It was some minutes past eight thirty pm and James tiptoed
out of the small abandoned bus at the road side. As soon as he stepped out, a
female figure followed, it was none other than Jezebel, the prostitute. They
didn’t say anything else to each other but they moved on, each taking separate
James got home at nine pm and as soon as he knocked at the
door, his mother opened it.

“James! Where have you been? Your phone was switched off! I
have been worried sick!” His mother said, pulling him into her arms for a hug.
His mother had returned from her trip that afternoon and
hardly had she returned than James collected the money he needed and that
evening, he dashed out of the house.
Aunt Dracula stood behind James’s mother with her hands on
her hips.
“Sister, you spoil this child too much!” Aunt Dracula said
to his mother.
“James, where are you coming from?” His mother asked
“I borrowed some money from a friend and I…err…went to
return it. When I got to his house, he wasn’t at home so I had to wait for him
to return.” James said.
“You borrowed money? Why?”
“Aunt Dracula refused to give me any pocket money when I
asked.” James said.
“Who’s aunt Dracula?” Aunt Dracula asked in anger.
“You didn’t give my kids extra pocket money? I paid in ten
thousand into your account when I figured out that my stay would be longer…”
James mother said, looking at her sister in disbelief.
Aunt Dracula shrugged.
“You spoil these kids too much…Ray is better behaved than
James…” Aunt Dracula informed.
“Is that the answer to my question?” James mother fired at
her sister.
“How am I the one to blame? James just returned from
wherever he’s been and instead of attacking him, you’re attacking me…” Aunt
Dracula said.
“She doesn’t even drop me off at school, she lets me take
public transport.” James supplied.
“What?” James mother echoed.
“He insulted me…I had to teach him a lesson.” Aunt Dracula
“What? How dare you treat my kids like slaves? You know what,
you need to go.”
“I’m leaving already…first thing tomorrow…” Aunt Dracula
“You need to get married and have kids of your own because
if you don’t you’ll never figure out how to love anybody.”
“Sister, are you insulting me all because I’m not married?”
“You starved my kids, you didn’t drop them off at school, and
you didn’t give them the pocket money I sent…” James mother fired. “You need
to find a husband and start having kids of your own to maltreat.”
“I don’t blame you at all…” Aunt Dracula fired.
Their voices were so loud that Raymond walked out to the
sitting room to see what was going on.
“That’s your business! Get the hell out of my house! You won’t
kill my children for me.”
“Look at you, pretending to be the perfect mother hen. What
of Preye? Have you found her? Today makes it eighteen years?” Aunt Dracula
lashed out.
James mother gave her sister a stinging slap.
“Get out of my house now!”
“You’ll never find her! I pray you never ever find her!”
Aunt Dracula screamed and stormed out of the sitting room.
As soon as she left, James and Ray watched their mother, she
was breathing heavily and her eyes were red.
“Go to your room now!” Their mother ordered.
Ray and James hurried off to their room.
The party was a huge success and Clara loved the part where
she sang with Oliver. She smiled when she thought of him. He was such a good
guy and he was really supportive too. She was lying on her bed about to close
her eyes in sleep when she brought out her phone and typed a message to Oliver.
you for coming through today…it meant a lot…’
She sent the message and turned off her phone and was about
to sleep when she heard loud shouts coming from the sitting room.
“You upset me! You disrespected me you hear…” Mommy’s
voice reverberated round the house.
Clara sat up straining her ears to hear the loud noises from
the sitting room.
“This is all your fault you know…” Kendra said, turning to
face her.
“My fault? What are you talking about?” Clara asked.
“You made daddy disrespect mommy this afternoon and that’s why they are arguing.”
“Me? You are crazy…” Clara said.
“Yes, that’s true…anyway, mommy told us everything about
your history so…” Kendra said.
“What are you talking about?” Clara asked.
“You remember that lie you always believed? The one about
your mom dropping you off at our doorstep and running off overseas with her
husband? Well, that’s a lie…” Kendra sang out.
The noise was still coming from the sitting room and Clara
was trying to concentrate on what Kendra was saying and at the same time, the
loud shouts from her parents.
“What are you talking about? That’s the story…”
“Not it’s not! Apparently, your mom couldn’t live without
our daddy because she loved him so much that she died.”
Clara’s world stopped, she stared at Kendra in disbelief.
“Yep…mommy says she died…so, there’s no luck for you
ever reuniting with your mom ever again.”
Clara didn’t speak, she raised up her knees to her chin and
rocked herself back and forth. All these years, she had hoped, prayed and
wished that her mother came to see her just once. All these years she had
believed that one day, she’ll save enough money to look for her and ask her why
she never came looking for her but now, the answer roared in her ears….she
was dead.
“Are you okay? Clara! Clara!” Kendra called out.
Clara wasn’t listening, her head felt as though it had
exploded into a million tiny pieces, her hands shook as she rocked back and
Kendra flew off the bed and ran out of the sitting room
Rose was trying to sleep, she had had so much fun at the
party and wished it could continue tomorrow. She remembered the dances, the
birthday song by Clara and her friend Oliver and smiled, they looked good
together, she thought. She was just about sleeping when she heard loud shouts
coming from Clara’s compound. She quickly jumped off her bed and headed to the
The lights of Clara’s compound were on and Rose Lily could
see everything as though it was day time. Kendra was outside crying loudly
while Emerald and Zika stood by her side staring about in confusion. Clara’s
step-mother kept saying aloud;
“It must have been the effects of the party…I told you not
to let her go for that party…”
Clara’s father emerged with someone in his arms and Rose’s
heart lurched in her chest. It was Clara! What was happening? She thought in
fear as she watched Clara’s father place her at the back of his car, she looked
so still and Rose was afraid that they had finally killed her.
“It’s the party! We have to sue the neighbours for this!
Only God knows what she drank at that party…” Clara’s step-mom kept shouting.
“No mom, it’s not the party!” Kendra cried aloud. “I told
her the truth!”
“What truth?” Clara’s father asked.
Rose couldn’t hear what Kendra said as she strained her ears
to eavesdrop. The next thing she saw was Clara’s father pushing his wife in
anger and screaming in a rage.
To be continued tomorrow….
It’s my sister’s birthday today! Yay! Happy birthday to you sweetheart…may God’s blessings never depart from you and may He answer the desires of your heart. You are a big blessing to us and to me especially! Keep rocking!


  1. Oh my God! This is hawt…..can't wait. Happy birthday to ur sis….may God satisfy her with long life and prosperity


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