Isiuwa sat silently in the car during the drive home, her
parents too were silent, as soon as they stopped at the traffic light, her mom
“Let’s take Isiuwa to Chicken Rep…” She said to Isiuwa
“Why? What for?” Her father queried.
“Didn’t you hear what that counsellor said?”
“So? Does it mean we have to start petting her now or
changing our rules and upbringing methods?” Her father barked.
Her mother turned to face her at the back of the car.
“So you told a total stranger that your parents are setting
unrealistic standards for you and that we don’t give you enough space to
explore. Right? Well… guess what?  We
are going to give you the freedom you desire, starting today!” Her mother said
to her.

“Isn’t it a little too late?” Isiuwa said.
“Are you mad? How dare you talk back at your mother?” Her
father asked.
“You just said the sermon in church and you’re calling me
mad.” Isiuwa said.
“Isiuwa! What has gotten into you?” Her mother barked.
“Nothing! I just want to be a normal teenager! That’s all!”
Isiuwa screamed.
“We are doing all these for your best interests Isiuwa….we
are training you to become better than all the teenagers of the world today.”
Her mother said.
“By not giving me a phone? Embarrassing me in the presence
of my friends at my birthday party which by the way had no DJ or MC?
Restricting my access to the internet? Sifting through my friends like stones
from beans? No thank you!” Isiuwa shouted.
“I can’t believe that we are having this conversation….and
we are ending it now!” Her father said, then addressing his wife he said, “ I
am not changing our rules! There is nothing like freedom!”
“Daddy…please let me live a normal life…I beg of you.
Give me a bit of space…even if it’s a tiny weeny space…I promise that I won’t
let the pressures of this world get to me…” Isiuwa pleaded.
“No!” Her father barked.
“We would give you some space but our rules are still our
rules…” Her mother said sternly.
“I know you might not get me a phone but can I at least have
some kind of access to the internet at home? I only get to use the internet at
school and there’s really not enough time…”
“The internet is a huge corruptive web and you will not be
thrown into its depths.” Her mother said.
“We will get you a phone.” Isiuwa father said quietly.
“Really? Are you serious? Thanks dad…oh my gosh…I am so
grateful…” Isiuwa said happy that she had spoken to aunt Maggie.
“Now, can we put an end to this subject?” Her father asked.
Isiuwa nodded and they drove on down the road.
Isiuwa got home in much lighter spirits, Mense took one look
at her and giggled.
“What’s funny?” Isiuwa asked her cousin.
“Nothing! You look a bit brighter now than earlier today.”
Mense giggled again.
“I achieved my aim. Daddy is getting me a new phone!” Isiuwa
announced triumphantly.
“I won’t bank on that…” Mense said.
“Stop it Mense…please be optimistic on my behalf.” Isiuwa
said dryly.
They were both in Isiuwa’s room, which they both shared,
soon there was a knock at the door and Isiuwa’s father entered the room.
“Here’s the phone you requested for.” Her father said and
placed the device on Isiuwa’s table and left the room.
Isiuwa hurried to pick it up and suddenly felt crushed.
Mense burst into laughter.
“I knew your dad was up to no good! Hahahahahahaa….” Mense
fell to the bed in laughter.
Isiuwa threw the phone to the ground and sat on her bed fuming.
The small device fell to the ground in a noisy thud, it was the very first
phone her mother had ever had, it didn’t have any browsing technologies, it was
just a ‘call and answer phone’ and most of its features didn’t work. Isiuwa
would rather be phone-less than succumb to using such phone.
Abigail opened her eyes and looked around, she was lying on
the bare ground and so were the other girls she had seen in the bus earlier,
they were all still wearing the uniform.
One man walked into the large room and lighting up his
cigarette, he began to smoke. Abigail sat up and rubbed her eyes.
“What are you sitting for? Lie down.” The man shouted,
storming to her in anger.
“Where am I? I want to go home….” Abigail protested.
The man reached her and gave her a loud slap on her cheek,
Abigail fell back to the ground and started crying, her tummy rumbled in
“Please….where am I? I want to go home…” Abigail
continued to cry.
“Keep quiet!” The man shouted.
At that moment, two other girls woke up and sat up, staring
about at the strange surrounding and started to cry.
“Shut up all of you…shut up!” The man growled at them in
Soon, the door opened and a middle aged woman walked in.
“I thought as much…” She said as she saw some of the girls
“Beauty, good afternoon!” The man said to the woman.
“Oh….is it afternoon already?” Beauty, asked.
“Yes, it’s some minutes past two pm.”
“Hmmmm…let’s get them something to eat. As soon as they
are done eating, I want them divided into three groups. We are exporting to
three different countries, Malaysia, Italy and Dubai.” Beauty said.
“But I thought we were exporting into China this season…”
The man said.
“Chume…listen to me, we are exporting into only three
countries and I need you to start processing their visas to these countries.
You know how we do it, we pass them off as international students, however for
those we will choose to go to Malaysia, we’ll obtain the social visa because it’s
quite easier.” Beauty continued.
Abigail felt fear grip her like never before, what did they
mean? She thought. Did they mistake her for someone else? She had to tell them
now that she wasn’t who they thought she was and that she had no idea of where
she was. Maybe they switched her with someone else.
“My name is Abigail…I think I was brought here by
mistake…” Abigail spoke up.
“Really? Why do you think that?” The woman asked her,
smiling sweetly.
Her smile made Abigail eager to speak to her.
“I remember getting into a car with a man and and…now, I’m
here….I am sure that there must have been a mix-up.” Abigail said.
“Hmmmm… and what did your parents tell you about getting
into the car with strangers?” Beauty asked sweetly, walking up to Abigail.
“My parents never told me anything about it…they only said
that I should never talk to strangers.”
“Hmmm…but you spoke to a stranger. You went against your
parent’s rule, didn’t you?.” Beauty said smiling sweetly, but the smile didn’t
reach her eyes.
“Me? I didn’t…wait…I did…but he was a cab guy…”
Abigail said.
“Wow! A cab guy huh? How old are you darling?”
“I just turned fifteen some months ago…” Abigail said.
“Hmmmm…you’re not a child then…” Beauty said.
“To my parents, I am still a child…” Abigail said in
The woman walked up to her and crouching down low, she
reached out and touched her breasts.
“Stop it! How dare you?” Abigail shouted.
“You have these, and call yourself a child? You are a joker!”
Beauty said and laughed a loud piercing laugh.
“I won’t have you touch me in such improper way…I don’t
even know you…” Abigail shouted.
“Hahahaha…now, you only have me to worry about, soon, you
wouldn’t even know the difference.” Beauty said and laughed louder.
“Beauty….I guess we should get her prepared…you know
what I mean! Why don’t I try her out?” Chume said, smacking his lips with his
“Aren’t you tired of trying them all out?” Beauty said
“Well…a man never gets his fill….you know how we roll…”
Chume said quickly.
“Maybe later…” Beauty said.
Abigail was staring at the both of them, she kept wondering
what they were talking about.
“I want to go home…” Abigail said aloud.
“Where is home?” Beauty asked.
“Where am I?” Abigail asked.
“Somewhere far from wherever you were picked from.”
“Can I call my parents?” Abigail said with tears in her
Beauty shook her head pitifully.
“Please…they will be so…so…worried…” Abigail cried.
“Don’t worry, they’ll worry now but later, they’ll get used
to your disappearance.” Beauty said and straightening up, she stood tall and
addressed the girls, some were wide awake while others were still a bit drowsy.

“Hello girls, it wouldn’t be fair to have you here and not
tell you where you are or what you are doing here so, I’ll make my statement
brief. My name is Beauty and the man beside me is Chume, we are both your
keepers till you get to your different destinations. You all have been taken
from your families and friends and I understand that you might cry and lament
over your fate but it’s okay, however, don’t disturb the peace and quiet of
this place. I would like to sound a note of warning, there is nothing like
escape. If you’ve been thinking of it, banish all thoughts of it from your mind
because if you try to run away, we’ll catch you and when we get you, you’re
dead meat! Welcome to your new world girls, hopefully after a decade or more,
you’ll be able to set yourselves free!” 


  1. Abigail don enter gobe. Such a sad situation. I pray a miracle will happen to make her return safely to her parents. Hopefully she will learn her lesson. Teenage wahala, a stage everyone will pass through.
    Isiuwa hmmmmm, your parents dey strict like mine in those days lol. Don't worry you will have enough fun and more when you get admitted into a higher institution, Na you go tire sef.
    Ada you are a writer kudos!


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