Daniel charged into the place his gang had kept Mira captive
like a bull. It had taken him about fifty minutes to get to the place and he
was determined to get Mira first before anyone did, even if it meant killing
her and her mother.
He pushed open the door to the house and there she was,
seated on one of the stools, flanked by her mother and her friend.
“Daniel! What are you doing here?” Mira’s mother asked in
surprise. “I asked my husband to come alone.”
“Yes you did…” Daniel scoffed.

“Is my dad in the car outside?” Mira asked.
Daniel looked at them with venom and pulled out a gun from
the waistband of his trousers. Mira screamed in fright.
“Shut up! All of you!” Daniel said, turning to look at the door
to see if he’d properly shut it close.
“Daniel! What are you doing with a gun?” Mira’s mother
“I’m here to finish what I started.” Daniel said pointing
the gun at Mira.
Mira’s mother rushed to stand before her daughter.
“Don’t…please don’t…what do you want? Tell me and I’ll
give it to you.”
“I stated my terms at first, I asked for a measely ten
million and even though you and your husband had it, you couldn’t part with it.”
Winnie stood there staring at the gun in Daniel’s hand, she
was terrified like Mira was and didn’t know what to do.
“I’ll send you the ten million, I promise…just let us
“Mira! You’ve complicated issues for yourself and your
mother, as well as your friend because I can’t let them go or they’ll spill.”
He said to Mira. “So tell me Mira, how did you escape? How did you manage to
inflict injury on one of my best gang members? How did you get away and how did
you finally get your mom to come here because I searched all over for you and I
couldn’t find you.”
“Daniel, please drop the gun…please…” Mira’s mother
“Move away from Mira now or I’ll kill you.” Daniel
“No…I won’t…I’d rather you kill me first.” Mira’s mother
“Don’t worry, you’ll die too.” Daniel said. “Move away from
“No! I won’t …no!” Mira’s mother shouted.
“Mommy, I can’t lose you…it’s me, he wants…please don’t
risk your life for me.” Mira cried.
“No! I won’t move!” Mira’s mother spat.
Winnie stared at Daniel in fright, he really looked as
though he was ready to kill Mira’s mother. Daniel aimed the gun at Mira’s
mother and at that moment, all sense of reason left Winnie as she jumped right
infront of Mira’s mother and the gun went off.
Rachel, Kate and Winnie’s father arrived at Mira’s house,
all thanks to Rachel’s directions. They climbed up the stairs as fast as they
could and banged at the door hard. The door opened and a very annoyed woman
stared at them.
“Miss Monica, please we need to know if Winnie is here.”
Rachel spoke to the woman.
Monica stared at them in open hostility; she had been
packing her bags as well as Daniel’s when she heard the knock at the door. The
maids had left for the day since it was late in the evening, leaving Monica
alone at home to pack all that she could lay her hands on.
“Hello…my name is Kate and Winnie is my daughter, is she
“I don’t know anyone by the name, Winnie.” Monica said
Kate and her husband shared a look.
“Are you meaning to say that Winnie is not here?” Kate
“Are you deaf? There’s no one by the name Winnie in this
house. If you would excuse me, I need to get back to somethings inside the
house.” Monica said to them.
“No…please… we need to find Winnie and she said that she
was with Mira’s mother.” Kate started.
Monica hissed and slammed the door in their faces. Kate
looked at her husband and Rachel.
“I thought you said that this is Mira’s house.” Kate said to
“That woman is Mira’s step-brother’s mother.” Rachel said.
“Huh?” Winnie’s father asked in confusion.
“It’s a complicated story but the woman is not a nice
woman…she’s done alot of bad stuff to Mira.” Rachel said.
“What about Mira? Has she been found yet?” Winnie’s father asked.
“That’s true, you mentioned that she was kidnapped.” Kate
said to Rachel.
“I have no idea of whether she’s been found or not.” Rachel
“Let’s go downstairs and wait…I’m sure that Winnie will
definitely show up.” Her father said.
“But what’s wrong with that woman? She should have at least
been polite to us. She was so rude.” Kate said.
They made their way downstairs to wait in the car.
Steve had never felt so guilty, he’d stood Winnie up after
she’d asked him to meet her and he felt so bad about it. He sat on his bed and
stared at his phone. Could he call her now? It was eleven pm and he was sure
that she’d be asleep and won’t want to take his calls. He sighed and typed a
text message.
Winnie, I know that I was a coward for not showing up at the place we were to
meet. I am so sorry about it. I promise to be at your house tomorrow to tell
you everything. I owe it to you and your parents. You’re a good person, inside
and out and I regret having hurt you this way. I’m sorry.’
As he sent the message, he felt a chill run through his
Mira’s father had just alighted from his car when he heard
the gunshot. He panicked. He recalled how he’d abandoned Monica who had fainted
and rushed out through the door. He just realized that his real family was with
his wife and daughters and that he didn’t love Monica or her son as much as he
loved his wife and his girls. He’d tried to be happy all the while his wife
left but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t half as happy with Monica as he’d
been with his wife. He resolved that when this was finally over, he was
righting his wrongs once and for all.
The gunshot had him sprinting fast as he raced up into the
house, he was just in time to see some police officers grab Daniel who
struggled to be free from their grasp.
“Daniel! What’s happening here?” Mira’s father asked. “I
heard a gunshot.”
Mira and her mother were crying loudly and profusely.
“You came too late! You would have come out once he brought
out the gun!” Mira’s mother screamed at the police officers. “Now, see what you’ve
One police officer was on the phone speaking rapidly to
“Yes, we need an ambulance quick.” He was saying.
Mira crouched on the ground beside Winnie who was lying on
the floor and bleeding. She wept.
“Winnie! I’m sorry…Winnie! Don’t die please…” She cried.
Mira’s father stared at every in shock. ‘What’s going on
here?’ He thought. The police men dragged Daniel out of the house while the
police officer who had been making the call quickly knelt beside Winnie’s still
frame and checked for a pulse.
“Her pulse is weak…we need to take her to the hospital
fast or she won’t make it.” He said as he lifted her up in his arms.
“This is all your fault! If you guys had come in when Daniel
brought out the gun…this would never have happened. We set a trap and fell
right into it, if my friend dies, I’ll never forgive you! Never!” Mira cried as
she addressed the police officer.
The police officer carried Winnie outside quickly while Mira
and her parents followed behind. Mira’s father was still confused as to what
happened. He didnt’ understand why Daniel had been taken away or who had fired
the shot that had hit his daughter’s friend. Mira suddenly stopped and turned
to face him.
“Don’t come with us! This is your fault, daddy! If only you’d
been content with what you had. Now, Winnie was shot and if anything happens to
her, it’s going to be on your conscience for the rest of your life.”
The police officer carefully placed Winnie at the back seat
of his car and Mira’s mother got in as well as Mira. They all drove off,
leaving Mira’s father there staring at the dust the tyres had kicked up with a
terrified look on his face.
To be continued next week….
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  1. Stupid police, the least they could have done was give them bullet proof to wear. How do you knowingly put civilians in harm's way like that. Nigerian police ineptitude enter story too smh.


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