Mira was so confused, she had no idea of what was going on. Where
was her daddy? Why hadn’t he come to pick her up yet? Why hasn’t he paid the
ransom yet? Wasn’t he rich enough? She thought as she hurdled herself against
the wall of the place where she was confined and cried. She hadn’t eaten since
last night and her captors gave her one meal per day which wasn’t enough
considering the fact that she was a growing child and had never had to go
without food for such long period of time. As she sat by the wall, she thought
of her family, her sisters who were abroad and who perhaps had no idea that she
had been kidnapped, and her mother who was in Abuja and who might have no idea
of the kidnap.

She thought of her father and what he’d be doing right now. Was
he indifferent? Besides, he’d shown that he placed little or no value on her
especially since Monica and Daniel had stepped into the house. She thought of
her friends, Winnie and Rachel; and tears fell from her eyes. She could hear
Winnie’s words in her ears; ‘Be strong, don’t lose hope…’ Winnie would say if
she saw her now.

Mira was grateful for Winnie’s friendship, she was glad that their
paths crossed and she was happy that she’d attended that summer lesson after all as she’d made the best friendships of her life.
She thought of Rachel, whom she’d tagged a liar and judged without
even listening to her side of the story. Mira wasn’t as close to Rachel as she
was to Winnie, but right now she understood what Rachel was going through in
the hands of Black and what it meant to be backed into a corner.
Mira was a privileged child who had everything she ever wanted
from the day she stepped her feet into the world. She never had to suffer or
work for anything as everything she had, was handed down to her in a golden
platter. Mira knew she had been selfish to have refused to help Rachel when
Winnie had begged her to let her stay at her place and now, she wished she had
helped. Perhaps if she had helped, things wouldn’t turn out this way. Perhaps,
Rachel would have warned her about getting into a car with a complete stranger.
Deep down, Mira resolved that if she got out of this place of captivity,
unscathed, she’ll change her life for good. She’ll stop being selfish, she’ll
empty her wardrobe of the clothes she didn’t need and give them to those who
had little. She’d volunteer during holidays to help out at orphanages, and
homes for the less privileged. She would become more street smart and most of all,
she’ll help Rachel and be a good friend to her. She promised herself that once
she leaves this place, she’d convince her parents to help pay Rachel’s tuition
till university level even if it means them cutting her own tuition and having
her take Jamb to enrol into a Nigerian university.
She looked at the door as the key turned in the lock. She was
relieved, maybe the kidnappers have received the ransom and it was time to go
home. ‘Yes, they have recieevd the ransom’, she said to herself hopefully. God
has heard her promises and He was finally going to help her out.
Esther walked into the room and left the door open, she glared at
Mira like a wild cat whose tail had been stepped upon.
“Is it time to go? Can I go now?” Mira asked with hope in her
“Time to go to where?” Esther spat. She was dressed in ripped
jeans and a drity looking crop top.
“My daddy has paid right?”
“My daddy has paid right?” Esther mimicked.
“Please…I don’t want to stay here anymore…please.” Mira
“Will you shut up you lazy good for nothing spoilt kid?” Esther
spat and swayed, then caught herself.
Mira looked at Esther closely, she was drunk.
“Didn’t my dad send the money?”
“He’s playing smart with us but…it won’t be for too long. Do you
know what I’m ganna do?”
Mira shook her head and inched closer to the wall in fear.
“I’m gonna cut off a body part and parcel it to him.”
Mira began to quake in fear, tears fell from her lids and she
“So…what part is your least favourite? Tell me…” Esther said
“What? No…please don’t…please…lemme talk to daddy
again…give me my phone to talk to him…please…”
“Oh no! Your phone is somewhere in the waters deep below…I heard
the police were tracking us with it so we discarded it. We now contact him with
another phone which cannot be tracked.” She said and hiccupped again.
“Okay…give me the phone and let me talk to him please…I beg of
“Face it smallie! Your daddy needs to be shaken up and that’s what
we are going to do. Tell me your least favourite body part now! Is it your
fingers? Your toes? Your ears…or perhaps your nose.”
Mira began to cry hysterically, she had never been one to be
strong in moments of problems and troubles. She had never had to handle stress
in her life as daddy and mummy had handled it for her. She felt as though her
heart was about to leave her chest, she cried loudly.
“Shut up you brat! Shut up! I don’t want to hear a noise! Shhhhh….”
Esther said placing her finger on her lips.
“Please…I have some savings…it’s not much but please…don’t
harm me please…” Mira begged.
Esther nodded and staggered towards her, she rummaged through her
trouser pockets and finally found what she was looking for. A pocket knife.
“This will hurt but you gatta be strong! I would have loved a
cutlass of some sort but this knife is sharp. So what body part will it be?
Your finger?”
Mira placed her palms on her ears and let out a deafening scream.
Esther rushed to her and slammed her palm against her lips.
“Are you mad? Are you insane? Do you want to draw attention to us
here? Are you crazy?” Esther spat at her.
Mira struggled hard and with all the strength she had in her, she
kicked Esther hard on the leg and she fell to the ground cursing out loud as
the knife fell from her hand. Mira jumped up and ran towards the door. Esther
crawled after her in pain and grabbed her foot with her hands, Mira fought hard
to free herself but as she tried to, Esther’s grip tightened. Mira Struggled to
the door with difficulty, still dragging Esther’s weight behind.
“You can’t run away, you fool! Arrrggghhh I’ll get you for
this…you’ve dislocated my knee…arrgggghhhh….arrgggghhhh…”
Mira got her foot out of the door with difficulty and slammed the
door against Esther’s hand. Esther screamed in pain and let go of Mira’s leg.
Mira ran so fast and found the door leading out of the house. She pushed it
open and rushed outside. As soon as the air hit her face, she stopped and
turned round. She had no idea of where she was, and there was no telling of
what dangers could lurk outside the walls of the house. She looked left, right
and left again, then disappeared at the back of the house. Mira was not fast
runner but there was one skill that she possessed and it was the fact that she
knew how to hide.
Rachel banged hard against Winnie’s parents bedroom door, she
didn’t pause but kept hitting the door hard with her fists. The door opened and
a sleepy-eyed Kate stared at her.
“What is it? What do you want? It’s barely six thirty am in the
morning. Do you want to wake the whole house up?”
“I’m sorry…ma…I’m sorry but it’s Winnie…” Rachel cried.
“Winnie? What happened to her?” Kate asked.
Her husband rushed up to the door and stared at Rachel.
“I don’t know…I woke up this morning and I…she’s gone!”
Kate and her husband raced to Winnie’s room and pushed the door
open, there were no signs of Winnie. Rachel stood at the door of the room and
“What happened? How do you mean she’s gone? Where did she go
to?”  Winnie’s father asked.
“I don’t know…I woke up this morning and I saw that she wasn’t
here…I went downstairs and checked the whole house but she’s not…she
not…” Rachel burst into tears.
“Winnie! Winnie!” Kate cried as she raced out of her daughter’s
“Stay here…I’ll be back.” Winnie’s father said and he raced
after his wife.
An hour later, the gateman and the maid stood before Winnie’s
parents, Rachel sat on the sofa with her face between her palms.
“You were at the gate…so if you were at the gate all morning,
you should have seen her leave!” Winnie’s father shouted.
“Sir…I nor see am…I swear sir! I dey my post twenty four
“How can you be at your post for twenty four hours and you didn’t
see her leave?” Kate cried.
The maid stared at Winnie’s distraught parents and said shakily.
“I’m…not sure…she left through the gate…”
Winnie’s parents looked at her in shock.
“What do you mean by that?” Winnie’s father asked.
“I mean…I mean that…there’s another way to leave the house
without passing through the gate…” She stammered.
“What way is that?” Kate asked.
The maid fell to her knees and began to cry.
“I am sorry sir…ma…you have done so much for me…I am so
sorry.” She cried.
“Speak up! What are you crying about?”
“About a month ago, Winnie came to me and asked how she could
sneak out of the house without being detected by her mother. She knew I used to
visit my…my boyfriend…and that I…don’t pass through the gate. So, that
day, she wanted to visit a friend…and…and…I showed her the way.” She
Kate pounced on the girl, she beat her and pushed her to the
ground, determined to knock her out. Her husband was quick to the rescue.
“Kate, calm down…Kate…Kate…” He said pulling her off the
“I will kill you! I picked you up from nothing! I gave you a
better life and this is how you pay me back? I’m sending you home! Take your
miserable self and leave my house!” Kate spat in pants.
“She’s not going anywhere…atleast she spoke the truth. She could
have decided not to tell us anything…” Her husband said to her.
“No! I want this despicable thing out of this house! I don’t want
her here anymore! I want her out now!” Kate screamed.
“Go into the kitchen.” Her husband said to the maid and to the
gateman, he said. “Go back to the gate.”
As soon as they left, Kate wailed loudly.
“I don’t want her here…I want her sent away…” Kate cried.
“Is that the solution to the problem? If you send her away, will
that bring Winnie back? Listen to yourself Kate. I understand that you are
worried and I am too but we need to figure out why Winnie left the house. What
happened? What made her leave?” Her husband asked.
Rachel looked up at Winnie parents.
“I know…what made her leave.” She said.
Kate looked at her and looked at her husband.
“What made her leave?” Kate asked in a shaky voice.
“She found out…the truth behind her paternity.” Rachel said
“What? What do you mean by she found out the truth…what truth?”
Winnie’s father asked in fear.
“She called her sister, Theodora last night and she told her the
whole truth.”
Kate screamed and placed her hands on her head in anguish, she fell
to the ground and wailed.
To be continued tomorrow….
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