It was Isiuwa’s first day in school after the suspension,
she walked into the school during assembly and joined in with her fellow
students. As soon as the assembly was over, she went to meet the maths teacher
in his office.
“So you’re back from suspension…” He said.
“Yes sir…and I want to say that I am really sorry that I
wrote the test for Frieda. It will never happen again.” Isiuwa said.
“Hmmmm….sit down Isiuwa.” The maths teacher said.
Isiuwa sat down on a chair in front of his desk.
“I am happy to know that you acknowledge your wrong and in
all sincerity, I hold no grudge against you.” He said.
“Thank you sir.”
“I have an advice for you and a story too. This same thing
happened to me in my first year at the university. You see, I used to be a very
brilliant young man and immediately after secondary school, I secured admission
to study Engineering at the University. I was just fifteen years old when I got
in. One of my room mates who happened to be in 400 level had failed a course and
asked me to study on his behalf and write the exams in his place since the exam
timetable clashed with his timetable for his 500level course. Foolish little
me! I was so eager to impress him because he had been so good to me, he used to
buy me lunch and take care of my little expenses at school. I read for the exams, and on
that day, I went into the exam hall to write the paper. I wore a hooded shirt,
a pair of glasses and a beanie cap, all in camouflage. We were about two
hundred students at the exam hall and by the time we started writing the exams,
the lecturer walked in, moving from seat to seat. He stopped at mine and
checked my paper to see my name and he said.
‘Israel Memo?’ He asked, staring at me. Ofcourse, that wasn’t my name but the name of my 500 level room mate. ‘You
failed my course right and you are rewriting the exam? I thought I told you and
all those in your class re-writing my course that I’d reschedule since you have
Engineering 516 today’, he said to me. I became all jittery and in no time, I
was escorted out of the exam hall and soon, faced the panel of the school
board, alongside my room mate. Do you know that he was exonerated? His father
happened to be a top lecturer of the university and according to what Israel
told them at the panel, he had no idea that I was going to write his exams for
him. He said that he was lamenting over having to write his exams alongside
his present exam and I chipped in that I would like to help. My statements didn’t
matter and at the end, I lost the case and got expelled from school while he
was merely suspended for a year. I went back home feeling crushed and rejected
and never passed any post university exams till I was twenty-three. I
never got my Engineering course again but was accepted to study Maths education in a different University and that was how I ended up teaching in the classroom. I don’t regret my career as a
teacher, but I’m just sharing with you how I wasted eight years of my life
making a mistake similar to yours. I hope you understand that you were suspended for one week alone because this is a private secondary school, but you might
not be lucky, next time.”
Isiuwa was so moved by his story and thanking him, she
walked out of the staff room grateful that he had shared with her, his true-life experience, she also vowed never to let her desire to please a friend lead to her downfall.
Breaktime came faster than she expected and during break,
she left her class and headed to the canteen alone, hoping to see Sesan. She had just
settled down to eat lunch when someone asked her from behind.
“Hey…do you have a seat partner?”
Isiuwa looked up to see Morenike holding a tray of food and looking
at her.
“No it’s not vacant….but you can’t sit there…” Isiuwa
said icily. “I’m expecting company.”
“If you are waiting for Sesan, he’s not at school today…we
sometimes take art class together but I noticed that he wasn’t around for
class.” She said.
“I guess I have no choice then…” Isiuwa said, biting into
her meatpie.
Morenike sat down beside her and placed her tray of food on the
“I know you must hate me for intruding on your party on
Saturday…I am sorry if I caused any problems.”
Isiuwa turned to look at Morenike in surprise. “Are you
kidding me? Wait…if Frieda sent you…tell her you didn’t see me.”
“No! No she didn’t, I ended the friendship….” Morenike
said quietly.
Isiuwa looked at her, shocked.
“ Are you Serious?”
“I know that I am a gossip and all but honestly, I’m not a
bad person…” Morenike started.
“Yep you are a bad person. because people who tend to gossip, ruin people’s reputations with their
stinky mouths…” Isiuwa said rolling her eyes.
“Yes that’s true…and I’m going to change…I really am…”
Morenike was saying.
The school bell rung three times which signified that an
assembly had been called.
“Assembly bell? At the middle of the day? What’s going on?” Isiuwa asked.
The students murmured as they left the cafeteria to the
assembly ground, there they stood in lines and waited for the principal who was
already standing at the podium to talk.
“Good afternoon students!” He greeted.
“Good afternoon sir!” They chorused.
“We deeply regret to announce to you that one of our students has gone
missing, she is in the person of Abigail Lawal!” He said.
Isiuwa gasped and stared at the principal in shock.
“If anyone of you have any information as regards her
whereabouts, please see me.” He said.
The students murmured, they were all shocked at the news.
“What could have happened to her?” Some of them asked.
“We must join her family in prayer that she is speedily found, meanwhile,
her posters will go up around the school walls and will stay up till she’s
found. Thank you for listening.” The principal said.
The students dispersed back for break, Isiuwa felt so sad, ‘no
wonder Sesan didn’t come to school today’ she thought as she made a mental note
to visit him after school.
Isiuwa’s mom waited for her to get into the car and smiled
at her as soon as she got in.
“Hello dear…”
Isiuwa’s mom forever had a busy schedule so when she had suggested
picking her up from school, she had blatantly refused but obviously, her
refusal had fallen on deaf ears.
“Good afternoon mom…”
“How was your day?” Her mom asked.
“Good…I have somewhere to go to after school…” Isiuwa
said to her mother.
“Really? Where?” Her mother asked.
“My friend Sesan’s twin sister disappeared on Sunday, I
need to pay him a visit.” Isiuwa said.
“What? Disappeared? Where? How?” Her mother asked.
“I really don’t know…I need to go to his place and see how
he’s doing.”
“Do you have the address?” Her mother asked.
“I know the way to his place, I’ve been there before…”
Isiuwa said.
“You have? You’ve been to a boy’s house?” Her mother asked
“Yes mom I’ve been to a boy’s house, but that’s not the
issue here….” Isiuwa said.
“I hope you know that teenage pregnancy is real…” Her
mother said.
“I also know that there are lots of preventive measures putting in place against unwanted pregnancies.” Isiuwa said.
Isiuwa’s mom held herself from exploding, she had already
been told by the stupid counsellor in church that her parenting method was
marring her daughter, so squeezing her face like a spoilt orange, she followed
Isiuwa’s directions and headed to Sesan’s house.
Abigail knew she was at the verge of being raped and she wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Her father had enrolled her brother and
herself for taekwendo classes since they were six years old.
As soon as Chume ripped her dress, her self-defence skills
kicked in and she quickly gave him a sharp kick in the groin. Chume screamed in
pain and fell in a heap by the side of the bed while Abigail ran to the door but before she could reach the door, Chume grabbed her from behind. Raising her
foot high, she stepped on his foot, he yelped in pain at the impact. She elbowed his ribs hard
and turning to face him, she gave him a jump front kick. Chume fell to the ground
in pain. Abigail pushed open the door of the house and ran off, instead of
heading towards the hall, she ran towards the opposite side, determined to escape.
Thirty minutes later, she was still running around the huge
field which was filled with abandoned buildings, she had no idea on how to
escape the place. Soon she heard loud shouts as people called out to one
another, so she quickly ducked behind the grasses.
“Have you seen her?” A male voice asked aloud.
“No! I am sure she’s around here somewhere.” Another man
“I have always known that Chume is so lily-livered, I can’t
believe that a fifteen year old beat him and outsmarted him.” A third man said.
“Little girl, where are you?” The first voice whistled aloud
in a song-like manner.
“Hahahaha…the girl has no idea of how this place
is….there’s no way out! This is a large abandoned facility that has just one
gate leading out and inside the place, there’s no escape.” The second said.
As soon as Abigail heard that, she hunched lower to the
ground and breathed deeply, soon, a little stray grass touched the tip of her
nose and she sneezed.
“Got ya!” One of the men said as he pounced on her hidden
form and dragged her up.
“Let me go!” Abigail shouted.

“You scared poor Chume but you can’t scare us you know…”
The man said as he slung her over his shoulder and carried her away, while the other
men followed closely behind.
To be continued next week….



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