Sesan saw Isiuwa hurdled at the side of the school in tears,
school had closed for the day and he was waiting for his sister who still
hadn’t finished copying her biology note in her class. His heart lurched in his
chest, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, ‘Isiuwa? Crying? Why?’ He
thought as he took a step close to her.

 She heard him
approach and looked at him, saying hastily.
“Don’t even come close!”
“I am sorry but what is wrong? Why are you in tears?” Sesan
asked bringing forth his most sympathetic side. This was one of the few times
he had ever spoken to Isiuwa, anyways, most times, there was nothing to say,
besides she was in a higher class than his.
“I got suspended!” Isiuwa says wiping the tears off her face
with the back of her palms.
“Oh my God! That’s so sad.” Sesan started.
“The problem is, my home is in a wreck right now and I can’t
show the suspension letter to my parents…they will be so disappointed in me.”
She sobbed again.
“I am so sorry about this, how long is the suspension?”
“One week and revision week starts the on the week after my
suspension is over…” She cried harder.
“One week? Haba that’s not fair na…why would the school
authorities give you one week off school? It’s not even two days or three…I am
really sorry about this.”
“So, what are you going to do now? You have to tell your
“Tell my what? Were you deaf when I said that my house is in
a mess and my I can’t predict what my parents will do if I told them that…that
I’ve been suspended?”
“Wooow…do you have any other options?”
“I was thinking…” She sniffed. “Of leaving the house every
day of my suspension in uniform and returning at the end of the day when school
has closed, pretending that I’ve been to school.”
“That’s risky but where will you go?”
“I don’t know…I really don’t know…I can’t hang around the
streets…I’m so confused…” Isiuwa cried again.
“Please don’t cry…don’t you have a friend that you can stay
with? I mean…you should have a friend that’s close to you, who you can stay in
her house while she goes to school…”
“I don’t have any friends.” Isiuwa said.
“But…I’m your friend…” Sesan said.
“Is that the issue here? In fact don’t worry about me, I’ll
take care of myself.” Isiuwa said and picking her bag which was on the ground,
she slung it on her shoulder and hurried off, leaving Sesan to stare in her
On the other hand, Sesan was so happy that for the first
time, he had spoken at length with his crush and now, they were going to be
good friends. Whistling in glee, he walked down the corridor to his sister’s
class where he barked at her to hurry up!
“Mehn! I don’t envy Osas ooo…that girl is terrible!” Emeka
said with a shudder.
“All girls are terrible.” Dayo proclaimed.
“What is going to happen to him now? I heard his father tied
him up with ropes after flogging his life.” Emeka said.
“Where did you hear that one?”
“From their maid ooo…you know she is close friends with our
housekeeper, that woman can gossip for life. I don’t think she knows the reason
his father put him in that condition because she told our housekeeper that it
seems that Osas has done something really bad.”
“Wow! I feel so sorry for my nigga! Chai! Should we go and
rescue him?” Dayo asked.
“Rescue wetin? Please I don’t want to intervene in the plans
God has for his life. I’m sure his pastor dad, has it all covered.” Emeka said.
“The poor boy and to think that Miyebi has been lying all
“How are you so sure he didn’t have sex with her? Abeg
ooo…fear all these people that carry church and Bible on their heads, na dem
dey do pass.” Emeka said.
“But you know our friend Osas na, he is not like that…even when
we took him to the strippers club some weeks ago, you saw how his face was…”
Dayo said.
Emeka tried holding himself but couldn’t anymore as he
suddenly burst out in laughter.
“The look on the dude’s face was epic!” Emeka laughed.
“That’s not funny, he is our friend and we need to try to
help him out anyway we can.” Dayo said.
“Okay…” Still muffling a laugh. “What do you suggest we do?”
“If we leave him there at the mercy of his parents, they
might kill him…and even if they don’t kill him, that environment will never be
conducive for him anymore. I was thinking that we help him escape the house…you
know…” Dayo said.
“Ehn? So that the wrath of God will fall upon my generation?
No way ooo…that is a pastor’s house abeg…fear God!” Emeka said.
“Okay, do you suggest we go to his house and beg on his
behalf?” Dayo suggested.
“And get beaten in the process? Please forget any thoughts
of saving that guy from his family…let him bear the consequences. I know he
didn’t impregnate Miyebi but he should try to be smart. How can a girl use his
head like that? Abeg jo…say something else…let’s change this topic.” Emeka
Dayo looked at Emeka and shook his head, he was really
feeling sorry for his friend Osas and what must be going on with him in his
Miyebi had just finished eating lunch at the dining with
Osas’s mother and was about standing up to clear the dishes when Osa’s mother
stopped her from doing it.
“Don’t worry, the maid will be here soon to clear the
dishes.” Osas’s mother said.
“Thank you ma…”
“Miyebi…that’s your name right?”
“Yes ma…”
“You attended the post-UME lessons with my son at House 4
“Yes ma…”
“Hmmm…how many people know about this pregnancy aside from
your nuclear family?”
“Just my friend Oge…”
“I know that being a pregnant mother comes with a whole lot
of challenges and trials. I have been pregnant before and it wasn’t easy for me
even though I was married while pregnant, I can’t begin to imagine the torture
you must be going through as a single girl.”
“It’s been really difficult for me…”
“How long gone are you?”
“Three weeks.” Miyebi lied, the pregnancy was actually
nearing its second month.
“Then it’s still unformed…”
“How do you mean ma?”
“I mean that you should get rid of it!” Osas’s mother said.
“What? I can’t commit an abortion! You are a pastor’s
wife…how can you speak against what you preach.”
“My husband is the pastor and I am just his wife, for your
information, I am not a pastor. You see, my son sets an example for the youths
in the church and my daughter is a role model for young girls like her and even
those older than she is. I have built my family in such a strict way and I have
been applauded for it by everyone. I won’t have this…this…pregnancy thwart my hardwork.”
“This is a life that deserves to live!” Miyebi said, placing
her palm on her abdomen. “I will not commit murder and besides, I will not risk
my life removing a child, never!”
“Listen to me, Miyebi and listen good! Your tenancy expires
in my house in the next two days, I will leave you to think of my request after
which, you will come with me to an undisclosed clinic where a D&C will be
performed on you. You have no other options! Your parents abandoned you! They
threw you out of the house and I don’t want you under my roof.”
“Do you think I have not considered the options before now?
My answer will always be No!”
“Get out of my sight! Get out!” Osas’s mother thundered.
Miyebi hurried out of the dining in tears, nothing had
prepared her for this, if she had known earlier that Osas’s mother would be so
mean, she would have chosen another gullible boy to heap her pregnancy upon,
but now, it was too late. She was at the mercy of Osas’s mother and she didn’t
know what to do.

To be continued next week…


  1. Hahahahahahaha Miyebi of life. Serves u right.
    Osas……sorry ehn but parents should learn to listen to their children. I can imagine what must be going through the pastors mind but he should allow Osas talk biko. Lol@it didn't enter.
    Isuwa….Ada ur head is there o. I almost forgot the cheating part sef. U r too much my darling.
    I pray young girls learn from this. Mothers,fathers and those aspiring to be one also.
    Keep up the good work my darling Ada.


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