Mira sat at the back of the car and was scrolling through her
phone so she didn’t realise that the driver was taking her towards a different route.
The car slowed for a split second and the back door opened and a man jumped in.
Mira was terrified, she looked at the man in shock.
“What is going on here? Who are you?” She asked in shock.
“Shut up!” The man shouted at her and slapped his palm over
her mouth.
Mira was very scared, her eyes were wide open and she let
out a muffled scream and struggled to loosen the man’s grip from her mouth.

“Drive fast! Drive now!” The man ordered the driver.
Mira began to cry, was this a setup? Should she have called
her father first to be sure that he was the one who’d asked her to come and
meet him? Should she have looked into the car properly before getting in? He
was so terrified and she wanted to be anywhere but here.
Winnie sat on the bed with Rachel as they faced her father.
He was seated on the chair in Winnie’s room and was willing to listen to Rachel’s
story from the beginning.
“So, tell me everything from the beginning.” He said to
Rachel in a very calm fatherly voice.
Immediately Winnie’s father spoke to her, it was as though a
dam opened and Rachel poured her heart out.
“I wanted to be independent of my parents because they’d not
given me any reason to trust them and they haven’t been there for me either.
So, I registered with a man I’ve always known called Black. He used to live in
my area till he left to another area because he switched jobs or something…he’d
come to me a while ago and told me that he could help me make lots of money and
I refused. When my parents disappointed me, I wanted to be cut off from them so
I called him and signed that I would be under his management for three years
and in exchange, he’ll give me money to live as I pleased. I had no idea that
it was a lure into…underaged prostitution.” She said with tears in her eyes.
Winnie’s father was shocked, he stared at Rachel in complete
“Underaged what?” He echoed.
“I am supposed to be at the meeting place this night where I’ll
be prepared to meet new clients…but I confided in Winnie and she promised
that she’ll talk to you to help me…” Rachel cried.
“My God!” Winnie’s step-father said, his throat suddenly
went dry. He couldn’t believe that such things still existed.
“Please don’t send me home because I know he’s out there and
he said that I should not tell anyone or he’ll destroy me and he also said that
I would have to pay a lot of money to be free from him.”
“Don’t worry about that…please don’t worry. Just get some
rest and let me handle things from here.” Winnie’s step-father said looking
clearly disturbed.
Rachel nodded and Winnie’s step-father stood up from the
chair and spoke to Winnie.
“Winnie, can I talk to you?” He said.
Winnie nodded and left the room with her father while Rachel
lay on the bed and tried to sleep. As soon as they left the room, her
step-father reached out to hug her.
“You did the right thing to bring her here Winnie.” He said.
“I’m so proud of you. You’re turning out better than I ever thought or
“Thanks dad…I just don’t like to see my friends sad or
depressed.” She said.
“Even though you are hurting more than your friends are, you
step up and look out for them. I’m proud of you for that.” Her step-father
“Yea…I hurt from time to time.” Winnie said and shrugged.
They heard the sound of footsteps and Winnie’s mother walked
up to them, she was holding the hand of Winnie’s littlest brother.
“A father and daughter bonding moment…I hope I’m not
disturbing your bonding time.” Kate asked.
“Ofcourse not.” Winnie’s step father said.
Winnie didn’t speak to her mother, she turned to regard her brother
“Hey little angel…” She smiled at her brother who rushed
up to hug her.
“You didn’t sleep at home last night.” Her brother noted.
“Yes…but I was somewhere safe.” She said to him.
“Mommy didn’t sleep all night, she was worried about you.”
Her brother informed.
Winnie looked up at her mother in surprise and looked at her
little brother.
“Well…I’m home now, aren’t I?” She said to him.
“Come with me, since you’re not sleepy, why don’t you help
daddy fold his clothes?” Winnie’s step-father said to his son.
Winnie and her mother watched as father and son hurried
towards the master bedroom which was down the corridor and as soon as they
entered the room and shut the door, Winnie spoke.
“Good night mom.” She said.
“Winnie, wait…I want to clear the air on some issues here.
I know you see me as a very strict mother and you think that I am being too
hard on you but I want the best for you.”
“Honestly mom, I’m trying to avoid getting into an open
confrontation with you because I don’t want to disrespect you…” Winnie
“Then don’t Winnie! You’re proving so difficult to raise and
all this started when you joined that new summer school of yours.” Her mother
said. “The friends you have there are a bad influence on you. I can’t wait for
that lesson to end so that you can return to normalcy.”
“I have never been difficult to raise, you on the other hand
keep trying to mould me into someone I can’t recognize.” Winnie said.
“Are we going to turn this into an argument? I saw the hug
you shared with your step-dad and I just realized that we’ve never had a
mother-daughter hug since you were about six or seven years old.”
“That’s because you’re unbearable!” Winnie said.
“Really? You call your mother, unbearable.” Her mother said.
“Yes, I’m sorry mom but you are. I came in this evening with
my friend who’s really in need of help and you were rude to her but daddy on
the other hand listened to her. Daddy is not my biological father but he’s
closer to me than you are. Don’t you think that there’s something wrong with
that? I’m supposed to be closer to you than I am to him.”
“You didn’t tell me that she was in need of any help.” Her
mother said in defence.
“Why should I tell you? As a mother, you needed to take on
look at her sad face to know that something is wrong with her but instead you
chose to lash out at her. You’re so quick to judge people. You only took one
look at Rachel and I could tell that you didn’t approve of her. I don’t like it
when people that I love are being treated badly and that’s what you do to my friends
who you don’t approve of.” Winnie said and turning around she opened the door
of her room and got inside.
“Where is Mira?” Mira’s father barked.
Monica stood there staring at him as though he was shouting
for no reason. Mira’s father walked into his daughter’s room and when he didn’t
see her there, he walked out into the sitting room.
“Where is Mira?” He thundered.
The maid rushed out of the kitchen and said.
“Oga, you call us for house and say that madam Mira should
come and meet you at the gate.”
“I called when? I never called this house phone today.” Mira’s
father shouted.
“But na you call na…heiiii…” The maid said placing her hand
on her head.
“Is that what she told you?” Mira’s father asked.
“No, na wetin I tell am. You call house phone and I answer
am…” The maid said.
Mira’s father panicked, he looked at the maid, Monica had
hired about a week ago and almost groaned in desperation.
“How can you say I called when I’m telling you that I didn’t
call this house?”
“Sir…I’m sorry sir…” The maid said in tears.
 He hurried out
through the door while Monica was hot on his heels. He reached the gate post
and spoke to the security man.
“Did you see my daughter leave this evening?”
“Yes sir…she went out in a blue tinted car…” The
security man said.
“She left in what? How come you didn’t ask her where she was
headed and why didn’t you see who the driver of the car was?”
“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t pay attention I thought it was a
car of her friend sir…” The security man said in a shaky voice.
“I am calling the police…I have a bad feeling about this.”
Mira’s father said.
“The police? Honey don’t you think you should wait a while
before contacting them? Besides, she might have stepped out with friends or
something…” Monica said. “We don’t know anything for sure.”
“Don’t tell me that! Look at the time! It’s ten pm and my
daughter is not home yet. She hasn’t called or texted me and I have been trying
to reach her phone to no avail!” Mira’s father barked.
“Don’t yell at me! It’s not my fault that your daughter is
wayward.” Monica spat.
“Really? My daughter is wayward? I’m seriously wondering
what came over me when I let you into my house. When my wife was around, this
would never have happened! Mira was always home before six pm but look at the
Monica stared at Mira’s father in anger, hatred seeped into
her veins and she wanted to tell him how she really felt about him at that
moment but the fact that she hadn’t gotten the money she’d wanted to get from
him yet, stopped her.
She watched as Mira’s father hurried over to his car, and
got in, heading to the police station.
Mira was crying, she’d been crying for the past four hours
and she couldn’t stop crying. She just realised that she was being kidnapped
and as the driver of the vehicle drove all the way to an unknown destination,
she wanted to scream. She remembered what Winnie had told her about improvisation
and how she’d pointed out to her that she wasn’t street smart. She was sure
that if it were Winnie in her shoes, she wouldn’t have even entered the car in
the first place and same with Rachel too. She had lived a sheltered life all
her life feeling that her parents would always be there for her and even now
that her mother had left, she still hadn’t learned her lesson.
“Let her call her father now… we’re already very far away.”
The driver of the car said.
The man who sat at the back with her and who had tied her mouth
with a dirty scarf, turned on her phone and handed it over to her.
“Call your daddy.” The guy said.
Mira began to cry again, she dialled her father’s number and
the man pulled away the scarf from her mouth. The phone was placed on speaker
phone and her father quickly answered.
“Mira where are you?” Her father barked.
“Daddy…please help me…I’ve been kidnapped.” Mira sobbed
into the phone.
“Hello Mister, we’ll contact you tomorrow and tell you how
to get your daughter back alive.” The man seated at the back of the car with
her said to him.
“You’ll regret it if you harm my daughter…” Mira’s father
“Calm down man and wait for our call tomorrow.” The man said
and ended the call, turning off the phone in the process.
Mira cried louder, there seemed to be no end in sight.


To be continued next week…


  1. Mehn people are wicked o. Mira the protection of the Lord is upon you. Amen.
    Winnie I'm proud of you.
    Mama Winnie borrow some sense pls.
    Ada #ehugs


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