Good news guys!
Season four of the Teenage Series ends in the next episode. I hope you guys
enjoyed this season.


Sesan and his parents were at
the dinning having breakfast, the pastor from their church had come to visit
and had prayed for the family. Sesan was about eating his fried plantain
when his phone rang, it was on the table beside him and he couldn’t guess who
was calling.

“Hello…” Sesan greeted’

“Hey Chess…” The voice said,
it was Abigail’s fond name for him.

“Aby! Oh my God Aby is that
you?” Sesan screamed.

His parents left their chairs
and hurried up to him, they both tried to wrestle the phone from his hands but
Sesan refused to give it to them.

“Yes it’s me…how are you?”

“You are so calm, where are
you? We are so worried about you…oh my God what happened to you? What
happened?” Sesan burst into tears.

“I’m going to taunt you when I
come back home ooo…see you crying like a baby…” Abigail said in a cheerful voice.

Sesan’s mother wrestled the
phone from her son’s hands.

“Aby…my baby…Aby….” She

“Mommy…yes, it’s me…”

“Where are you? Where are you?”

“Edo state…”

“What? What happened?”

“I need you guys to come and get me, I’m at
the hospital but some policemen are here, it’s such a long story mom…” Aby

Her father wrestled the phone
from her mother and shouted into the receiver.

“Abigail…thank God…we have
been worried sick about you…my God….Aby!”

“Daddy I am fine, at least the
worst is over…”

“Where are you? I am coming
over right now!” Her father shouted.

“I’m in Edo state…I really
can’t say the location of the hospital….oh wait…here comes the nurse please
talk to her.” Abigail said and handed over the phone to the nurse.

“Abigail…no don’t get off the
phone…Aby…” Her father shouted.

The nurse spoke next.

“Hello sir, don’t worry, your
daughter is in safe hands, she is a very lucky girl to have escaped from the
evil people’s den…”

“Where is the hospital, I’m
coming there now!”

The nurse gave him the hospital
address and he quickly took a pen and paper and jotted it down, when she was
done talking, she gave the phone back to Abigail who spoke with everyone before
hanging up.

The joy that Sesan’s household
experienced at that moment could not be quantified, they were so thankful.


Isiuwa and Mense were fast
asleep, snoring away the alcohol they had consumed the night before. Emeka,
Dayo and Osas were downstairs, holding a conversation, Emeka had saved the day
yesterday and Osas was too grateful to him. His uncle had made sure they placed
an arrest on the boys and he and the team of policemen shut down the party,
sending everyone on their way. 

Uncle Dike promised to pay Mense and Isiuwa a visit this
morning and Emeka and Dayo who were already tired after a long night, were
asleep on Osas’s parents couch in the sitting room.

The door to the house opened
and Osas’s parents walked in, they looked at the boys sprawled on their sitting
sofas and nudged Osas awake.

“Dad? Mom?” Osas said
incredulously, he had thought they had till Sunday to return.

“Osas…what is going on? Why
are you sleeping on the couch, what are your friends doing here? Did they spend
the night?” His mother asked.

“I thought you were going to
spend the weekend at camp!” Osas supplied.

“No, it was not camp but a
prayer gathering, it lasts just for the night…” His father said.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door,
his mother went to open it and was shocked to see a team of policemen walk into
the house. Emeka and Dayo opened their eyes and saw that Osa’s parents were
around, something told them to run but then, they shrugged and stayed back.

“Good morning everyone.”
Emeka’s Uncle Dike greeted.

“Good morning sir…” Mr. Igbinovia

“How are the girls?” He asked.

“What girls?” Osa’s mother

“Oh…are you the parents of
the girls? Isiuwa and Mense!” Uncle Dike asked Mr and Mrs Igbinovia.

“Yes, Mense is my niece and
Isiuwa is my daughter.” Isiuwa’s mother said.

“Really…you must thank these
young men here…” Uncle Dike pointed to Emeka and Dayo, “If they had not
intervened on time, your girls would have been raped.”

“What? My what? What?” Osas’s
mother screamed.

“What happened? Did anyone come
into this house to accost them?” Osas’s father asked in anger.

Osas spoke up.

“I am really sorry dad, mum, I
made a bad decision yesterday because I really wanted Uncle’s phone number so,
I told Mense to help me retrieve it from your phone in exchange for her and
Isiuwa’s pass to a night party.”

“A night party? What is wrong
with these children?” His father barked.

“I asked Dayo to take them there
and he did and along the line Emeka called him and asked
where he was and he too drove up to meet them…” Osas started.

Emeka saw his friend’s nervous state as he spoke to his dad so he butt in,

“I knew that the children of
that man never threw a decent party so when Dayo told me that he had taken your
girls there, I had to go in and see for myself that they were okay. I got into
the sitting room and saw Mense on the table doing a strip tease for everyone,
she was drunk. I dragged her away from the scene and handed her over to Dayo
and I went in search of Isiuwa, with the help of a young man, we found her
and…and…there were three guys…around her, ready to defile her…I think
they had drugged her or something because she hasn’t woken up till now…” Emeka started.

“Isiuwa! What? My daughter?
Who?” Isiuwa’s mother shouted.

“Well…that’s why we are here
and thankfully, we have seen the parents of the girls. The so-called boys are
in custody and their parents are at the station, we would like any one of you to accompany us to the station.” Uncle Dike told Osas’s parents.  “The boys who were caught almost molesting your daughter and their parents are hoping you do not
press charges because about two of the parents are well-known people in the
society and this will scandalize their families.”

“Me? Not press charges? They
are so wrong! I am going to drag their names through the mud! What if my son’s
friend Emeka hadn’t gotten there on time? They would have had their way with a my daughter who is by the way, a minor? They are going to be nailed for this and I don’t care how long it takes!”
Osas’s father spat.

“Okay then, let’s go to the
station…” Uncle Dike said.

Osas’s father followed them out of the house and Emeka too followed, he had to be there as well.
As soon as they left, Osas’s
mother turned to her son and gave him a loud slap on his cheek.

“I am so ashamed of you! You
are the older one here, the voice of reasoning…I left two young girls in your
care and you couldn’t take care of them, I am so ashamed to be called your
mother. Now, by the time your father presses charges against those boys, our
family name will be in the news and Isiuwa would be looked upon as a loose girl
who went to a night party and was almost raped. Shame on you!” She spat.

“Madam…that’s not the
point…”Dayo started.

“Will you shut up and go home?”
Osas’s mother screamed at him.

“I am not going anywhere ma and
with due respect, you need to get your ideologies checked. For pete’s sake, I
have young sisters as well and when they want to go for parties, they talk to
my mom about it who in turn talks to my dad about it. My parents make sure that the
parties they attend are safe and make sure they send one of my brothers to take
them there and look out for them. Those girls are no different from your
daughter and your niece but they are more privileged because they can talk to their moms as they would their friends.”

“I am her mother and not her
friend…” Isiuwa’s mother said.

“Really? Is that so? No one
says you shouldn’t be her mother but come to think of it, she is at a very
sensitive stage in her life. A stage where she’ll want to be part of the big
world, a stage where she’ll want to do things and a stage, she’ll want to explore. Who
should be there to guide her? Me? Osas? Her friends at school? You are lucky
that you knew about this case and naturally too because the police are involved in it, what of the ones she has been part of that you never knew
about? You need to re-learn the steps to being a good mother, go out, ask
friends who have teenagers for daughters and watch them relate with their
children. If you do not create an unbreakable bond between yourself and your
daughter now, tomorrow will be too late as she will grow up resenting you. No
one says you are not a good parent but you are too rigid with them. If you
don’t want to expose them to some kind of things, lovingly explain to them and
make them understand why.” Dayo said.

“But I try….I try so hard yet
it seems like, they are not listening….my mom was never there for my sister and I
but I trained myself and watched my sister follow the not-so-good way. Now, I can’t even talk
to my mom, I don’t even feel any love for her because she was never really
there for me, she was always the authoritarian, barking orders and not creating the time to speak to me…” Osas’s mother burst into tears.

Osas watched in surprise as his
friend spoke reason to his mother.

“Don’t you think that you are gradually turning into your mother? The farthest thought from your
mind right now is what people would think. Guess what? They even said worse
when your daughter was at her best behaviour! What should be your concern is,
are my girls okay? Where are they? I need to hug them and reassure them that I
am here for them. You should do all these before thinking of name or image….”
Dayo said.

“Thank you so much dear, I
…am so sorry for disapproving of your friendship for my son at the beginning,
can you forgive me?”

“Sure…I’ve never loathed you
for it…” Dayo said.

Osas’s mother hugged Dayo and
her son and leaving them, she hurried upstairs to hug her daughter and niece.

“So…what next? Are you still
going to Portharcout? You called your uncle didn’t you?”

“I couldn’t call him and right
now, I’ve discarded the idea of contacting him. Thank you so much for everything
Dayo, you are a true friend. I think that after what you told my mom, this
house would be a better environment for me, so, I’d better stay home.” Osas

The two friends hugged

To be continued …..


  1. Awwwwww. Dayo thumbs up.
    Parenting isn't easy YES but being friends with our children would Make it an easy ride.
    Ada darling… always keep it up. Happy new year. May the year by forth good tidings.

    • Yes, parenting is not easy, that's the reason we should be thankful to our parents for moulding us into model citizens.
      Thanks for reading Ayo dear! God bless you.


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