“Calm down and tell me everything. What happened to Winnie?”
Eva asked her sister.
“I just called daddy because I felt a bit uneasy but he
started telling me that we are to blame for what’s happening to Winnie.”
Theodora cried.
“It’s okay, please calm down…”

“I can’t stay calm sis, what if she dies? What if something
bad happens to her? What do I do? What do we do? We’ll have her death on her
conscience forever.”
“She won’t die…” Eva assured.
“How are you sure about that? I only followed your
instructions because you said that we’d be getting revenge for our mom. I
really love Winnie, she’s a good girl and she doesn’t deserve everything we’ve
been doing to her.”
“What do we do now?”
“I will call daddy again and have him send me the address to
the hospital.” Theodora said.
“Kate’s going to send us out. You know we’re not welcome
there…” Eva said.
“Yes we aren’t but we have to make an effort…” Theodora
“You can go but I’m not coming with you.” Eva said.
Her sister hung up the call.
Kate sat beside in the waiting room with her face cradled in
her palms, she had never felt so sad in her life. ‘What if Winnie dies? What if
she doesn’t survive this? She thought. The doctor had called her and her
husband aside to tell them that they’d extracted the bullet but it had touched
some vital organs. They were watching her because they were scared of internal
bleeding. Winnie was still asleep as she hadn’t woken up since the operation
was over. Tears fell down her cheeks in quick succession and her vision was
blurry. Suddenly, she felt a hand reach out to touch hers and she turned to
stare at the young teenage girl whom her daughter had brought into their home.
“Winnie will be fine.” Rachel said to her reassuringly.
“I feel…so guilty…I spent so long trying to hold her
back from experiencing life. I did a lot to kill her self-esteem, I made my
daughter hate me so much…and…and I…don’t know but if she dies, I’ll never
be able to live with myself. If she dies, I’ll die too…” Kate cried.
“She won’t die ma…she won’t…”
“What if she does? The doctors say that she’s in a critical
condition. My Winnie even uses an oxygen mask to breathe…” She wept.
“If she dies…if…Winnie dies, we’ll live…for her. You
see, Winnie is so selfless, and maybe, she’s fulfilled her destiny…which is
to help others. She became my friend and helped me out of a tough situation,
she also helped Mira too risked her life. If she dies, just know that she
did good but I know that she’ll live long because we have to go to university
together, the three of us; Winnie, Mira and I. We are going to be inseparable.”
Kate looked at her and nodded.
“Thank you so much…I was so nasty to you but here you are,
offering me words of comfort. Thank you…”
“I’m glad to be of help ma…” Rachel said.
Winnie’s father walked into the waiting room and sat beside
his wife, his eyes were red and swollen.
“You’ve been crying.” His wife said to him.
“Winnie doesn’t deserve that this should happen to her. She
doesn’t deserve it!” He said.
“We don’t deserve many things that happen to us and I guess
that’s the case with Winnie. She deserves a better mother than I and…” She
stopped short when she saw the people who’d walked into the waiting room.
Theodora walked towards them quietly.
“What are you doing here?” Kate spat, getting up in anger.
“I sent her the address of the hospital, please calm
down…” Her husband said.
“How could you? How could you send her the hospital address
after all she and her sister has done to me and my daughter. They are the reason she’s in that
bed, they are the reason she took that bullet…” Kate screamed.
“Please Kate…please..” Theodora whispered.
“Because of you, Winnie is in there…she’s fighting for her
life…” Kate cried.
“I came to see her and also be with the family at this
difficult time.” Theodora said.
“You’re not a part of my family…you’re not a part of…”
Kate shouted.
“Yes, she is…” A shaky voice said from the doorway
leading to a hospital room.
Everyone looked up, it was Winnie, she looked so pale and
weak but she was standing by the door and supporting her weight on the door knob.
“Winnie! You shouldn’t be up! Winnie!” Her father shouted
and rushed to hold her.
“Winnie! Did you remove your drip? Why are you out here?
Winnie!” Kate rushed to her daughter.
Winnie stared at all of them, her eyes were sunken and her
lips were parched and white.
“I heard the shouting…I knew I had to come out.” She said
A nurse rushed up to them and helped her back into the room
while everyone followed suit. The nurse helped her get back in bed and placed
the Catheter on her again, as well as the oxygen mask.
“Winnie…you scared us to death…I’m so glad you’re fine.”
Kate said with a smile.
Winnie looked at her mother, it was so difficult to breathe
and her chest hurt her so much.
“You’re awake so, you’re going to get better.” Rachel said
with a smile.
Winnie lifted off the oxygen mask from her face. Her father
tried to stop her.
“No daddy, I’m fine…I just want to say something.” Winnie
said with difficulty. “Please don’t blame anyone for this…I saw…that
Daniel…wanted to shoot my friend’s mom…so I got in the way…I chose to do
it. I chose to save her…so please don’t fight.”
They all nodded.
“Winnie, I’m so sorry…I don’t know what to say but…I
really regret it all…truly…” Theodora said.
“It’s fine…just don’t fight with my mom anymore…promise
that you won’t make her feel bad anymore.”
“I promise…” Theodora said.
“Why are you speaking like that? You’re going to be
fine…so no one is promising anything.” Rachel said.
“I just don’t want anyone to fight and….” Winnie started,
then felt breath leave her body.
“Winnie!” Her mother looked at her and screamed.
Winnie struggled to breathe but she couldn’t, her father
placed back the oxygen mask while Theodora rushed to call the nurse.
“Winnie! You’re going to be fine…I promise…” Her father
Rachel stood there with tears in her eyes and she watched
her friend close her eyes.
Mira shot up from her bed and screamed. Her mother was lying
beside her and she got up too,
“Mira, what is it? Are you having nightmares?”
“I saw Winnie…I saw her… she didn’t look too good…”
Mira cried. “I need to see her…I need to go to the hospital…”
“Yes, ofcourse….we need to go.” Her mother said and stared
at the clock.
“Wait…lemme call Rachel, first…I need to be sure that
Winnie is fine.” Mira said as she got up from the bed and took her mother’s
phone. “I don’t have her number by heart and my phone was destroyed by Daniel
and his gang.”
“That’s true…why don’t we call Winnie’s number. I have her
number in my phone.” Her mother said.
Mira nodded and searched for the number and when she found
it, she dialled the number. It rang for quite a while before it was answered.
“Hello…Rachel, is that you?” Mira asked over the phone.
“Yes…”Rachel said in a broken voice.
“How’s Winnie? Is she fine? We are on our way to the
There was a choked sob at the end of the line.
“Rachel, talk to me please…where is Winnie? Is she
alright? Is she okay?”
Rachel’s answer sent Mira’s mother’s phone crashing to the


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