so disrespectful and now that daddy is taking her
side, she would even get worse.”

“I need to teach your
father a lesson he’d never forget. I think he has quickly forgotten what
happened the last time he stepped on my toes.”

“Daddy stepped on your

“Yes, he stepped on my toes
the day he brought that bastard to live in my house.” Her mother spat.

“I thought her mother was going to join her husband abroad and decided dropped her at our doorstep.” Kendra said. “That’s the story you
told us.”

“That’s not the true
story…” Her mother said.

At that instant, Kendra’s
ears pricked, even Zika and Emerald at the back-seat, looked up to hear the full

“Your dad was in a
relationship with Clara’s mom for a long while and they were supposed to get
married. He was actually about to pay for her bride price
when something terrible happened to him, he lost his elder brother and his
family said that it was a bad omen, which means that Clara’s mom would bring
bad luck to the family. He had to halt all marriage preparations and luckily
for him, I was at the sideline because I was his sister’s best friend, so he
married me instead because he really needed to settle down. Little did I know that they still communicated and soon, she fell pregnant with Clara and he withheld that information from me. Clara’s mother  eventually fell sick and died. I had no idea that she had a child for him so, imagine this scenario. one day your father brought his daughter home and she’s been
living with us since.”

“So you mean, her mother is
dead?” Kendra asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes, but you mustn’t tell
her…your dad has been waiting to let her know of this when she’s older.”

Kendra and her siblings
kept silent.

“I shouldn’t be telling you
all of this….” Her mother said.

“You said that daddy
stepped on your toes on the day he brought Clara to live with us. What did you
do when he stepped on your toes?” Emerald asked.

“I left the house….at
that time, I had given birth to Kendra, so I packed my things and took my baby
and we left the house.  I felt so betrayed and so cheated, how could he have a child outside marriage when he had a wife who loved him? He eventually came crawling and begging and vowed never to let
anything come between our marriage again, even his daughter.”

Kendra said. “And now, he’s
letting her come between your marriage…”

“Yes…he is and this time,
I’ll do exactly what I did and my demands would be greater.” Her mother said in

“What would be your
demands?” Zika asked.

“My demand would be that he
sends his daughter back to her mother’s family, once and for all.” Kendra’s
mother said.

It was almost seven pm and
guests had begun to arrive in droves, all Rose’s friends from her former hood
walked in making loud noises. Clara was trapped in Rose’s room, she couldn’t
believe her transformation.

“You are very
beautiful…has anyone told you that?” Shade asked. She had just finished Clara’s
make up and was staring at her handwork in admiration.

“Thank you but…I am
scared to step outside looking this way…I…never dress like this, never!”
Clara said.

“How old are you again?”
Shade asked.


“Going on seventeen! I
turned seventeen last week and my dear, I can’t let my youth fly away with the
wind all because of restrictive parents.”

Clara looked at the full
length mirror again and sighed, she looked like a lady in her twenties. The lycra dress had been the perfect fit for her, it clung to her skin like it
was made for her and the make-up made her look like a movie star rather than a
sixteen year old.

“You are too conservative
for your own good.” Shade said and stepped out of the room. She was clad in a
very tiny pair of shorts and a cropped top which read ‘Come and Get Me’ in red,
she paired off her look with red high heels.

Clara sank onto the mattress
and looked around, she was doing this for Rose and no one else, she thought.

Rose burst into the room,
laughing and holding a bottle of wine.

“Clara! The party has
started! Why haven’t you changed your shoes?” Rose asked in 

Clara was still wearing her
sneakers and had refused to go home and get heels.

“I can’t possibly wear
heels with this dress…it’s going to be too short…” Clara said.

“Clara, I’ll let your
stupidity slide because you are my friend and I love you but if you do this 
another time, I’ll scratch your name off the list.” Rose warned. “On the
brighter side, you have a guest…”

“Me? A guest? I didn’t
invite anyone…” Clara started.

“Come and say hello
jor…stop being such a prude….” Rose taunted.

Clara followed her out of
the room and to the sitting room where the party was in full swing, all the
while she kept pulling down the hem of her dress and wishing that it didn’t
hike up that much.
She got to the sitting room
and stopped in shock, sitting on the sofa was Oliver.

“Oliver?” She called him
name as though she was asking a question.

Rose smiled and pushed her
closer to him.

“Hey…Clara, I almost didn’t
recognize you…this party is swell…” Oliver said.

“Thank you…do you know
the celebrant?” Clara asked.

“What sort of question is
that? You sent me a text message yesterday, asking that I attend your friend’s
birthday party. I was wondering why you didn’t ask me at the tutorial school,
seeing that we spent most of our time in the performance club together.”

“I didn’t…invite you..”
Clara started then suddenly remembered that Rose had asked to use her phone yesterday and
sighed in frustration. Knowing her friend so well, she was so sure that she had a hand in this.

“This is awkward…you didn’t?
I guess I’d better leave…” Oliver said, standing up.

“No….please don’t go, I
wanted to invite you…I actually put your name down on the invitation list…I
…err…” Clara lied, vowing to break Rose’s neck once the party was over.

“Okay, I’d hate to think
that I’m crashing a party…” Oliver said. “By the way, you look so stunning…”

“My friend forced me to
wear this dress….I am not supposed to wear it…I had my denim look all
figured out…”

“This is different…”
Oliver said.

“It’s uncomfortable and too skimpy.” Clara frowned

“Hahaha…”He laughed.

“What’s funny?”

“You are funny! Girls never tell a
guy how uncomfortable they are in a dress especially when the dress is as,
permit my language, sexy as sin.”

Clara glared at him, she
wasn’t in the least flattered by his words, rather, she felt cheap.

“Could you please excuse

“Did I say something offensive?
I am sorry…” Oliver started.

Clara gave him a weak
smile and hurried out of the sitting room, making her way to Rose’s room to
lock herself in.


There was so much noise
from the sitting room, it was so deafening and Clara hated that she was missing
all the fun but the thing was, she couldn’t leave the room in this dress ever
again. She stared at herself at the mirror the umpteenth time and quietly stripped
away the dress and wore back her denim trouser and shirt, carefully tucking it
in and slipping on her belt. She looked at herself in the mirror again and
smiled, ‘Rose might get mad but it’s my comfort that matters’. She thought.

The door opened and Rose
stepped in, she stared at her.

“Warrisdis? Who changed
your clothing?” She asked in a slurry voice. She was getting tipsy.

“I couldn’t wear that dress
anymore…” Clara said.

“You looked hot! Warris
wrong with youuu?” Rose asked.

“You sound drunk…”

“I’m not drunk, I’ve just
been having a few drinks and…” She hiccuped. “Let’s go out to the party, I
told everyone that you’d sing…” Rose said.

“Me? Sing? Why?”

“You are a singer….”
Rose hiccuped again.

They both walked out to the
sitting room and Rose took the microphone and said aloud.

“My friend wants to

Everyone whooped and cheered. Clara
was pushed to the center of the sitting room, she was handed the microphone, she stared at everyone around her. She had never sang before a crowd before except the loud renditions she sang in the bathroom or at the performance club.

“Sing! You don forget d
song?” A male voice boomed.

Everyone laughed.

Clara held on to the
microphone shakily and the words came pouring into her head. ‘You are useless Clara! Do you think you can
ever achieve anything by singing? You are so dumb! I bet you inherited your
birth-mother’s dumb brains!’

Soon, she felt the
microphone being pried from her hands, it was Oliver and he quickly tuned a
popular birthday song. He took another microphone and handed it to her and
nodding, he beckoned her to join him. Clara buried all the thoughts of the negative
words that had been said to her all her life and sang with him. As she sang everyone stared
at her in awe. Oliver made it fun by dancing around and making beat sounds in
the microphone with his mouth and soon, they had everyone clapping. 

Aunty Lizzie chose that
moment to bring in the cake and it was an emotional moment for Rose. 

Clara sang
from her heart, everyone clapped to the song and Rose cut the cake. Nothing was
more perfect.

To be continued next week….

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  1. its interesting that despite the pressure fro Rose, Clara stands up for herself. Kendra's Mom is a lesson to us all.. that it worked the first time, will it work again? time spent in anger at ur mate, shouldn't you observe and find out where and how come the subtle changes? Oliver sounds cool. I really hope he is.

    • Clara shows us that no matter how you like someone, you should never be at pressure to be like that person. I like the way she stood up for herself as well and that's the way it should be. Kendra's mom still has a lot to learn and I pray she doesn't lose her family in the process.
      Yea, Oliver is really cool and I hope he stays that way.
      Thank you for reading dear, your views are always refreshing.

  2. Oliver seems like a level headed guy even though he's young, let's wait and see. I have never hidden my dislike for Kendra's mum, I hope she knows what she's doing.


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