Kendra waited till after assembly to call James aside, she
wasn’t going to wait till they got inside the class. It was James’s first day
of resumption and he was looking as handsome as ever, dressed in his uniform
and new shoes and school bag.
“I want to speak to you…” Kendra requested of him.
“Why? What for?” He answered, in hostility.
“Really? James! Really?” Kendra flung at him.

James looked around, some students were looking at them
interestedly while others minded their business as they walked into their class
“Do you want to cause a scene? Because I’ll be more than
glad to help you out.” James spat.
“Excuse me? James! You recorded our…our first time
“Yes…for memories sake…I mean, who doesn’t need a backlog
of his encounters through life?” James asked.
“I thought we meant something to each other…I thought I
meant something to you…I saw the video in Emeka’s phone and…”
“Yes, it was a bet….” James spat in her face. “So what?”
Kendra felt crushed.
“But I loved you…you ….” Kendra said as she broke down
in tears.
“I have to get to class now…” James said and walked
towards their class.
Once he got in, he high-five-d some of the boys and one of
them handed him crisp one thousand naira notes, he counted them, nodded and
slid into his seat. Soon, Kendra walked in, looking like she was about to die.
As soon as she sat beside him, James stood up and said.
“It’s a new term and I hate seating in the same seat as the
last term…” He scanned the class and spotted a vacant spot by a chubby girl,
known as Esther and said. “Esther, can I sit with you for the term?” And
without waiting for her reply, he took his bag and trudged over to her seat.
Kendra watched him in silence, she couldn’t believe that
this was happening to her.
Clara was in her dad’s clinic, she was done with lessons and
was staring blindly at the invitation card in her hand. She had no idea of how to
present the card to her dad. It was the invite for the party that the tutorial
school was throwing for the new year and everyone was to invite their family.
Clara wished she had someone else to invite, but sadly there was no one. She
quickly shoved the card into her bag and was about bringing out her phone when
Kendra stepped in through the entrance. Clara looked up and saw her sister and
froze, Kendra looked like a sick urchin.
“So…this is it huh?” Kendra said to her in spite.
“Hello Kendra…” Clara greeted, still seated.
“Hmmm….you must be soaking it all up now, thinking that
you’re daddy’s girl…”
“I guess…” Clara said, not ready to deny any stupid
accusations from her sister.
“You know what? We are coming back home soon so whatever
plans you and that Rose girl has to bring another woman into our house will be
destroyed.” Kendra promised.
“I didn’t plan anything with anyone…” Clara said.
“You are so stupid Clara, as stupid as your birth mother…”
Kendra spat.
“Can you let her rest in peace? Between you and your mom,
I’m sure she’s been mentioned a zillion times. Even in death, you guys are
still scared of her.” Clara said.
“I’ll slap your face…” Kendra spat.
“I doubt you have enough strength for that. Have you seen
yourself in the mirror? You look so pale…are you ill?” Clara asked.
Kendra heaved a deep breath, hissed and headed over to her
dad’s office.
Kendra’s father was pouring through a voluminous book when
she walked in. He looked up and was surprised to see her.
“Kendra? You look ill…are you okay?” He stood up to hug
“Daddy…why are you doing this to us….why?” Kendra sobbed
against her father’s chest.
“I am not doing anything to you, I sent your school fees to
your school’s account and I just wired some money to your mom to get you
everything you want.” He said.
“That’s not enough daddy…we want to come home, all of us.”
“Well, your mom is to blame, she left on her own accord.”
“She had good reasons to….you showed her that Clara was
more important to you than she is…and…”
“That’s not true…even you know it! I have never shown
Clara the love I’ve shown you or your siblings…”
“Well…that’s her cup of tea, she’s not a bona-fide member
of our family…” Kendra said.
“She’s my daughter and she’s a bona-fide member of my
family…” Her dad said.
Kendra saw that her father was shifting from the discussion
at hand and plunged into it again.
“Daddy…please…let’s come back home…I’m tired of living
in auntie Dumebi’s house…”
“Ofcourse you can come back home.” Her father said.
Kendra’s eyes widened. “Really? I am so happy daddy, I’ll go
and tell mom…”
“I didn’t say mom….I said you and your siblings can come
home.” Daddy said.
“Whatever happened to you? I thought you love mommy…”
Kendra said in a broken voice.
“Well….err….that’s not a discussion I’d like to rope you
into…” Daddy said.
“If mommy is not coming with us, then I’m not coming…”
“Suit yourself baby…” Her father said.
A knock was heard at the door and nurse Bola peeked in.
“Kendra, it’s good to see you…I wasn’t at my desk when you
came in.” Nurse Bola said, then turning to regard Kendra’s dad she said. “A patient
is here to see you…”
“Kendra…you have to go now, I have to attend to a patient.”
Her father dismissed her.
Kendra looked at her dad and began to cry.
“Daddy…don’t do this to our family….please…”
“I didn’t do anything to our family, your mother did.” Her
father said to her.
Kendra left her father’s office, sadder than ever.
James was eating lunch at the dinning with his brother, he
noticed that Raymond stopped to look at him from time to time.
“What!” James growled.
“Nothing…” Raymond said.
“What’s your problem?” James asked. “Why do you keep staring
at me?”
“I am not staring…” Raymond said. “Well, I was wondering
how heartless you could be. Kendra doesn’t deserve what you did to her.”
“She’s dumb…” James said.
“She’s smart…” Raymond defended.
“Wait a minute…do you like her?” James asked with a wicked
gleam in his eyes.
“Yes…I do…she’s different…”
“Then have her!”
“James, you did something really wrong and it’s so
disturbing to think that you don’t see your actions as wrong. There’s something
wrong with you…” His brother said.
“You are stupid…” James flung.
Their mother walked up to the dinning and smiled at her
“Boys…stop quarrelling…” She admonished.
“Tell Ray to stay out of my way…” James said.
“Ray…stop upsetting your brother…” His mother warned.
“I’m just telling him the truth, he hurt a girl in our
school and she really likes him.” Raymond said.
“Is that true?” His mother asked interestedly, looking at
her son.
“She’s a stupid girl who threw herself at me…and I told her
from the beginning that I wasn’t interested but she paid no heed.” James said.
Raymond’s mouth stood agape, he knew it wasn’t true.
“Well…if a guy doesn’t like a girl, she should be smart
enough to read the signs…” Their mother smiled and patted James on his head. “Finish
up your lunch, I’d like to take you both for ice cream.”
“Are we celebrating something?” Ray asked in a bored voice.
“Yes, we are. James did very well in his mock exams and I am
so proud of him.” Their mother said.
Kendra’s mother studied her mock results in silence.
“How come your grades look so rough…it’s like your
teachers made a lot of mistakes writing them.” Her mother said.
Kendra gulped, she knew she had changed her scores.
“Well…err…I dunno…” She muttered.
“Well, you did well as always and I can’t wait for you to be
done with your WAEC and show your dad how good you are. Clara is going to
write the WAEC exams as well and I’m sure she’ll fail woefully.”
Kendra smiled slightly, the WAEC exams was the least of her
problems now. At the top of her problems list was James and the fact that he
had broken her heart.
“Mom…” She said.
“What is it dear?”
“Is Clara prettier than I am? I mean…am I ugly?”
“Where did such question come from? You are very pretty my
dear and please do not compare yourself to Clara, you are far better than she
“Kendra, are you okay?” her mother asked.
“Yes mom…I’m fine…I’d like to go to bed now, it’s been a
long day…” Kendra said.
“Okay dear…by the way, did you go to see your father after
school today?”
“Yes, I took a taxi to his clinic and I saw him…”
“What did he say?” Her mother asked.
“He said that Zika, Emerald and I can come back home but not
you…” Kendra said quietly.
Emerald who was feigning sleep sat up and said.
“I want to go home…let’s go back home Kendra….”
“Will you shut up? Won’t you miss your mother while you’re
at home?” Their mother barked at Emerald, and then addressing Kendra, she said.
“I hope you refused to return.”
“Yes, I said that we’ll return if you come with us.”
“Good.” Their mother said.

To be continued next week….


  1. Haha Kendra's mum is dumb o, so teachers make so many mistakes on results. Then second, with the way Kendra is looking ill I hope she is not pregnant ooo


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