Mira didn’t know how long she’d been in hiding but she knew
she was never going to be found. As a child, whenever she had to play hide and
seek with her sisters, she was never the one to hide because her sisters never
found her whenever she did.
“Don’t hide Mira!” They’d tell her. “You make playing hide
and seek a chore because we never find you even if you hide in the most usual

Now, as she crouched low inside the old dusty drum, she was
sure that hiding was her gift and a rare gift at that. She was still crouched
when she heard Daniel’s voice. She almost jumped out of her hiding spot
thinking that he’d come with her dad or mom to resuce her but something told
her to stay put. Daniel never liked her, they’d never gotten along and since he’d
appeared in her house with his mother, he’d been out to cause trouble and she
didn’t trust him.
“Where in the world is that little brat? Where is she?”
Daniel spat as he pranced about the back of the small house where she’d been
Mira held her breath and peeked out at him through the hole
in the water drum where she’d carefully hidden herself. The drum was an old one
which was probably used to store water but had spoilt and was abandoned with a
lot of unnecessary things beside it. She saw him prance about in anger and held
her breath.
“I’ll get you Mira! I promise you! I will get you and that
ransom money that your daddy’s going to pay to set you free and when I do, I’ll
kill you.”
Mira didn’t move a muscle, she kept staring at him wondering
how she’d found herself in all this. So, it was Daniel who was the mastermind
behind her kidnap! She thought. This is daddy’s fault, she said to herself. If
he’d never opened the doors to lying Monica and her son, none of this would
have happened. They’d have lived happily without having to face problems such
as these. Did her parents suspect Daniel? She thought. Did they know that her
kidnapper lived under their roof?
She watched him storm off from the back of the house and she
exhaled deeply, she could tell that Daniel was dangerous and he was definitely
going to go through with his threat if he caught her and that was something she
was never going to allow to happen, so help her God.
Daniel spent the whole afternoon searching for Mira till it
was sundown, he was pissed. He’d checked everywhere, the surrounding area and
around the vicinity to no avail. Mira had really disappeared into thin air.
‘Where was she?’ He thought. Since she’d disappeared since
morning, he was sure she’d have contacted her parents and that they would be on
their way to rescue her. He hated what was happening. He hated this and he
hated the fact that his ten million naira was slowly slipping away due to
carelessness from his gang. He brought out his phone and dialled his mother’s
“Any news?” He asked.
“Where are you?” She spat. “Your father has been asking
about you. He said you were rude to him and he sounded really upset when he
spoke to me this afternoon.”
“That’s not my concern right now and besides, he’s not my
father. I want to know if Mira contacted him.”
“Mira? Contacted who?”
“Her father of course.”
“No…we haven’t heard anything yet, the police has been
here all day and Mira’s mother has been out all day as well.”
“Yes, I know that…she…tried following me.”
“What? How could you let that happen?”
“I lost her trail quickly, besides, I didn’t want more blood
on my hands. If she’d succeeded in following me to where Mira was, I’d have
ended her life and that would have been messy.”
“You need to come home now! Staying out there for too long
will make everyone suspect you…you need to come home.” She said in a panic.
“I can’t leave here mom! At least not yet, I need to find
Mira and as soon as possible.”
“I have a bad feeling about all this. Please come home son,
we’ll find another way to get the money from Mira’s father…please…I don’t
want you to end up in jail…if you do, I’ll die.” His mother pleaded.
“Mom…my life is worthless if my dad is still in a cell. I
need to get him out.”
“But you’ve lost Mira and we have to take advantange of the
fact that she has no idea that you’re part of the kidnappers. You need to get
out of there fast before someone spots you.”
“Mom, I can handle this…I’ll find Mira and get the ransom.
I should never have trusted my guys from the beginning…I should have handled
the operation by myself. Now, I’ve incurred more costs….the car we hired to
pick her up cost me quite a lot, as well as the logistics. I have lost money
mom and I need to get it back.”
“Listen to me Daniel, come back now and let things settle
for a while. Since Mira hasn’t contacted her parents yet, maybe she’s in some
sort of danger. A young girl wandering on her own is very dangerous especially
in these times and who knows whom she’d asked for help. You also need to get
out of there fast because if she went to the police, they’ll be storming that
hideout soon enough and you’d be caught. Please son…”
“Okay mom, but this is not over yet.”
“Thank you.” His mother said and hung up the call.
Daniel made his way back to the hideout, he was careful not
to be seen by anyone. He pushed the door open and walked into the house. Esther
was nowhere to be found.
“Esther! Esther!” He called out.
There was no reply, it was obvious that she’d left.
“I hate these people! I hate them so much! They are so
unprofessional! How can they leave the job when it’s not over yet? What’s so
complicated about kidnapping a little girl and holding her captive?” He hissed.
When he was done with looking around and searching for
Esther to no avail, he made his way out of the house.
Winnie and Mira’s mother sat in a small cafeteria and stared
at the untouched food before them, they had spent the whole day driving around
the city, searching for Mira and any trace of Daniel but it was a wild goose
chase because they’d seen neither. Mira’s dad had called Mira’s mom countless
times, asking her to return home but she refused.
“We should eat something…and I should take you home.” Mira’s
mother said to Winnie sadly.
“I’m not hungry and I don’t want to go home.” Winnie said.
“Why? What of your parents? Won’t they be worried about you?
I noticed that you didn’t answer any of your phone calls.”
“I’m just so angry that Steve didn’t show up…” Winnie said
changing the topic.
“I really don’t know why. We asked him to meet us at the
front of the summer school hours ago but he wasn’t there. Why? What could have
gone wrong?”
“I guess he developed cold feet. He sounded happy to hear
from me when I called him but he didn’t show up? I hate two-faced people…just
like my mom.” Winnie said angrily.
“Like your mom? You shouldn’t say things like that about a
woman who gave birth to you.” Mira’s mother said.
Winnie shrugged and looked away.
“I just pray Mira is found safe.” She said.
“And what of you? You seem to love fixing people’s problems
and yet you have no one to fix yours.” Mira’s mother said to her.
“My problem can never be fixed, it’s stamped and sealed and
can’t go away.” Winnie said.
“Why? What problem can never be fixed?”
“We should concentrate on finding Mira.” Winnie said.
“You’ve helped me a whole lot and the least I can do is lend
you a hand because it’s obvious you need it.”
Winnie looked at her and stared at the waffles on the table
in front of her.
“Well…my story is quite difficult…you see, my mom has
always made life unbearable for me and she has always been so fiercely
protective of me. She never let me do things like other girls my age, she never
gave me my freedom and she always dictated to me what to do and what not to do.
She doesn’t trust me.” Winnie started. “My step-dad is different, I always
wished he was my real dad because he understands me unlike my mom who…who
looks for every opportunity to put me down. Last night, after a terrible
misunderstanding which involved Steve and some other complicated issues, I
demanded to know my real father’s family and I asked my mom about it but she refused
to tell me. So, I asked my step dad’s daughter and she told me the truth.”
Mira’s mother looked at her urging her to continue.
“I…my mom was raped and…that was how I was conceived.”
Winnie said with tears in her eyes.
Mira’s mother placed a hand on her chest in shock and pity.
“You see…” Winnie said. “My real father is a monster and I’m
half a monster.”
“No, that’s not true….”
“That’s why she treats me so badly. I thought about it and
it all makes sense to me. My mother treats me badly because whenever she sees
me, she remembers it all…” Winnie cried.
“No, I doubt that. I think she wants to protect you so much
from ever going through what she went through but has no idea of how to do it.
Sometimes, things happen to us and it makes us so vulnerable that no matter how
hard we try to hide our vulnerability, it never really goes away. Yes, she
still remembers the incident but she’s been so protective because she doesn’t
want what happened to her to happen to you.”
“How would you know that? You don’t even know my mother.”
“But I am a mother and that’s exactly how I’d feel if I had
any of my children in such circumstance. I’d fiercely protect that child so
that she would never be a victim like I was.”
“You won’t hate the child?”
“Of course not! I’d never hate the child besides, it’s not
the child’s fault…is it?”
Winnie shook her head as tears began to fall. Mira’s mother
reached out and touched her hand across the table.
“I am sorry about the circumstances of your birth but you
can’t change it, can you? Don’t dwell on it, yes, it was rape and it was bad
but guess what? It brought forth the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met. I’ve
met all Mira’s friends but I need to give her a pat on the back for finding a
rare friend like you. I’ve known you for barely two days but Winnie, you are
someone I’d be proud to introduce to anyone as my daughter’s friend.”
“Really? You think so?” Winnie asked with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t think so, I know so.” Mira’s mother said standing
from her chair and walking over to her to give her a hug. “Don’t be too hard on
yourself and don’t be too hard on your mom. She loves you so much and that’s
why she’s the way she is. All you need to do is show her that she can trust
“Thank you…thank you so much…” Winnie said in a choked
Mira’s mother’s phone rang and she broke the hug to pick the
call, it was from an unknown number.
“Mommy! It’s me…mommy please come and pick me…” Mira’s
voice floated through the line.
“Mira! My God! Mira! Where are you?”
Winnie looked up at Mira’s mother with a start.
“I’m in a police station at the outskrits of Lagos…please
“I’ll call your dad and we’ll be on our way! Oh Mira! Thank
“No, don’t tell anyone that I called you…don’t even
mention a word of this to daddy…just come quick…please…” Mira cried.
“Okay…yes…yes…I’m on my way…”
Winnie stood as she watched Mira’s mother make the call,
when she was done, she said.
“Mira is safe, I have to go and get her.”
“I’m coming with you.” Winnie said.
“No, you have to go home, you’ve been away all day and your
parents are going to be worried sick.”
“I’ll call them and reassure them that I’m fine but I can’t
let you go anywhere all alone, it’s late…please let me go with you.”
“Okay…but you have to call your parents.” Mira’s mother
said as she opened her purse, dropped some money on the table and hurried out
of the cafeteria.
Winnie hurried off after Mira’s mother, she’d never felt so
relieved in all her life.
To be continued next week….I’m so sorry for not responding to comments. For some strange reason, I can’t seem to comment under any of the comments on my blog. I’ll fix that soon and respond to everyone’s comments.

Thanks for understanding.

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  1. This series is awesome Ada.
    I'm glad Mira's mother was patient enough to listen to Winnie's fears and reassure her.
    I hope it's really Mira that called, you know you're the Queen of plot twists.

  2. Thank God Mira has escaped and the role Mira's mom has played in reassuring Winnie of her mother's love? Amazing!

    As for Monica, if only she knew that already, she has dug her own grave. Heartless woman!


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