“Who are you? What are you doing here?” A woman screamed at Sandra.
Sandra blinked her eyes and tried to get a clearer view of the lady with the torchlight.
“My name is Sandra ma…please…I am sorry for barging into your home like this?” Sandra pleaded.
“Blood of Jesus! A demon is in my boys-quarters!” Screamed the woman.

“Ma, I am not a demon…I ran away from my aunt’s place…”
“At this time of the night? Who do you think you’re deceiving? A child? It’s only someone possessed that finds their way into people’s houses at this time of the night. Do you know what time it is? It’s almost 1am. I decided to stay up late today and finally when I left the main house to see if the melons I spread in the boys quarters had dried up, I saw you lying here.”
“Please ma…don’t send me away, I am not a witch ma…I have never been possessed in my life.” Sandra begged as she fell on her knees.
“I have to call my husband…don’t move…don’t move…” The woman instructed and dashed off.
Sandra knelt there totally helpless, she felt the tears fall down her cheeks and cried. 
“Why is life this cruel? What have I done to deserve this? If only my mother had lived…I would never have had to go through all I’ve been through. I am just fifteen but I’ve been through more than most thirty year olds.” She sobbed.
The loud sounds of footsteps reached her ears, she clutched her palms together in prayer mode. The torch beam fell on her and she knew that the woman had returned.
“Honey…do you see her? A witch flew into our compound at the dead of the night. I should wake Yakubu up, he needs to see how careless he’s been. Isn’t he supposed to be a gateman?” The woman was saying.
“Young girl, speak up or I might have to give you a beating of your life.” Her husband who accompanied her said in a stern voice.
“Sir…please sir, I am sorry for disturbing your peace…I ran away from my foster parent’s relative because she wanted to kill me.”
“How did you get in here? Considering that the gate is locked and the gateman obviously didn’t let you in.” He asked.
“I got here in the afternoon sir…no one was at the gate so I entered. I was so wrong, I should have knocked at the door to ask for help instead of hiding at the balcony. I am so sorry.”
“She sounds sane and brilliant…” The man said to his wife.
“How many dumb devils do you know? Demons are smart and remember what the pastor said to us on Sunday, he said that this week will be a ‘trial’ week. This is what he was talking about.”
“Stop jumping into hasty conclusions, the girl is not a witch…I think she’s in trouble.”
“What do you imply?” His wife asked.
“Let’s leave her here till tomorrow, then we can report to the police or send her back to her relative…or whoever she ran away from…”
“God forbid it! My children are sleeping inside the house, do you want a situation where she bewitches them?”
“We are a praying family and God will not allow such thing happen to us.”
“Hmmm…heaven helps those who help themselves.” His wife cautioned.
“Look at her…she looks tired and very weak…” He started.
“That’s because she’s  been sucking so much human blood and she’s tired.”
‘That’s enough! She’s staying till tomorrow morning, I won’t forgive myself if I let a teenage girl out in the cold at this time all because I believe she’s a witch. Do you know what could happen to her out there? We have children…place them in her shoes.”
I won’t be able to sleep if she’s here …unless…I pour some anointing oil on her to confirm that she’s not a witch.”
“Go ahead dear…let’s see if once the oil touches her, she’ll turn into a serpent.”
His wife nodded and dashed off, Sandra remained kneeling while the man watched her still figuring how she managed to get into his house. His wife appeared minutes later with a hug bottle of anointing oil. She poured a generous amount on Sandra who sneezed as it touched her body, she was already feeling so cold.
The man and his wife waited for a distinct reaction but when Sandra didn’t turn to a snake, they exhaled deeply.
“Can I go to sleep now? Let’s sort this issue out tomorrow.” The man said. “In the meantime, she can sleep at the small spare room in the house, the weather is too chilly. I wouldn’t like anyone to die under my roof.
“Okay…” His wife stuttered, not knowing what else to say.
They beckoned to Sandra who shakily stood up and followed them into the house, thanking God that kindness still exists in the world..


  1. Ada thanks for posting.
    How are you feeling…..health wise? The Lord remains ur muscle.
    Do not be discouraged dear. The Lord is taking you places. Xx

  2. Hmm.. Ada,

    Seems like you recovered with plenty of energy. Good to have you back.

    I went through the three posts. Chai,. Amelia is in big trouble. Foolish woman. As for Felix & Sandra, Life hasn't dealt with them fairly. For Preye, I have nothing but anger towards him.

    Good job Ada, you just take your time and keep it coming.

    Readers will criticize no matter how hard you work, just tell them to take a chill pill.

    • Thanks La Ville Bilingue. I have recovered fully, thank God.
      Criticism is what all bloggers must face, one way or the other, but constructive criticism is definitely better.
      God bless you.


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