sat beside her mother as they drove home in silence, they hadn’t spoken to each
other since they stepped into the vehicle, the radio was on and the air-conditioning
was low. Suddenly, her mother chose to break the silence.

did you say is living under my parents’ roof?”
boyfriend.” Nike replied solemnly.
mother exhaled audibly and asked.
long has he been with us?”
you have been having sex with him?”
do you expect mom? He’s my boyfriend.” Nike said.
mother slowly directed the car to a corner and parked, she turned off the
engine and turning to face her daughter she gave her two resounding slaps on
both cheeks.
held her cheeks in pain and screamed.
is the last time, you’ll ever address me in that tone again. Where and how did you meet him?” Nike’s mother asked.
“Facebook.” Nike wailed.
“Facebook? I thought you couldn’t register till you’re eighteen years of age.” Her mother screamed at her.
“I lied about my age…it was a harmless lie.” Nike cried.
“Harmless? Do you know what
your diagnosis is? You have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and the doctor says he
has to operate on you to remove your uterus. How do you think I feel about
that?” Her mother asked.
you didn’t divorce dad or decided to become unruly after the divorce by
attending night parties and drinking till you got drunk, maybe, when I needed
someone to have the girl-talk with, I would have picked you. Do you think I’m
happy? My uterus is going to be removed in three days and I am just fifteen…do
you think I’m rejoicing? How many men would marry me in future after knowing that I can’t
have their children? It’s a double-edged sword mom, we are both deep on this, I
am to blame but so are you.”
mother let out a loud wail, she hit her steering hard and begun to punch it
repeatedly, Nike kept crying and soon their wails filled the car.
Why is this happening to me? Why? I know I’ve not been a good mother and that my separation
from my husband took a toll on me but Lord, she shouldn’t bear the consequences
of my sins. My only child, the only one I have in this world…why? Why?” Nike’s
mother cried as she pumped her fists on the steering.
placed her hand on her stomach and cried, she thought of all the children she
would never have and wept uncontrollably.
mother turned to her.
boy! That useless human being that has been camping with you…he caused this
right? He brought this disease…” Her mother shouted.
mom…it’s not him. I’ve been having multiple partners’ mom, and as the doctor
said the PID developed because I have sexually transmitted diseases that has remained in my body for a while.” Nike said remorseful.
am so sad, why is this happening to us? Your father will be devastated if he
hears of this, he might even fight for full custody of you…”
what good? Neither daddy nor you have been exemplary in parenting. I guess this
is the way God wants to speak to me. After the surgery, I want to start a
foundation where I can talk to girls about the dangers of early sex and how it
can ruin their lives.” Nike cried.
mother buried her face in her palms and continued weeping.
recounted her story over and over again, it was as if there was a tape recorder
in her head. Aunty Efe was the nicest woman she had ever met, she reminded
Sandra of her mother, Aunty Efe’s husband was also very supportive, he kept
calling his wife to check up on them and how Sandra’s case was going.
Adeniran was incharge of the molested and pregnant girl’s cases, she is a
lawyer and she fights for the rights of young girls that were either raped or
molested by older men.
Sandra…” Mrs. Adeniran greeted.
hope you are comfortable, there are tea and biscuits and I’d like to buy you
lunch in the afternoon.” Mrs. Adeniran said.
you ma, I already ate something before coming.” Sandra said.
have the doctor’s reports right here. A pregnancy test was conducted on you and
it shows that you are a little over four months gone.”
tried blinking back the tears but they fell in quick succession.
cry my dear, we are here to help you find your feet again and we promise you
that you will find your feet again.”
nodded and stared at Mrs. Adeniran.
have the television crew here already, so we’d like you to recount everything
to the press…”
don’t want publicity…” Sandra started.
worry, we hide the faces of the victims…”
would also like you to write out the address, phone number and location of the
man who raped you and got you pregnant…we need to get the police involved too.”
of my foster mom? She was so good to me, I don’t know how she’ll feel when she
finds out that her husband raped me.”
high-time she realizes what kind of a monster her husband is…”
nodded, she saw the truth in Mrs. Adeniran’s words and she knew that it was
time Seyi’s father was exposed for who he really is.



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