“How did it go?” Sesan asked his sister.
Sesan had come home from school to learn that Abigail had gone
out quickly with Jibo. Now as she walked in through the door, he was curious to know where she went and what happened there.
“I don’t want to talk about it…” Abigail said quickly.
“Where is Jibo?” Sesan asked.

“He dropped me off at the gate and turned back…he had to get
to the cinema.”
“Oh…where did you guys go?”
“To the cinema!” Abigail answered almost snapping.
“How come he had to go back to the cinema after coming from there? Anyway, what movie did you watch?”
“I can’t remember…maybe Clash Of The Titans or something…”
“Really? Did you see that movie? How I wish dad will take us
to the movies on Saturday. I’m really bored.”
“And what does that have to do with me? Abeg joor…I’m tired
and I need rest.” Abigail said storming out of the sitting room and heading to
her room.
Sesan wondered what he had said to upset her, so he shrugged
and quickly left the sitting room as well, heading to his own room.
Abigail banged the door of her room shut behind her and
crouched to the floor in tears.
“I love you Jibo…when will you see that my heart beats for
you and no one else?” Abigail cried.
She stood up from the ground and walked to her small pink
cupboard beside her bed, taking the keys from her waist pouch, she opened the
cupboard and retrieved some cards, a rose, some pictures and a diary. These
were her most cherished items. The cards were ‘well wishing’ cards from Jibo
during her sick days at the hospital, as well as birthday cards from him. The
rose was something she had bought for him, this past Valentine’s Day but he
wasn’t at home then. The pictures were those of him that she had swiped from
his photo album at home plus she had written ‘I love my Jibo’ at the back of
the cards and had also drawn a trail of small hearts. She picked up her pen and
opening her diary, she begun to write.
‘I hate Jibo, how could he bring her with him? That stupid girl
called Shedrach! She is so ugly and I hate her…’
Isiuwa was so thankful that she had come out unscathed from
her ordeal. Josh’s parents were wonderful people, they had been initially
surprised that she wanted to leave the island without her company and had made
sure to ask Uncle Fry and his wife if they were comfortable that she went back
with them. Of course Uncle Fry gave consent, he knew he was at danger of being
exposed if he didn’t let her go, atleast the glares Josh gave him frightened
him a bit and Isiuwa was so grateful for Josh’s help. By the time they reached Walter Carrington, Josh’s family driver had come to pick them and his family had been sweet to
drop her off at her house and made sure Josh accompanied her inside the house. Isiuwa
learnt during the boat ride that Josh’s mother had divorced his father while he
was still little. Josh’s father is British while his birth mother was Kenyan and his step-mom was Nigerian,
she was the mother of his twin siblings who were seven years old. Isiuwa loved
Josh’s family, they were so together and no one would believe that Josh’s
step-mom wasn’t his birth mom. On their ride home, Isiuwa noticed a lot of
things from Josh, she saw that he was well-behaved, he was very respectful to
his parents and that he cared so much about his parents’ opinion about everything.
Obviously they were very well-to-do and provided him with enough, even the name
of his school sent shudders through her spine, he was attending one of the most
expensive schools in Nigeria and even at that, he was so humble. Frieda whose
uncle gave her the luxuries of life kept boasting and acting like she was
better than everyone whereas Josh who had everything, was so humble. Isiuwa
made up her mind to be content with whatever her parents gave her from now on.
She’ll be turning fifteen on Monday and she really needed to get a fresher
perspective of life, she had no time for rubbish anymore.
On Sunday, her parents came back, happy to see the house in
order and their children acting so well-mannered and courteous. Osas did
everything in his power to please his father, he washed the cars, polished his
father’s shoes, ironed his clothing, watered the garden, fed the dog and ran
errands on his father’s behalf. Isiuwa was exceptional, she cleaned the house, helped out in the kitchen and dusted
out the carpets. Their parents were so impressed by their children’s exemplary
manners, they patted themselves at the back for training their good upbringing.
Little did they know what ordeals their children had gone through while they
were gone, Osas was having nightmares over his supposed father-to be status and
he needed his father on his side, just in case anything out of the ordinary
should happen. Isiuwa had been through hell and out as she was almost raped by
a man thrice her age, all in the name of a weekend vacation.
That Sunday night, while the family gathered and were
watching television together, Isiuwa’s dad asked her what she wanted for a
birthday present.
“I don’t think I want anything…I’m so content with where I
am right now…and I’m thankful to God for keeping me alive. I’m satisfied.”
Isiuwa said.
“Are you serious? You didn’t even ask for a phone?” Her
mother asked.
“No mom…I don’t need it now…I need to face my studies and
get better grades.” Isiuwa said smiling.
“For saying this, I’ll throw a birthday bash for you…let’s
say this Saturday…” Her father said.
“Really? Thanks dad.” Isiuwa said and hugged her dad. In
truth, she wasn’t really interested in a birthday bash because, she had just
lost her best friend’s friendship. If Frieda didn’t come for her birthday bash,
who would? She thought.
She was still deep in her thoughts when there was a sharp
rap at the door.
“Who could it be at this time of the night?” Her mother
asked in alarm.
“Go and get the door Osas.” Her father said.
Osas stood up and walked to get the door, shortly he emerged
looking like a scared rabbit. Following him closely were Miyebi and her father.
“Good evening sir…what a pleasant surprise!” Osas’s father greeted
in smiles.
“This is no pleasant visit Pastor Igbinovia, your son got my
daughter pregnant and I am here to dump her for your family. Goodnight!” Miyebi’s
father said, turning on his heels and storming out, leaving a very
shaken-looking Miyebi and a confused audience.
“What? What just happened?” Osas’s mother asked in shock.
“You heard him…our supposedly ‘well-behaved’ son has done
the unthinkable.” Osas’s father said in grave silence.
“No dad…I can explain…please…” Osas pleaded.
“Isiuwa…go to your room, we’ll continue discussing your birthday plans
tomorrow, unless of course, you too have a surprise to spring up on your mother
and I.” Her father said.
“No…no…not at all…” Isiuwa said, she quickly ran upstairs.
Osas wished the world could just end right this minute! 

To be continued…

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