Clara noticed the change in her father’s attitude, it was
almost a week since she introduced him to Rose’s aunt and she noticed that he
frequently took calls from Aunt Cassie and on more than one occasion, she had
come back from lesson to see Aunt Cassie in her dad’s office. Just yesterday,
he had for the first time, given her transport fare to go home on her own as he
was going to be working late and mommy complained that he never used to staying
out late. Today was no exception as he had given her transport fare to come
home early as he was going to be working late. Since Rose’s birthday was just
around the corner, Clara was a regular visitor at their house and she watched
Rose’s aunts closely and even though they were very nice to her, there was
something about them that didn’t sit well with her.

She was in Rose’s house, hanging up the confetti’s as the
birthday bash was the next day which is Saturday, Rose was busy arranging the drinks she had
bought earlier. Clara took a peek at the drinks and raised her nose in the air,
she wasn’t really a soda person but she hated alcohol so much, perhaps it is
because her dad never drank any.
“Stop that…you don’t know how you look when you raise your
nose in the air.” Rose cautioned.
“I don’t like alcohol, it makes normal people act like
“That’s your problem…besides, this is my party so, I call
the shots.”
“Whatever…” Clara said, climbing up one of the chairs to
hang a confetti.
“Did you invite Oliver?” Rose asked.
Clara almost fell from the chair she was standing on.
“Oliver? What about him?” Clara asked.
“He’s a nice guy and I’ve heard you mention his name too
many times….”
“Well, he’s okay, he says he’ll take me to his brother’s
studio on Monday.” Clara said.
“Clay! Admit it, you like the guy…”
“We are just friends…stop fanning a non-existent flame.”
“I can bet that he’s having the hots for you too…” Rose
said, sticking her tongue out at her friend.
“I am so glad that daddy gave me transport fare to come home
early today….or I won’t be here, helping you out for the party tomorrow.”
Clara said, changing the topic.
“Change the topic all you want babe…you have a new guy
“I also noticed that Aunt Cassie comes over to dad’s clinic
very often…” Clara said changing the topic again and staring at her friend.
Rose looked at her and quickly began to arrange the drinks.
“So? She has some kind of medical problems….” Rose said.
“Rose, I am not a child and even mommy has been complaining
about daddy’s late nights…” Clara said.
“What’s her business? If your daddy decides to keep late
nights, isn’t he a man of his own?”
“That’s not my point, my point is…I hope that Auntie
Cassie is visiting the clinic for medical purposes….”
“What are you implying?” Rose asked, in anger.
The door suddenly opened and aunt Cassie stepped into the
house, looking every bit the sexy female.
“Hello girls….” She greeted.
“Good afternoon, aunt Cas…” Rose greeted.
Clara murmured a greeting and kept hanging her confetti.
“How are you Clara?” Aunt Cassie asked.
“Very well…thank you ma…”
“You should stop this ‘ma’ thing, it makes me feel so old. You
can call me auntie Cassie…” She said and smiling at the girls, she made her
way out of the sitting room.
Clara continued what she was doing while Rose kept on
arranging her drinks.
It was break time and Kendra was biting into a sandwich, she
felt better than she’d felt in a long time because she and James were so close,
closer than she’d ever imagined. She was just drinking up her water when Brenda
walked up to her table. Brenda was the social prefect so in every sense of the
word, she was a social butterfly.
“Kendroooo….” Brenda hailed.
“Stop it! It’s Kendra!” She hated any re-made version of her name.
“Oops…my bad…Kendra…so how do you feel since we’re
err…handing over our prefect badges to the junior students in less than a week.”
“It’s cool….at least we get to concentrate on our WAEC
exams….” Kendra said.
“I am rooting for Yinka to take my position as social
prefect, that girl is so bubbly and lively.” Brenda said, speaking of a girl in
a junior class.
“But she’s not brilliant…” Kendra said.
“Does it have to be about brains? I think the social prefect
position is more about talent.”
“Humph! That’s nonsense!” Kendra said.
“Speaking of brains….some people start off with good grades
and end up with bad ones….” Brenda said.
“That’s a ridiculous thing to say, people grow higher in
intellect and never lower.”
“What about you?”
“Me? What about me?”
“I heard from the teachers….that your grades are dropping.”
Brenda said.
Kendra’s heart skipped a beat.
“They said that by the end of this term, you may not be the
best student after all…” Brenda continued. “Our mock is in a week and our
WAEC exams is in a few months…”
“Where did you hear this from?” Kendra asked.
“From the teachers, I was at the staff room reporting a
student when Mr. Okon raised up a topic and soon it was a discussion about you.
They say that you’re getting distracted. So, tell me, what’s distracting you
because honestly speaking, this is a critical time to get distracted.”
Kendra stood up from the chair and quickly excused herself.
“I have to get back to class…” She said and walked away.
She had just rounded towards the class when she heard his
voice and slowed down. James hurried up to her.
“What’s wrong?” He asked. “I saw you rush out of the cafeteria…are you okay?”
Kendra tried to hold back the tears but a lone tear came spilling
down her cheek.
“I’m messing up my grades…” She sniffed.
“Are you serious? I don’t believe that…” James said.
“Brenda just told me at the cafeteria that the teachers were
talking about me and about how my grades have dropped.”
“And you believe her? Mtchewww…”
“Why shouldn’t I believe her? I haven’t been concentrating
of recent and I know it…” She said, almost spilling that he was the cause of
her lack of concentration in class. How could she concentrate when he sat
beside her everyday and she wondered how it’d feel to have his arms around her shoulders?
“I still don’t believe it…you are smart and you are a
bright girl.” He said to her.
Kendra almost blurted ‘I love you’ at that point because he
sounded so sincere and so caring.
“Enough about me, how are you? I noticed that you didn’t
look too bright when you came in today.” Kendra asked.
“It’s nothing, it’s just that my mom has been taking too
long on her trip and I’m beginning to get worried.” He said.
“Don’t worry, she’ll be back soon.” Kendra assured.
“Without her, I feel so lonely…” James said.
“You have me and I’ll always be here for you…” Kendra
James gave her a meaningful stare and said.
“I have been thinking….I want us to be more than
Kendra’s heart did a somersault, this was what she’s been fantasizing on for weeks.
“Yea…I want us to be official…like a couple, but we must
keep it a secret between us for now till we’re ready to let everyone know…”
“Are you asking that I be your girlfriend?” Kendra asked in
pleasant surprise.
“Yes…will you?”
“Yes…sure…yes…” Kendra said with a huge smile.
James held out his hand to her and she placed hers in his
while they both walked down the corridor to their class.

To be continued next week….


  1. Kendra ooo for your mind you don get boyfriend okay o. Hope you won't have F9 in your exams sha. Please receive sense before it's too late.
    Clara o how I love you.
    Rose n aunty Cassy #straighface


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