Clara opened the door to the
house and saw mommy and her siblings seated in front of the television.
“Clara where is my phone?” Zika
“Your phone? What kind of
question is that?” Clara spat as she walked into the house.
“Where are you coming from?”
Mommy asked turning to look at her.

“I went out…” Clara said.
“So you have the guts to tell
me to my face that you went out right?” Mommy thundered, standing from her
“You took Zika, Kendra and
Emerald out for lunch. What did you want me to do? Sit at home and watch TV?”
Clara said.
“Are you talking to me?” Mommy
Clara folds her arms and keeps
“I can see that your birth
mother’s genes are running in you. That woman never knew when to curb her
“Yes! Keep repeating it for the
whole world to know that I am not from your womb! If you feel I am too much of
a burden to you why don’t you track her down as ask her to come and take me to
wherever she is, so that I can get out of your hair!” Clara spat and stormed
out of the sitting room.
Mommy stared at Clara’s
retreating back in wonder, Kendra was surprised at all the things Clara had
said, same for Emerald, while Zika was still moaning about his missing phone.
“This is unlike Clara…she
doesn’t ever talk back at mommy.” Emerald said.
“When your daddy comes back, I
am going to tell him what she did. You kids are my witness! You saw how she
insulted your mother right before your faces.” Mommy screamed.
“If you tell daddy, will he
tell her biological mom to come and take her away? I don’t want Clara to go
anywhere…” Emerald said.
“The stupid pig! Look at her,
throwing insults at me after I have taken care of her for twelve whole years!
Useless ungrateful thing!” Mommy spat and sat on the sofa, staring at the
“I need my phone…I need it
back…” Zika said and began to cry.
Rose entered the flat she
shared with her aunts and brought out the phone she had hidden in her bra.
“What’s that in your hand
Rose?” Aunty Lizzy asked.
“A phone…” Rose replied.
“Where did you get it?” Her
aunt asked walking up to meet her. “Is that the latest iphone? Wow!”
“Yes it is…” Rose Lily
“Where did you get it?”
“From the house next door….I
found a way in and it’s a genuine way too.”
“Are you serious?” Aunt Lizzy
asked with eyes wide.
“Yep! I got in through their
daughter, she’s very gullible plus she lives with her step mom and biological
dad in the house.”
“Interesting….is her dad
“Are you kidding me? They have
lots of money! Their house spells class!”
“Nice…so do you think it’s
worth the try?” Her aunt asked.
“Of course it is, that’s if he’s
not disciplined.” Rose smiled.
“So…it would be easy right?”
“Yea, it wouldn’t be hard to
get in…” Rose said.
“I knew I could count on you!
You are so smart dear….”
Rose smiled at her aunt.
“So what are you doing with the
phone?” Her aunt asked.
“Sell it of course, I need
money for a new pair of shoes….the peeps in this estate look down on people
and I really need an upgrade.” Rose said.
“I’ll call Clement, the second
hand dealer and ask for good price for the phone. I know it’s quite expensive
in the phone shops so…you’ll get a good deal from it.” Aunty Lizzy supplied.
“Thanks aunt…”
“Your job is not done yet…you
still need to get more information from that girl.” Aunty Lizzy said.
“Sure…we’re friends already!”
Rose said smiling as she walked into her room and shut the door.
James watched as his mother
argued with his dad over the phone, they were talking about changing his school
and the accusation raised against him at school.
“What do you mean by that? I
trust my son and I trained him so well…James can never possess a condom ….I
am sure that someone planted it into his bag. I am so disappointed in
you… are blaming your son already….” She continued.
James pretended as though he
was watching television but his ears had an antenna and he was eavesdropping on
his mother’s conversation with his father.
“I want to change his
school….they don’t deserve him there.” She continued. “Yes, I want to change
him to the bigger school…” She said and paused. “How can you say you have no money?
We have two kids! Two! What of your friends that have five kids and still send
them to good schools….”
James nodded, his father’s
fellow military personnel had five children and they all attended good schools.
“I don’t care what you think,
besides I am the one raising these kids while you’re up there in the north. I
know what is good for them and you can’t tell me otherwise!” His mother shouted
and hung up the call.
James looked at his mother and
“Why doesn’t dad want to send
us to a better school?”
“Don’t worry son, he will do
what I want him to do…”
“Okay mom. Just know that I am
not going to school till you enrol me in a new school….I can’t face the
humiliation anymore…” James said.
“Don’t worry…I’ll go to the
school tomorrow and see how much it’ll cost to get you in…” His mother said.
James smiled and walked over to
give his mom a hug.
“What did you say she did?”
Clara’s father barked.
“She insulted me to my face.
Ask the kids!” His wife shouted.
“What? Clara! Clara!” Her
father shouted.
Clara was lying on her bed, her
heart beat frantically against the walls of her chest when she heard her dad’s
voice. She knew she had been disrespectful to mommy but she was tired of feeling
inferior to her siblings. After her outing with Rose Lily that evening, Clara
had been schooled on how to talk back to her mom when she gets on her nerves.
She had thought that talking back would make her feel better but it actually
made her feel much worse because she hated being disrespectful.
“Clara!” Her father shouted as
he jumped into her room with a large cane in his hand.
Clara sat up and stared at her
father in fear, the sight of the large cane almost made her cry.
“How dare you disrespect my
wife? Your mother!”
“She left me to starve at
home…I just stepped out for a bit and when I came back she started asking me
questions…” Clara started.
“You should be very grateful
that I haven’t sent you out of this house. You are a disgrace to me….a
disgrace that I have to live with everyday of my life. You are a failure too,
after your WAEC exams you can’t even boast of a good result but the only thing
you know how to do is to open your big mouth and heap insults on my wife.” Her
father screamed.
Clara began to cry, she felt
hurt by all the words her father had said to her and she sat on the bed feeling
miserable. By the time the cane began falling on her body, she cried, not due
to the pain inflicted by the cane but the words her father had just uttered.

To be continued tomorrow….
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