Kendra left early for school, she was in charge of
conducting the school assembly for the morning and she was the health prefect, and since they had not handed over to the junior class yet, she had to do her duties. She had just dropped her bag on her chair
when her classmate Bolanle walked in.

“You know you looked stupid defending that new student
yesterday, Kendra…” Bolanle pointed out rather rashly as she dropped her bag
on her seat.
“What?” Kendra asked in shock.
“It was obvious to the class that you kinda like the new
student and I must tell you that the boy smells like trouble. Do you think I
don’t know you help him copy notes?”
“Mind your business Bolanle…” Kendra said.
“It’s okay…I’m just trying to advise you because if you
continue this way, you’ll end up not being the best student for the term after
all. Yesterday, we had a test while you were outside with the new boy…”
“What? A test?” Kendra asked in surprise.
“Yea…” Bolanle shrugged.
“I’m sure it’s not counted, the teacher never mentioned
it…” Kendra started.
Bolanle gave her a snotty look and left the class for the assembly.
Kendra walked up to the podium and began leading the
assembly with the national anthem, she watched as the students sang the
Nigerian anthem and recited the pledge. Her mind was far away. ‘A test?’ she
thought, she made a mental note to go to the teacher’s office and ask for her
“Kendra!” The current Head girl called out.
Kendra snapped out of her thoughts and realized that the
students were waiting for her next directive. She quickly moved on to the next
session and the students joined in.
In ten minutes the assembly was over and students marched
into their classes, since Kendra had conducted the assembly, she was to assist her fellow prefects at the gate who were punishing the students who came late to
Kendra had just taken her stand at the gate when she saw
James arrive the school drenched in sweat, he had just alighted from a Keke Napep
and was hurrying into the school.
“Hey…mister…kneel down.” The head girl said to James.
James looked at her and continued walking into the school.
“Look at this boy! Are you seriously disrespecting me? I
said kneel down now!” The head girl said.
“Will you do as she said?” The head boy added.
James looked at the both of them and stubbornly went to
kneel down beside the wall. All the while, Kendra watched him with her heart
pounding in her chest.
“We have a practical class now…” The head boy said to the
head girl.
“Oh yea…” The head girl said then turning to Kendra she
said. “Kendra, please deal with this student. The ideal punishment is
fifty frog jumps or that he crawls round the school compound on his knees. Make
him bleed.” The head girl said and walked away with the head boy.
Kendra stood there and looked at James, he looked away.
“Why are…you late to school?” Kendra asked in a shaky
“Isn’t it obvious? My mom travelled and left us in the care
of my mad aunt and she refused to drive me to school…” James said
“I saw Raymond at the assembly…I thought you two are
brothers…and should come to school together.”
“She drove him to school and didn’t drive me…” James said
“Okay….errr….” Kendra said not knowing what to say.
“Kendra, are you really going to let me kneel down after I’ve
told you the reason I came late to school?” James pushed.
Kendra looked around to see if any prefects were watching
and quickly said.
“Alright…go to the class…quickly.”
James got up and not even uttering a word of thanks, he hurried
to the classroom.
“I hate that your sister you know…” Rose Lily said as she
opened the door for Clara to come into the house.
“I am really sorry you had to go through that…she’s not
really like that.” Clara defended.
“I can’t believe you Clay, these people look down on you,
they make you feel like trash…if I were you, I’ll get independent…you
know…and maybe, look for my mom…”
“Easier said than done besides, I don’t see you living with
your parents and you’ve not made any move to look for them.” Clara said angry
that Rose was butting into her life.
Rose Lily kept silent and looked away.
“So, what are you doing here?” Rose asked.
“I came to see you of course…” Clara said.
“Don’t you have a rich and expensive coaching lesson to get
“Stop it!” Clara warned.
“You have a rich dad and were born with a silver spoon…I
guess we can’t be friends.” Rose said.
“What? Why?”
“I don’t know…I just think that we are from different
“Why are you talking like this?”
“I’m sorry Clara but you can’t fit into my kind of crowd and
neither can I fit into yours…”
“So…you’re ending our friendship? But it’s just begun.”
“I never want to be humiliated by your family…ever….and
I can’t be friends with someone whose family doesn’t like me…”
Clara looked at her in anger as tears sprang up in her eyes.
“You are no different from everyone else…I know what you
want, you want Kendra as your friend because you feel she’s better than I
am…but guess what? I don’t need your friendship and I’m sorry that I tried so
hard to make you like me!” Clara said and rushed off to the door and yanking it
open, ran out of the house.
Rose Lily sank to the sofa and looked at her toes in self
pity, her Aunt Lizzie walked into the sitting room and glared at her.
“What was that for?” Auntie Lizzie asked.
“I’m letting her go…” Rose said. “I am a dangerous friend
and her family is right to look down on me, I’m a bad influence.”
“Shut up Rose…shut up! How do you expect us to live well
if you can’t…”
“If I can’t what? Steal into her life and feign that we are
friends only to rip her off in order to make you and Aunt Cassie happy? Clara
is a good girl and I don’t want to lose the goodness she sees in me.”
“What goodness! That girl would never give you a second look
once she gets into a fancy university abroad and graduates to get sucked up in
one of the best jobs in the country. Rose, we are not ripping her off, we are
trying to secure a better life for us.”
“By what? By getting into her life and home and destroying
it? No…no!” Rose said stamping her feet in anger.
Her aunt reached out to give her a firm slap across her
“You will do what I ask you to do! You owe us big time Rose,
you owe us a lot for taking you and raising you to become who you are today. If
not for us, you….you’d be dead….and I mean it.” Her aunt said and stormed
out of the sitting room.
Rose crouched to the ground in tears.

To be continued tomorrow…


  1. James has an attitude & it's good for him. Rose aunties are bad influence to her. She wants to be good but they wouldn't let her.


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