Mira sat in the police station and stared at her hands, she
had hidden in the water drum till she was sure that Daniel was gone. As she’d
made her way out of the place she’d been held captive, she had never been so
clueless in her entire life. She’d remembered what Winnie told her about being
street smart and saying a little prayer in her head, she made her way out of
the place and headed out into the road. She saw a bike and hailed it even
though she had no money and asked that she’d be taken to the nearest police
station. She got there and when the bike rider had asked for money, she’d told
him to give her a minute and disappeared into the station, and luckily saw
police officers who listened to her story and who helped her settle the bike

They were there with her while she called her mother and one
of the police men had bought her a bottle of coke and a pack of gala. She had
never been more grateful in her entire life as that was the first food to touch
her stomach all day. She was exhausted but her eyes remained as wide as an owl’s,
as she waited for her mother to arrive.
“Will you narrate your ordeal to us again, while I help you
write a statement?” A female police officer asked kindly.
“Yes…I will.” Mira said and started to speak about her
The police officers listened with rapt attention as they
were very upset that such thing happened right within their vicinity and they
knew nothing about it.
“Where were you held? Can you remember where it was?”
Another police officer asked.
“I don’t know where it’s located but I know where it is.”
Mira said.
“I’m sure this is the mastermind of these useless gangs
ehn…” An officer said to another in worry.
“Can you lead us there? We need to know who owns the place
and in that way, trace the people behind your kidnap.” The female police
officer said to her.
“I don’t want to go back there.” Mira said with tears in her
“I know you don’t want to but how do we get the people
behind this. You’re a lucky girl, a lot of people get missing daily and many
turn up dead while the rest are returned to their families after heavy ransoms
have been paid.”
“I know the person behind my kidnap.” Mira said.
The officers looked at her.
“You know the person?”
“Yes, my step-brother, I saw him there…he came to the
place where I was held and he…he’s the one responsible for this.” Mira said
with tears in her eyes.
“We can’t take your word alone, we need proof and that’s why
we have to go to the place you were held.” The police officer pressed.
Mira broke down in tears, she was very afraid. What if? She
thought. What if she went there and something happened and she was trapped
again? She knew she didn’t want to go back there, she’d rather die than leave
the police station where she felt safe.
“There’s nothing you can do to avoid going back there. That’s
the only way we can be sure of your story and know how to help you catch the
people behind the kidnap so as to avoid other innocent victims, falling into
their traps.” Another officer said.
Mira wiped her tears and sniffed, she knew that she wasn’t
ready to go back there.
Kate received the text message from her daughter and her
heart constricted. She’d spent the whole day searching for Winnie with Rachel
by her side. They had gone to the most likely places her daughter would be and
even the most unusual places. Winnie’s step-father wasn’t left out, he’d combed
the whole area and had even gotten the police involved, till he saw the text
message from Winnie which stated that she was alright and was helping her
friend’s mother, find her friend who was kidnapped.
Kate and her husband both met at the house after spending
over seven hours searching for their daughter.
“Did you see the text?” Kate asked her husband.
“Yes, that’s why I came back home…what friend is she
referring to?” He asked.
“Mira, she was kidnapped.” Rachel supplied.
“Kidnapped?” Kate asked in shock.
“Yes ma.”
“I know…I know Mira, she’s a pretty chubby girl who pays
Winnie visits at this house. Winnie teaches her to cook…is that the same
girl?” Kate asked.
“Yes, she was kidnapped and we’ve all been worried sick.”
Rachel said.
“My God! We have to go to her place…do you have her
address?” Kate asked Rachel.
“I was at her place yesterday with Winnie, and I don’t know
the address but I know that it’s close to the summer school. I don’t know the
street but when I see the house, I can recognize it.”
“Please take us there.” Winnie’s father said. “We need to
pick her up if she’s there.”
“The text reads that she’s with Mira’s mom and she’s okay.”
Kate said. “Are we sure that they are in the house together? They might be
somewhere else.”
“Well…we still have to go there and be sure that she’s
“Yes, that’s true…” Kate said and turning to Rachel, she
said. “Can you wait here at home? We’ve been out all day and you’re tired
already, also, Winnie’s brothers could use some company.”
“I am sorry ma but I can’t stay here…my friends are
missing and I need to be sure that they’re okay.” Rachel said.
“Okay, let’s go then.” Kate said.
They all got into Winnie’s father’s car and drove off.
Daniel was in the house playing a game on his phone, his
mind was far away as he kept wondering where Mira was hiding. Till now, they
hadn’t received a call from anyone with information of her whereabouts and he
was worried. He hated being left in the dark about issues and this was a big
issue he needed to trash out. Mira’s father stormed into the sitting room and
stood before him.
“Where in the world were you? I gave strict instructions
that you shouldn’t leave this house!”
Daniel didn’t respond, he sat there and stared at his phone,
angry that he couldn’t punch the old man in the face.
“I will not tolerate such attitude Daniel! I am your father
and I deserve respect! Even if you feel you’re old enough, you’re not as old as
I am.”
Monica walked out into the sitting room.
“What is going on here?” She asked.
“I don’t know mom…talk to your boyfriend.” Daniel said.
“What did you just say?” Mira’s father barked.
“Hey…calm down! Hold fire! Guys, please this is not a good
time to argue. Daniel, what is wrong with you? Mira is missing, and instead of
staying in the house like everyone, you stepped out and…” She started.
“What do you expect me to do? Sit here and do nothing? My
sister is missing and the bloody police asked that I sit at home and watch TV.
Well, that’s not going to help.” He said emotionally.
“Danny…I know this must hurt but…we have no choice but
to follow instructions.” His mother said.
“Daniel, I didn’t know you went to look for her…” Mira’s
father said with a broken voice. “I’m sorry…I…”
“No dad, I’m sorry…you have been so good to me and even
though I don’t get along with Mira, she is the sister I have always loved to
have. The fact that she’s been kidnapped, drives me crazy…I hate
it…ooohh…I…” He said and covered his face with his palms.
Mira’s father walked over to him and patted him at the back.
“I’ll do everything to get her back…that’s a promise.” He
When he left, Monica looked at her son and smiled, he too
stared at his mother.
“So, how did I do?” He asked.
“Better than I ever expected.” She applauded.
Suddenly, Mira’s father rushed back into the sitting room
and stared at Monica and Daniel.
“I just…received a phone call from my wife, she found
Mira!” He said triumphantly.
Daniel and his mother froze as they stared at him.
“I have to go as soon as possible. She are sending me the
address of where Mira is being held.” He said.
“Isn’t she at a police…station or something?” Daniel
“No…I don’t think so…” Mira’s father said as he quickly
opened the text message which entered his phone. “I just got the address.”
Daniel looked at him and looked at his mother nervously.
“Can…can I see the address?” Daniel asked.
Mira’s father handed him the phone and he stared at the
address, it was the same place he’d held Mira captive. He was stunned.
“I’ll get my car keys, she said I should come alone. I think
she needs us to bring home Mira without involving the police.” Mira’s father
said and rushed off.
As soon as he ran out of the sitting room, Daniel said to
his mother.
“Stall him! Do everything you can to stall him!” He said as
he made to leave.
“Where are you going? Daniel!” His mother called out.
“To finish what I started.” Daniel said and rushed out of
the house.
Monica stood there in confusion, she had no idea of how to
stall Mira’s father but as soon as he stepped into the sitting room, an idea
formed in her head and she fell to the ground in a feigned faint.
To be continued tomorrow….
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  1. Monica, keep on feigning a faint….. you are only doing a rehearsal of the real faint that would come soon.

    I pray Daniel walks into a police trap. That would end all his evil acts.

    Winnie is the star of this story in my opinion. Her loving and selfless nature has touched the lives of many families in this story.

    Well done, Adaeze. I can't help but marve at your writing skill.


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