Isiuwa sat on her bed and stared at the ground in silence,
Osas stood before her, pacing the room up and down and up again.
“Isi…where did you get that phone from?” Osas asked.
“I told you brother Osas…it’s my friend’s phone, she asked
me to keep it for her in my bag and I …forgot to give her back.”

Osas had ordered a search of her bag which she had complied
with, he had combed through the bag till he brought out the brand new phone
Frieda’s uncle had bought for her.
“What was that skimpy gown doing in your bag?” He asked about the dress Isiuwa had actually worn during her outing with Frieda and her uncle.
“Please stop this brother Osas! I am not a child anymore and
I am responsible for my actions, haba! My friend asked that I loan her a dress
for her birthday party and I loaned her the dress. I just collected it today. The dress is the one aunty bought for me and mommy refused that I ever wear…I have never worn it, ever!”
Isiuwa lied.
“I really hope that you are not lying to me or else…I’ll
tell daddy and mummy when they get back.”
“Ahhh! Don’t do that please…I am telling you the truth I promise.”
Isiuwa said with tears in her eyes.
“Isiuwa, you are a pretty girl and you are young and full of
life, I don’t want anyone to take advantage of your innocence. I know that as
pastors children, the rules are a bit stiffer for us but please we have to
“Persevere till when? Do you know that everyone in my class
has a phone? Do you know that many of my friends can go to parties and I’m not
allowed to go till I’m eighteen? You don’t know how lucky you are to be eighteen
years old…mom and dad has given you everything.” Isiuwa lamented.
“That’s not true…honestly the only things I’ve gotten is
maybe my phone and the fact that I am a bit independent to do whatever I want
but the truth is, that the more independent you get, the more the
responsibility. Now, I have to show mom and dad that the training they gave to
me all through the years have been fruitful.”
“You are beginning to sound like dad…”
“Hahaha…I’m his son.”
“Please if you want to be a pastor, don’t be like him…dress
differently abeg, be the hip-hop pastor, those ones that sleek their hairs back
and dress impeccably. Daddy drags his trousers up to his belly and holds it
firm with his funny belt…”
Isiuwa and Osas share a laugh.
“You shouldn’t say that and really, there is nothing like
hip-hop pastors, all men of God glorify God in their own way.” Changing the
topic he continued. “I just want you to be careful, I know that mom can be
difficult and that you are not having stuff that your mates have but you must
learn to be content okay?”
Isiuwa nodded and smiled, her brother hugged her and left
the room, as soon as he disappeared, she released a pent up breath and hurriedly
zipped open her bag and brought out the nylon bag which she had placed at the
bottom, thankfully, her brother had not seen the bag, he was too busy looking
for the phone. She brought out the jean trousers and tops and exclaimed as she
stared at them.
“These are hot! Frieda’s uncle is da bomb! Wow! I wish I had
an uncle like him.”
She held the clothes against her chest and admired their
colouring at the mirror.
“He took my new phone number, I don’t know if he’s supposed
to call me first or whether I’m supposed to call him first …I really need to thank him again.” She says picking
up her new phone and admiring it. “I love this phone…thank God for today. Who
says God doesn’t answer prayers ehn?”
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Abigail sat on the sofa with her legs propped on a pillow on
the side stool and slowly munched on her cereal while changing the television channel.
She was still flipping through the channel when she heard a knock at the door.
“Who is it?” she shouted, not physically strong to get up to
answer the door.
“It’s me, Jibo.” The voice answered.
Abigail’s eyes widened as she clamped her mouth shut with
her right palms as though suppressing an excited scream. The knock resounded
again and the doorbell followed shortly, Sesan grumpily walked into the sitting
“And you’re even here…Mtcheww…you don’t have a slave in this
house ooo.” Sesan started.
“It’s Jibo.” Abigail supplied.
“Really? Jibs?” Sesan screamed in excitement as he hurried
to the door and opened it.
“Hey Sesan…I almost thought you guys were not around.” Jibo
“Nooo…we are in ooo…don’t mind Abigail, she was in the
sitting room lazing about like a cat.” Sesan said.
“Says who?” Abigail fired back.
“Says me!” Sesan retorted.
“Calm down guys…don’t fight…” Jibo started, he walked into
the sitting room and ventured towards Abigail who was still on
the couch.
“Is that my baby? Awww…my poor darling…” Jibo cooed.
Abigail blushed and smiled back, she couldn’t say anything,
it was as if a huge brick was in her voice box.
Jibo was the first son of their landlord, he was tall, hunky
and very handsome, the girls on the street loved him and swooned over him. Jibo
was presently a fourth year engineering student at the University of Benin, back then,
before Sesan and Abigail got into secondary school, he used to teach them maths
after school, he was sort of a tutor to them.
Abigail couldn’t take her eyes off Sesan, right from
childhood, she had always looked at him as her hero, especially since the day
he had rushed her to the hospital during one of her crisis when her parents
were not around. Once she hit puberty and started reading Mills and Boons and
Harlequin romance novels, Jibo had been the man of her dreams and she was so
sure he felt that way of her too. Why wouldn’t she think that? When he was
always calling her pet names like, pretty angel, sugar plum, darling, sweet
pumpkin and the rest.
“My heart…flower of my soul…I heard that you’ve been sickly
again…” Jibo said with his erotic deep voice.
Abigail could only nod, Jibo was awakening her fantasies and
the brick which was still lodged firmly in her voice box refused to go away.
“Can’t you talk? Are you a lizard? Why are you nodding?”
Sesan asked her in disgust.
“Shut up jo…” Abigail quickly spat.
“Hey guys…behave c’mon…” Jibo cautioned, then touching her
head to feel her temperature, he continued. “I just came home from school today
and I asked of you guys and your mom told me that you’ve just been out of the
hospital.” Jibo said.
“I am fine really…it’s no different from the sickness of the
past jo…please tell me about the Uni…” Abigail asked.
“No…come and play this mad game with me, do you know that
the new play station is out? Daddy bought it…” Sesan started, trying to bribe
Jibo with the game.
“C’mon Sesan, ladies first…” Jibo started.
“Ooooohhh jare…” Sesan grumbled.
“Don’t worry, let me talk to my queen first then we can do
what you want us to do.”
“Thank you…” Abigail said, blushing.
“Thank you…” Sesan mimicked in spite. “When you are through
with gushing over her, you know where to find me.” Sesan said and stormed off
to his room.
Jibo turned his attention to Abigail.
“You look so pale my darling, have you been eating well?
Have you rested well enough?” Jibo asked.
Abigail was not listening, she was sizing up his abs and his
handsome face and wondering if he liked her boobs since they had grown bigger
since he left for school four months ago.
“We should all hang out sometime, perhaps watch a movie or
something. If you are strong, we could go to the cinemas tomorrow…” Jibo was
Abigail was imagining that he said ‘I’ve missed you my baby,
the love of my life, I can’t wait to plant your lips firmly on mine and drag
you on my laps and ravish you thoroughly…’
“Abi…are you listening?” Jibo asked her when he noticed she
was staring at him and not replying his questions.
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“What did you say?” Abigail asked.
“I was asking if you’ve been doing well in mathematics…”
Jibo asked innocently.
“Ohh…” Abigail exclaimed disappointed, “I err…” She lowered
her lashes and stared at her hands, “I copied my classmate during the last
tests and I’ve been cheating a lot…I don’t really understand our maths teacher…and…”
She burst out in crocodile tears.
“Shhhh…aww….you poor mitten…I am sorry about that…but you shouldn’t
cheat you know…you are brilliant girl…and I love you for that…”
Abigail’s head snapped up at the words ‘I love you’.
“I am spending quite some time at home this time around and I’ll make it a
point of duty to make sure you catch up in maths. I am going to start taking you maths lessons again.” Jibo said.
Abigail was waiting to hear something like ‘I love you and I
want us to be together forever’ she nodded dumbly and kept smiling sheepishly
at his words of encouragement. Truthfully, Abigail topped her class last term
in Mathematics, she and Sesan were known throughout the school as brainy kids
so, there was no complaint whatsoever as regards academics but since this would
draw her closer to Jibo, BRING IT ON! She thought.
“Thank you so much Jibo…you have no idea of how grateful I am…”
She sniffed.


  1. This series is even more interesting than the last! Well done Ada.
    Abigail made me smile and remember a crush I had as a teenager, I would have done anything to make him notice me, looking back I'm sure he knew I had a crush but he handled it quite well.


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