Kendra walked into the school compound quietly, she saw that
the assembly had begun and she released a pent-up breath. She was so late and
she was a prefect too which meant that she wasn’t showing a good example. She
literally tiptoed into the assembly ground and took her position beside the
Labour Prefect.
“You are late…” The labour prefect hissed.
“I am sorry…I had a lot of things…” She started, not
knowing what else to say.

“You are lucky you just came in because the principal is
about to call all prefects to the podium.” The labour prefect informed.
As though on cue, the principal called the prefects up to
the podium and Kendra hurriedly handed her bag to a junior student. She climbed
the podium with the rest of the prefects and the principal gave a glowing
speech on how dutiful the prefects were and how deciding on the incoming
prefects was no easy task hence the delay. He quickly made mention of how the
prefects were handing over their badges at the first term of their final year
in school in order to aid them  concentrate on their final exams. The students clapped as new prefects were called up to the podium
and old prefects handed over their badges. By the time they were done, Kendra
got down from the podium and walked back to the assembly, she felt as though
everything had been stripped from her, her title as prefect, her home and her
She recalled the events of the weekend. Clara had gone into
shock as soon as she told her the truth of her mother and her father had rushed
her to the hospital. She was finally better and returned home yesterday
afternoon but her mother had caused a ruckus, stating that she couldn’t allow
Clara live in her home anymore. She and daddy had gotten into a big fight and
mommy lost so, she had packed their things and they had all gotten into the car
with her except Clara and daddy and left the house.
They had arrived at auntie Dumebi’s house late last night
and had had a rough sleep as her mother’s sister had to make accommodation for
them in her three bedroom house. A house which housed her husband, two children
and two helps. Kendra, Emerald and her mom slept in the maids room while Zika
bunked with aunt Dumebi’s two sons. The maids had to look for temporary accommodation
because it was believed that soon enough, Kendra’s father would come begging.
It was one hell of a rough night having to share a narrow
bed with two people and Kendra’s back ached. With the whole new arrangement and
unstable state of her mother, they had gotten up quite late and were dropped off at
school quite late as well, owing to the fact that Zika and Emerald’s school bus
that usually came to pick them at home wasn’t informed early enough about the
change of plans. Their mother had to drive all the way to Zika and Emerald’s
school and drive back to Kendra’s school to drop them off, hence her lateness.
She walked into her class as depressed as ever and some of
her classmates began cheering for her and some other students who were now past
“You guys did well! Whoop! Whoop!” Her classmates cheered.
Kendra managed a smile and walked to her seat, soon James
joined her.
“Hey…” He greeted.
“You don’t look so good…”
“No…there’s been a major change at home.” Kendra said.
“Wow…that must be tough.” James said quickly and soon
began bringing out his books from his bag.
Kendra looked at her boyfriend, he seemed to be in such
high-spirits but she didn’t know why.
“How was your weekend?” She asked.
“Very swell…” He smiled at her and looked away to
concentrate on his books.
Kendra almost had a panic attack, she hadn’t seen James all
weekend, what could be the reason for his happiness? She thought. ‘Was it another girl?’
“What’s making you so happy?” She asked.
“Well…nothing really…” He said not looking up from his
“I’m your girlfriend. Don’t you think I need to know?” She
James looked at her and after a while, he said.
“My mom came back home.”
“Oh goody…” Kendra smiled, thankful that it was because
his mom came back home and not because of a girl.
The Physics teacher walked into the class and the students
stood up to greet.
Clara was shocked at the events of yesterday, infact, she
was so shocked that the news that her mother had actually died long ago as
against her belief that she was alive and somewhere in the world, wore off
quite quickly. The housekeeper made breakfast and Clara sat down to eat her
toast bread and oats, her father soon joined her at the table and they ate in
silence. The house was so quiet, not that it didn’t use to be this quiet when
everyone left for school in the morning, it was quiet because somehow, the
house perceived that some of its inhabitants might not return that later that day as
they usually did.
“I hope you’re taking your lesson classes seriously? The
WAEC exams is around the corner.” Her father said.
Clara nodded, they haven’t even celebrated Christmas yet and
he was already drawing the exams closer.
“Yes I am…” Clara said, wondering when she’ll tell him the
truth of the class she had actually enrolled into. Her dad would have a fit if
he knew.
“I am sorry you heard about your mother that way…” He
Clara was stunned. This was a new daddy- he apologized to her-something he never did.
“It’s okay…it hurt but I think the shock has worn off…”
“You should not miss your medication…” He said to her about the drugs she’d been given at the hospital..
“No…I won’t…” Clara said.
They ate slowly and soon, they heard the doorbell ring.
Clara and her dad looked up from their food. The housekeeper walked to answer
the door, deep down, Clara wished it was mommy. Even though the woman made life
hell for her, there was nothing worse than a broken home and she missed her
siblings already.
“Don’t worry…he’s expecting me…” A loud voice sounded
from the door. It sounded like Rose’s aunt Cassie.
Soon, aunt Cassie made her way to the dinning room.
“Hello angel…” She greeted Clara.
“Good morning…” Clara greeted.
“Hey doc…” Aunt Cassie smiled.
“Cassie? Good morning, what brings you here?” Clara’s dad
“I actually bought a drug over the counter….you see…last
night I was in such severe pain and I didn’t want to disturb you so I rushed to
the pharmacy and got myself a quick drug but the thing is, I am reacting badly
to the drug…” She started.
“What? Why would you do that? You are on a medication
already!” Clara’s dad said aloud. “You should have called me if you had any
“I wanted to, I actually did call you but your phones were
switched off and I peered in through my niece’s window to see if your car was
in the compound but I heard you yelling with your wife. That reminds me, is
everything okay? With your wife, I mean…” Aunt Cassie changed the topic like
a pro.
“Yes…it’s fine…” Clara’s dad answered stiffly.
Clara chose that moment to quickly excuse herself as she
made her way out of the house and out of the compound and was soon at Rose’s
She had hardly knocked when Rose pulled open the door and
dragged her into a fierce hug.
“Thank God you’re okay….thank God!” Rose said in relief as
she hugged her.
Clara hugged her back. Rose broke the hug and hurled at her.
“You haven’t been answering your phone! I called and
called…” Rose flung. “I thought they’d killed you.”
“Killed me?” Clara asked in surprise.
“Never mind…I’m glad you’re okay, I’m just not happy that you didn’t answer your calls.”
“I am sorry…a lot of things happened and…somehow I haven’t
even looked for my phone…” Clara said.
“I saw everything from my bedroom window…are you okay?”
“I also heard the loud fights last night and I saw mother
hen leave with her brood. Is she gone for good?”
“I dunno….she asked my dad to choose between me and her. I
actually feel so guilty.” Clara said.
“Guilty? Over what? Abegi…”
“I know you’ll say that I should be glad that she’s gone but
I’ve lived with her for almost all my life and she’s never openly harmed me.”
“She hates you and you’ve lived in a hateful environment for
too long. Wake up and smell the coffee babe…that woman would kill you if she
had the chance…”
“Let’s forget that. Your aunt is in my house so, I seized
the chance to come and see you.”
“Oh goody! I didn’t want to go to your house myself and get
embarrassed.” Rose said then suddenly, her face lit up in a smile. “I can come
from now on, huh? The witches are gone!” Rose whooped.
“It’s not funny, they are my family…and I pray they return
this week.” Clara said.
“You nor get sense…” Rose said poking Clara on the
forehead and quickly pivoting round the sitting room in glee.
Clara looked at her friend and shook her head, she obviously had no idea what broken homes do to kids, she thought.

To be continued next week…

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