Daniel was in his room, he was trying to keep calm as he
didn’t want Mira’s father to suspect anything unusual in his behaviour. Mira’s
mother was in Mira’s room and he’d heard her moving about the room all through
the night, he could tell that she didn’t sleep a wink. His mother had spent the
night in his room as it seemed as though things were turning sour between her
and Mira’s father. He needed to act fast and quickly too or risk loosing it
all. Mira’s father was stalling with the payments and his biological father’s
lawyer was already running out of patience. The man wanted his payment to begin
with the appeal as soon as he could. Daniel paced his room in worry; he
recalled that Esther had told him something about sending Mira’s father, her
body part and he’d given a go-ahead. Esther was supposed to call and tell him
where the drop off of the body part will be so that he can pick it up and drop
it off at the house without being seen. He was still pacing about the room when
he heard the loud shrill of his telephone. It was Esther.

“Hello…Esther, have you delivered the package?”
There was a pause as he could hear loud breathing from the
other end of the line.
“Shit! I’m hurt!” Esther said.
“What? Hurt? What do you mean by you’re hurt?” He asked.
“You didn’t tell me that girl has strength, you told
me…that she’s a spoilt brat!”
“What are you saying? Esther, you sound drunk!”
“I’m drunk and I’m hurt…” Esther said to him.
“You were supposed to cut off her body part last night, wrap
it up nicely and tell me where to pick it up but I haven’t heard from you.”
“The brat just escaped!”
Daniel’s heart stopped beating.
“Esther! What did you just say to me?”
“You heard me! She just escaped and the boys are not around
here. They had another mission to attend to somewhere far away. I am hurt and I
am the only one here…” She spat.
Daniel tried so hard to control his temper, he didn’t want
to scream or risk drawing attention to himself.
“You’re a useless b***ch!” He spat.
“How dare you? Daniel! How dare you? This is your mission
and you sent us to do the dirty job for you. I have final exams to write in
school and I can’t go back like this! I should never have joined this tiring
mission! I only did it because you were one of the heads with our male cult in
school before you were expelled.”
“Shut your dirty mouth Esther! Shut your dirty mouth!”
Daniel spat.
“My knee has been dislocated or something…I just know it’s
swelling and it’s as painful as hell. My hand is swollen; the useless brat
slammed the door against my wrist…and it hurts badly.”
“Look! I am coming there right now and we are both gonna
find her…” Daniel spat.
“Get a first aid kit or something…just come and help me
with this pain. Get some aspirins too…I can’t stand up…my legs keep giving
“I swear if I get my hands on that girl, I’m going to kill
her and still get my hands on the loot.” Daniel cursed and dropped the call.
He quickly dragged out a tote bag from the wardrobe and
kneeling beside his bed, he dragged out a box. He opened it and brought out a
Mira’s mother was quite restless, she had not slept a wink
through the night. She had received a message from her second daughter and had
sent her a cheerful reply. She didn’t want any of her children to know that
Mira had been kidnapped or they would insist on flying back to the country. She
stared at Mira’s framed photographs on her bed stand and felt sorrow tug at her
heart. Where was Mira? What was happening to her at this moment? The police had
lost track of the phone that they’d been using to track her and the whole
investigation was beginning to stall.
She looked at her phone and checked for messages; she had
sent messages to a few of her friends, asking for a loan. She didn’t care if
the kidnappers got away with the money, all she wanted was Mira to return to
her safe and sound. Her husband had been adviced by the police to refrain from
succumbing to the kidnappers’ demands for money for the fear that they might
not release Mira once they get their hands on the money but she didn’t care,
she wanted her daughter back at all costs.
Mira’s room shared a wall with Daniel’s room, so she heard
his phone ring and also heard him take the call. There was something about
Daniel that unnerved her, coupled with Winnie’s statements about him. She
wished she’d taken Winnie’s phone number, the girl had wanted to tell her more
about Daniel but had kept mum when Mira’s father showed up at the balcony. She
looked at the walls that divided the rooms and placed her ear against the wall.
She could hear his voice but she couldn’t get the words. She remembered that in
secondary school, she and her friends had experimented eavesdropping with a
glass cup pressed against a wall. She quickly scanned the room for a glass cup
and saw the one she’d used to drink asprin last night and placed it to the
wall, puttiing her ears against it. She was able to faintly get the last words.
“If I
get my hands on that girl, I’m going to kill her and still get my hands on the
Daniel was saying.
Mira’s mother was taken aback; she stared at the glass
tumbler in her hands and placed her ear against it again. This time he’d
stopped talking and was moving about his bedroom.
‘What girl? Who does he intend to kill?’ Mira’s mother asked
herself in fear. There was a knock at the door and she jerked in fright.
“Who is it?” She asked.
“It’s me…” Her husband’s voice came through the door.
She hurried up to the door and opened it, dragging him in by
the arm and shutting the door behind them.
“What is it?” He asked, shocked by her behaviour.
“I don’t know…I just heard something…” She said in a
“You heard something? What did you hear?”
Mira’s mother pointed at the wall of the bedroom.
“I heard…I heard him….the young man…your son…I heard
him say that he intends to kill a girl and keep the loot.”
Mira’s father looked at her in disbelief.
“I understand that you have your reservations about Daniel
and his mother but I won’t have you point accusing fingers at my son.”
“I am not accusing him, I’m just telling you what I heard
and you remember what the police said that we should report all suspiscious
movements.” She whispered.
“You are not going to suspect my son of anything! I
understand that you’re not happy that he’s here but you’ll have to respect my
“Can you listen to yourself? Mira is missing! We are
supposed to report all suspicious activities…what is wrong with you?”
“I’ll pretend we didn’t have such conversation besides, how
am I sure that you didn’t make up this theory of yours?” He said and turned
away from her.
He opened the door to the room and was about to step out
when he saw Daniel hastily walk past him.
“Daniel!” He called out.
“Where are you going with a bag?”
“I am going to see a friend…I have to give him something.”
“You know you just can’t leave like that! We are still
investigating the kidnap of your sister and you need to be at home with the
“I will be back soon dad…”
“No! Whatever you have with your friend can wait. I want you
at home with us.” Mira’s father insisted.
Daniel looked at him with so much hate and Mira’s dad felt it.
He was taken aback by the hatred in his son’s gaze.
“When I get back, I’ll catch up with the search for my
sister. I’ll see you later daddy.” Daniel said and walked away.
Mira’s dad turned around to look at his wife. She stared at
him with an unreadable facial expression.
Winnie knew she needed to think. She sat in the church and
stared at the altar for a long time. The church wasn’t the one her family
attended every Sunday but she’d been drawn to it. Somehow, it seemed as though
her questions could be answered merely by seating on the pew.
“Why me?” She asked aloud. Her voice had a crack in it.
She had cried all through the night and had not been able to
sleep. So, this was the truth her mother had hidden from her for so long and who
would blame her? No one was quick to talk share a rape story. She tried to
think of who her biological father was and how horrible of a person he was to
have forced himself on a helpless woman.
“Maybe, that’s why I’m bad. That’s why I’m unassuming. Perhaps
I’d have taken after him if I were a boy…or…” She started as tears fell
from her lids.
She was still seated on the pews when a woman and her
daughter walked into the church and sat two pews ahead of her. The little girl
was about ten years of age and she smiled at her as she walked up take her seat
beside her mother.
‘Yes, be happy, be free…you never have to go through what
I’m going through! You will never wonder about how evil your father is or how
perverted. You’d never have to hate yourself for ever being born.’ She thought
as she stared at the girl.
The little girl dragged out the kneeler from the front pew
quite noisily and her mother admonished her.
“Miracle! Will you stop that noise?”
Winnie’s head snapped, she remembered Mira. How had she
forgotten about poor Mira who was holed up somewhere? She had let her own
problems overwhelm her that she hadn’t thought of her friend who could be
locked up somewhere or might be undergoing some sort of torture. She quickly
stood up from the pew and made her way out of the church.
Thirty minutes later, she was walking into Mira’s street
with a crest-fallen expression on her face. She had not reached the gate to
Mira’s house when a car screeched to a stop beside her and the window was wound
Winnie looked in to see Mira’s mother at the driver’s seat.
“Get in quick!”
Winnie nodded and got into the car, slipping on her seat
belt. Mira’s mother pressed her legs on the accelerator and they zoomed off.
“What is going on? Where are we
going?” Winnie asked.
“You were right Winnie! That boy gives me the creeps and I
can swear that he’s holding my daughter captive! I saw him enter a taxi cab and
I’m tailing him.” Mira’s mother said.
Winnie turned to look at Mira’s mother and sighed.
To be continued next week…
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  1. Mira's father is so annoying! All that happened is his fault, if he hadn't stupidly accepted Daniel without asking for a DNA test, all these wouldn't have happened.Winnie shouldn't feel so bad, we aren't responsible for the circumstances of our births. Bad people have good children and vice versa.


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