Rose Lily walked down the street feeling on top of the
world. She was a bit sad though because her friend had found out that she had
used her in getting closer to her family which wasn’t far from the truth,
however, the truth of the whole thing was, she loved Clara and missed her
friendship a lot.
She was just about rounding up the street when she saw Clara’s
dad’s car drive up the road and Clara was seated in the front seat. The car
stopped and Clara’s dad wound down the window.

“Hello Rose…how are you? Where are you headed?” He asked.
Clara looked away, she wasn’t interested in whatever Rose
was telling her father.
“I am taking a short stroll around….how are you sir?”
“I am fine…I hope you are studying hard…” He said.
“Yes I am…” Rose replied and said aloud. “Hello Clara…”
Clara didn’t respond, she was looking out the window.
“Clara….Rose just said hi…” Her father said.
Clara didn’t respond, she pretended as though her father
hadn’t said anything to her.
“Clara!” Her father shouted.
“It’s okay…sir…I’m sure she’s not in the mood to talk to
me…” Rose said and waved them off.
As soon as the car left, Rose walked further down the
street, feeling sadder than ever.
Kendra waited till the students had left the class for break, she watched James laughing at something his seat mate said and she cringed. She wanted to hate him with her whole heart but something nudged her to meet up with him again and have a one on one conversation with him.  Seeing that his seat mate was about leaving the class she stood up from her seat and walked up to
“Hello James…” Kendra greeted.
“What do you want?” James asked.
“I want to talk to you…”
“I am busy…”
“It’s break time…” Kendra said.
James seat mate excused herself and left the class.
“Alright…say what you want to say…” James said.
“Why did you send that video to the boys? Why did you record
the video in the first place?” Kendra asked sounding hurt and not wanting to
raise her voice and cause a scene.
“Were you deaf when you were told that it was all a bet? I
recorded the video and sent it out because it was a freaking bet….” James
said with a smirk.
“How do you feel? Knowing well that you have hurt me?”
Kendra asked.
“I feel nothing…honestly…”
“It’s over between us James, everything we shared is over!”
“We were never even an item in the first place so…” James
 “You will be punished for this, mark my words!.” Kendra said.
James looked at her and suddenly grabbed her arm and said in menace.
“Who do you want to report to? Your mommy? The school teachers? Listen to me, if you report me, you are going down too because you had sex with me and I didn’t force you to do it.” He spat.
“”I can’t believe that you can be so cruel….let go of me!” She spat as she wrung her arm from his grasp.
“I sent the video to one of the boys phone and he deleted it as soon as they were done watching….”
“I hate you and you will pay for this….God will punish you!”
“Hahahaha….” James laughed and pushing her aside, he stormed out of the classroom.
Kendra watched James leave the class, she was mad. She looked around to see if anyone was in class but spotted no one. She turned to look at James school bag and zipping it open, she took out his books and began to tear them to shreds.
Raymond walked out of the school’s cafeteria, he was headed to his class when he saw Kendra lean by the side of the corridor walls and stare outside at nothing.
“Hello….” Raymond called out.
Kendra looked up to see James brother.
“What do you want?”
“Are you okay? Your eyes are puffy….” Raymond said in
“I am fine….” Kendra said.
“Okay…” Raymond said not knowing what else to say. “Are you okay?”
“No…and I don’t need your pity.” She said.
Raymond nodded and turned to go but stopped and looked at
“I know why you’re sad and I’m sorry about it…”
“Your brother is a monster!”
Ray took the seat beside hers and said.
“He’s always been like that. Mommy supports everything he
does so….he really doesn’t understand that he steps on people’s toes…”
“He more than stepped on my toes and he had the guts to threaten me….” Kendra
“I am truly sorry….I …saw the video, and I warned him against sending it to the boys….”
“Wow! I must be the latest slut in town!”
“No you’re not….it’s just that James has a way of making people do what he wants them to do…”
Kendra wanted to cry again but realized that break time was
almost over and she didn’t want her classmates to see her in tears.
“Thank you so much for your help Ray….”
“What are friends for?” He said but seeing her hesitation,
he said. “We’re friends right?”
“No way! I’m not interested in being friends with anyone from your family….ever!” Kendra said with a firm resolve.
Clara ate her dinner quietly and watched her father, it was
now or never, she told herself so she said.
“Are you going to marry aunt Cassie?”
Her father looked at her and said.
“I am already married so….I have to get a divorce in order
to remarry. Why do you ask?”
Clara’s mind settled quickly, she had thought she had
overheard aunt Cassie talk about a wedding, the last time she was here.
“When is mom coming home?” Clara asked.
“That’s not a discussion for kids…” Her father dismissed. “How
is tutorial school? I received an invitation via email from the school management,
they said something about a New Year party.”
Clara’s heart skipped a beat.
“I err…well…it’s not compulsory for parents although all students must be in attendance.” Clara lied.
“Well, it was an invitation and I think I’d be busy…since it’s this Sunday…” Her father said.
“Yeah…it is…by two pm…” Clara said.
Her father nodded and continued his meal, Clara finished
hers and took her plate to the kitchen and came back to clear the table when
she saw that her dad was done with dinner. The house was eerie quiet and all
she could hear was the low hum of the generator outside and the television in
the sitting room. As she was washing the plates, she heard her father laugh aloud
at something and went to the sitting room to see if there was an exciting TV
show going on only to see him lounge on the sofa and speak in low tones.
He said. “You have a
way of getting to me…”

Clara walked back to the kitchen in numb silence, was daddy
lying to her? She thought. Why did he tell her he had no plans of marrying Aunt
Cassie when he was speaking to her in such adoring tone? She continued
washing the dishes till her phone beeped and she looked at the screen and
sighed in relief. It was Oliver and he had just sent her message to remind her
of the practice for Saturday, she heaved a deep breath and quickly sent him a
 Oliver was so cool and she was beginning to like him very much, she
hated to think that in March, he’ll be leaving for school and hoped that their
friendship continued even while he was not in Nigeria. 
She also hated the fact
that she had lied to her dad, the New year party was happening at the Events
Center in four days and she had told her father not to bother. He hated everything about the arts and he’d be mad to see her sing and dance at the school event. She wished she could tell him the truth but
she knew that if she did, there’ll be hell to pay for.

To be continued tomorrow….



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