James was upset, he had called his mother’s phone number to
no avail, it was four days since she left them in the hands of her merciless
sister and he was running out of cash. He looked around the room he shared with
his brother, it was a mess, clothes were strewn about and the room was dirty.
He was still regarding the room in lazy silence when his aunt pushed open
the door.
“Today is a Saturday, I hope you know that.” She shouted.
James wished she could communicate without screaming down
the house and he was so pissed at everything.

“My mom pays someone to help clean the house on weekends,
our room included.”
“Humph! My sister is spoiling you boys but do you know what?
It won’t work! I won’t pay anyone any money when I have big boys like you in
the house.” She shouted.
James stared at her in quiet silence, he wasn’t going to say
anything else. He thought.
“When I get back I expect this room to be as spick as span, and
when you are done, I expect you to clean the house windows and clean the
balcony. Am I clear?” She asked and not waiting for his answer, she slammed the
door behind her.
“Clean ko, cook ni…mtchewww….” James scoffed and got up
from the bed and headed to the bathroom.
He had a bet to win and he wasn’t ready to kill his chance.
Kendra was sulking like hell, her mother had come up with an
excuse that she wasn’t going to be available for the shopping today, she was mad.
“I am sorry Kendra but I really need to do this! I have a
wedding reception to take care of today and the bride insists that I have to be there. I would
have sent my assistant but the bride paid exclusively, I promise to make it up
to you my darling.” Her mother pleaded.
“But I’ve set my mind for today, mom…” Kendra said with
tears in her eyes.
“I am sorry dear…I promise to make it up haba….pity your
mommy na…” Her mother cajoled.
Kendra forced the toast into her mouth and almost choked on
Zika emerged from inside the house with a ringing phone in
his hand.
“Kendra, your phone has been ringing off the hook and Clara
says that if it rings again, she’ll break it.” Zika said handing the phone to
his sister.
“What does she mean by that?” Kendra’s mother shouted and
headed towards Kendra and Clara’s room.
Clara couldn’t identify the caller so she picked the call
“Kendra, it’s James…hey…”
Kendra blushed and still on the phone she hurried into the
visitors toilet and locked herself inside.
“Hey James, it’s so nice hearing from you…” Kendra gushed.
“How did you get my number.”
“I have my ways…I…kinda saw where you scribbled it
behind the book you loaned me.” He said.
“Oh…” Kendra blushed again,  happy that he was calling her.
“So what’s up with you?” He asked.
“I’m cool…just chilling at home.” She said.
“Are you free? I was thinking that maybe we could hang
out…” He said.
Kendra almost died on the spot.
“You mean, like a date?” She breathed.
“Well, if that’s what you want to call it. I don’t have so
much money on me because my mom travelled and left us with just pocket money
which is almost dry but since the house is so boring, I thought of you and then
I was like, why don’t we hang out? We could go to the cinemas and hang around,
because I have no money to see a movie with you.” He said.
Kendra’s heart melted by his sincerity.
“That’s no problem, I have enough money, infact I can ask my
parents right now and they give me. Don’t worry I’ll cover our costs.” She
“That’s cool then, so, where do we meet?” He asked her.
“At the estate gate, where my mother dropped you off some
days ago.” Kendra said.
“Okay, see you at eleven then?”
“Sure…” Kendra blushed.
Clara was biting her tongue from retorting while mommy kept
shouting at her.
“Look at you! You are still sleeping at this time. How
useless can you be?” She thundered.
When Clara didn’t reply she said.
“Kendra has woken up ages ago and you are supposed to be the
older of the two of you.” She continued.
Clara laid her bed and once she was done, she headed out of
the room.
“Clara! I am taking to you.” Mommy shouted.
Clara still didn’t respond and walked past her, headed to
the sitting room. She got there as soon as Kendra was leaving the toilet with
her phone in her hand and a smile on her face.
“Clara!” Her step-mother shouted.
“Mommy, do you really want to make up not taking me to shop
for room furniture? I need some money for a day out with my friends.” Kendra blurted.
“Go to my purse and take two thousand naira…”Her mother
said and refocused on Clara.
Mommy was still shouting when Clara’s father stepped into
the sitting room.
“What is happening here?” Clara’s father barked.
“It’s Clara, she’s giving me the silent treatment.” Mommy
“Clara! What is wrong with you? Why are you suddenly so
difficult to handle?” Her father shouted.
“Good morning dad.” Clara greeted and stood there staring at
her parents.
“I was asking you why you woke up late and ….” Mommy
“Daddy can I have a new bed sheet? The one on my bed is worn
out.” Clara said to her father as though mommy hadn’t spoken.
“Daddy can I have some money to hang out with my friends?
Mommy said she can’t take me furniture shopping today so I’m stuck at home and
it’s going to be boring.” Kendra cut in.
“How much do you need?” Their father asked Kendra.
“Any amount, just something that can cover transportation
and movie tickets.” Kendra said.
“I’ll give you the money before I leave for the office.” Her
father said.
“Dad, what of my money for a new bed sheet? I saw one at the
plaza down the road and…” Clara cut in.
“If you can’t manage the ones you have then you don’t
deserve a new one.” Her father said.
“It’s not fair! You are going to give Kendra money to hang
out with her friends while you can’t even spare me some money to change my bed
sheets?” Clara asked already hot with anger.
“Listen to that, honey, this girl needs to be punished. Can
you imagine the nerve?” Mommy shouted.
“The nerve? What’s the difference between Kendra and I,
please tell me so that I know my place in this house.” Clara started.
“Are you mad?” Her father barked.
“I will not sleep on those sheets again, they are old and
are prickly too…” Clara said with tears in her eyes.
“If you can’t sleep on the sheets, go ahead and lie on the
mattress like that. Do you want to know the difference between Kendra and
yourself? Kendra is brilliant, she is smart while you are dumb. 
Kendra is
getting everything she wants because she is scaling through in school and
bringing home impressive results while I am paying a heavy amount of money for
you to re-sit your WAEC exams.” Her father thundered.
Clara stormed out of the sitting room and rushed into her
room in anger, banging the door behind her.
Rose Lily was tired, she had mopped the whole house while
her aunts chatted and laughed with the companions they brought in the night
before. She wiped the sweat on her fore head with her finger and watched the
sweat drop on the ground.
“Rose…weldone…” Aunty Lizzy said to her.
“Thanks…” She replied.
Her aunt walked about for a while then quietly said.
“How far with the mission?” She asked.
Rose rolled her eyes.
“I’m still working on it…”
“Remember your birthday comes up next weekend. You know that
a big reward awaits you if you get the job done quickly.”
Rose looked at her.
“You promised to throw a party for me for my eighteenth,
it’s not fair that you’re attaching it to a condition to it.” Rose said.
“I know but I changed my mind. Your actions some days ago
made me realize that you are not acting with this family in mind…you wanted to
destroy your friendship with that girl when you knew that she is the link we
have to getting what we want.”
Rose gulped and said nothing.
“Do something remarkable and I might throw that party you’ve always wanted.” Aunty Lizzie said and walked away.
Rose had hardly continued cleaning when there was a knock at
the door. She hurried to open it.
“Clay! What a pleasant surprise.” Rose started.
“Rose….I…I…” Clara started and burst into tears while
rushing to hug her friend.
Rose held her close and whispered soothing words into her
“I hate everyone…my family, I hate them, I wish something
really bad would happen to them.” Clara cried louder.

“Calm down…it’ll all be fine…” Rose said hugging her
close as a smile formed on her lips.
To be continued next week….



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